Meet Ovia: Cyrusher Step-through Ebike Category Update

Meet Ovia: Cyrusher Step-through Ebike Category Update

Dec 14, 2022


Are step-through ebikes your thing? The producer of specialised electric bikes, Cyrusher, has updated its collection of step-through e-bikes! The name Ovia, which is originated from Spanish and means "obvious," is also expressed in the general frame style of the Ovia. The Ovia has a more straightforward, clearer overall design with a hidden design that will make it even more simple.

A new model for shorter riders, the Ovia sports a new frame design for the vehicle. What are the anticipated new modifications from the previous step-through model?

The new surprises for riders from Ovia

Cyrusher Ovia step-through ebike




Step through ebike




 43 miles (70 km)


With its 1200 watt peak power and 80Nm max torque


52V 17ah (Waterproof IP65 )


6061 Aluminum full suspension frame


front+rear air
Front Suspension Oil & Spring Suspension fork with adjustment
Rear Suspension     Air suspension 165x750 lbs


Shimano 7-speed


20" x 4.0" Fat Tires


Logan Hydraulic Disc Brakes( large 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes)

Load capacity

 330 lbs (150 kg)

Riders Height

5'3" ~ 6'6" (164cm ~ 200cm)

Bike Weight

66 lbs (30 kg) / 74 lbs (34 kg) with battery


Battery, charger, air pump, assembly toolset,
assembly guide, battery manual, user manual, free stickers




250 lumen LED


Half twist throttle

Visual elements

The general design is a standard step-through frame with an optional colour scheme that includes three colour style aspects that are both overtly colourful and subdued. The bright red colour scheme incorporates a yellow graffiti design that gives a playful touch design accent to the overall design of the ebike. While the grey design uses an overall grey tone for a more subdued harmony, the white frame design is highlighted with blue graffiti for a lighter appearance. The redesigned Ovia structure allows for additional customization and pairing with other models.

The model has a fantastic motorbike design since the front of the frame is designed with a motorcycle headlight. A more sturdy rear rack is also supplied, allowing it to operate as a more practical way of carrying cargo.

Practical elements

Ovia is the first step-through model with a 52V battery

The Ovia has a large capacity 52V17ah battery, offering more riders the possibility of exploring further afield. 52V is a new standard for the Cyrusher step-through category. The battery is removable and can be optionally charged on the whole frame or removed and charged separately. The exterior of the battery is also waterproof to IP65 standards so that your ride is no longer limited by the weather. Because the battery is integrated into the front frame, the overall design is more streamlined and simpler.

Still with the powerful 750W Bafang motor

The Ovia follows the same powerful 750W Bafang motor, with up to 1200w of high power motor available to help you get to wherever you want to go. Ovia provides more power to help you open up roads, carry heavy loads, climb steep hills, and much more.

Ovia step-through ebike
Powerful cushioning with dual shock absorption system

A more powerful suspension system with adjustable oil-spring front forks and an additional air rear fork is included in the updated Ovia. The riding comfort has significantly increased as a result. With this enhancement, the electric assist bike will have a higher overall cushioning ratio, which will make you more stable on bumpy rides.

Hydraulic brake system for fast responding

The Ovia continues to use the powerful hydraulic brake system with better braking performance and more durable vehicle safety. A maximum of 180 mm of braking line is available. As a result, this greatly minimises the skidding distance of the braking process, increasing riding safety.

Puncture-resistant fat tyres for improved riding comfort

The Ovia may be used as an urban commuter touring bike as well as a primary tool for outdoor adventures since its tyres have been chosen as smaller fat tyres, which are more suited for urban riding. The tyres have puncture-resistant technology, which significantly improves the tyre's resistance to punctures and eliminates the risk of sharp particles like gravel and sand on the road.

Detail elements 

Ovia has upgraded to a 3.7 display screen and offers a freshly created full-colour screen. The dynamic presentation of riding parameters enhances the joy of cycling, and the interface is cleaner and brighter. At the same time, you may track the information you want more quickly and clearly, enhancing your riding efficiency. The three buttons still provide for simple operation.

The horn and light are combined together in the basic design. The headlight is a motorbike-type headlight that enhances the visibility of the journey. The electronic horn is intended to alert both pedestrians and oncoming automobiles. The overall structure is cleaner, more brighter, and more practical.

Price element

Price is a factor for many people when considering a purchase. The price must be pricey for a model with a high-capacity battery and excellent-quality features. However, the Ovia is priced in the mid-two thousand range, and the superior equipment that comes with it will demonstrate a balance between price and performance. With the purchase of an Ovia, you might save a large sum of money on additional maintenance since the Ovia frame is composed of aluminum to increase the longer lifespan of your electric fat bike. Your purchase is made even more worry-free with the addition of a two-year after-sales guarantee on the product.

How to choose between Kommoda, Kuattro and Ovia

Standard classic model - Kommoda

The Kommoda is one of the more inclusive models since it is the first step-through electric cycle from Cyrusher. It is the ideal one for the majority of riders and offers a wide variety of potent features to accommodate their demands. Functional elements like the hydraulic brakes and dual shock system also ensure a comfortable and pleasant ride. Therefore, you can't go wrong with the Kommoda because it is a timeless option. The kommoda is the best model to choose if you are a standard-sized rider.

Model for heavy rider - Kuattro

The Kuattro is the heavy rider version of Cyrusher's step-in model. The overall design style goes towards a larger size. Many riders find the Kuattro to be overly heavy, whereas heavy riders prefer it. The Kuattro provides more stability and power because of its weight. The wide-fat tyres available might assist you in expanding your driving options since they give a higher grip.

Model for short rider - Ovia

On the other hand, the Ovia is a new model designed for shorter users. The structure as a whole is made to be more lightweight and flexible. Because of its greatly improved battery capacity, the Ovia can provide large power in a compact size. Additionally, the Ovia offers a more pleasant riding experience thanks to the improved pneumatic suspension in the rear shock. Due to the Ovia's innovation, shorter riders now have additional alternatives, which enhance the pleasure of your ride.

Cyrusher Ovia step-through ebike

Step-through e-bikes have always been a more rider-friendly model for many riders. You can select one based on your height and weight if you're unsure of how to proceed. If you have a specific preference for e-bike models, you may also make your decision based on the design of the particular model. In order to get the most for your money, the most crucial thing is to pick a model that you enjoy and find comfortable to ride!

From Cyrusher

Ovia comes from Cyrusher, a reputable producer of electric bicycles for professionals that have been successfully marketed in more than ten nations worldwide. The brand's electric bicycles pass rigorous international quality tests and meet CE, UL, Rhos, and FCC requirements. Additionally, Australia, China, the EU, Japan, Korea, and the USA have registered and approved the brand. The offline store test-ride service has also been introduced in a number of nations, including the USA, UK, and France.

Cyrusher always adheres to its own original characteristic style while incorporating popular elements of the market, while incorporating the needs of customers into new product design so that the models launched retain their own characteristics while conforming to the popular laws of the market. The Ovia is Cyrusher's step-through version for shorter riders. In the future, Cyrusher will continue to enrich and expand the range of electric cycles, introducing more features and models that meet the needs of more riders. Cyrusher will continue to expand its range of vehicles to meet the needs of more riders, contributing to the solution of zero-carbon, fast, and convenient urban commuting.

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