Cyrusher Fat Tyre Electric Bike Coming to CES 2023

Cyrusher Fat Tyre Electric Bike Coming to CES 2023

Dec 15, 2022

In January, Las Vegas will host the biggest annual consumer technology exhibition in the world, featuring several well-known brands as exhibitors, including Samsung and JBL. Cyrusher will also be making its CES debut and showcasing its goods in booth 10770 for four days, from January 5 through January 8, 2023.

As a first-time exhibitor, Cyrusher provides a comprehensive range of products in the areas of sustainable energy labeling and personal mobility aids. The goal of Cyrusher is to develop innovative personal mobility solutions that improve people's quality of life wherever they live.

Cyrusher CES product review

About CES

Owned and operated by the Consumer Technology Association of America, CES is the most important technology show in the world. CES showcases a range of companies including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more.

The majority of technological products are now introduced during CES, making it an ideal venue for businesses to highlight their year's greatest products. The forthcoming CES 2023 is anticipated to draw more than 2,500 exhibitors from 166 different nations and regions. The majority of mainstream media will report extensively on the exhibition, making it well-known throughout the world as a destination event for those interested in technology.

Cyrusher CES 2023 products preview

For the first time, Cyrusher will also be exhibiting and displaying products in three categories including the electric bike, electric skateboard and surfboard and portable power station. The brand is delivering fresh approaches to personal mobility and establishing new benchmarks for outdoor activities. While it enhances people's mobile lifestyles it is helping society achieve its zero carbon emission goals.

Cyrusher CES 2023 Preview
A new mode of transportation in the field of personal mobility  the electric bike

Cyrusher will be presenting six models, including the already popular Ranger, Kommoda and Ovia, as well as the first reveal of three new and unreleased models, the Trax, Nitro and Scott. The models are designed with a trendy motorbike style and add a splash of colour to your new mode of transport. The official website now lists all models in the price range of $2000, all of which come with a two-year worry-free warranty.

The Ranger is the flagship product of Cyrusher's newly released models. It is capable of providing you with a unique experience as an innovative mode of transportation in the mobile industry. It is outfitted with the best configuration in the category that Cyrusher sells, equipped with a high capacity 52v 20 Ah battery and other quality components such as an upgraded shock absorption system, a potent bafang motor and a hydraulic braking system. Therefore, trying out its ride  is highly recommended.

Kommoda and Ovia have the same walk-in e-bike frame. This is the most inclusive frame construction for any rider's size, offering the rider more possible choices and a new way of mobile and portable transport for riders with different body types. The upgraded model structure also enhances the ride comfort of the e-bike. The Kommoda is a classic hit in the category with its vibrant colour frame and comfortable riding experience, making it the first choice for many riders starting out on the Cyrusher. The Ovia is the first product in the straddle category to feature a standard 52V battery and was designed with the mobility needs of smaller riders in mind. These vehicles demonstrate that Cyrusher is committed to providing quality products to a wider audience.

Cyrusher Kommoda ebike

The Trax, Nitro and Scott are three new products that are shrouded in mystery and you can find out what surprises to expect on the day of the exhibit.

Represent a new development in both land transportation and maritime amusement  electric skateboards & electric surfboards 

Apart from the innovative breakthroughs in the field of land transport mobility, Cyrusher will also be exhibiting new categories of products in other areas at the exhibition ─ electric skateboards and electric surfboards. Electric skateboards offer a more portable way of moving around, providing a wider choice of products for your mobility.

Electric surfboards, on the other hand, are a new take for the water sector. The design concept of the battery and motor allows for electric power launch while riding the waves. Made from aerospace aluminum, it moves with the aid of axial unidirectional propulsion and can reach a maximum speed of 65 km/H, allowing speed and passion for tumbling over the waves with greater abandon.

Green energy for mobile storage  Portable Power Stations

Cyrusher aims to extend green energy to a wider range of areas and to fully realise its green mission for a zero carbon environment. The energy storage battery is a portable tool to make green energy more accessible. It offers new ideas for solving power problems and a wider range of options for a more portable way to travel.

Portable power station & Solar panels

Crafuel has a new website with a wide range of products covering most battery capacity requirements. Included are power stations, solar panels and solar generators. The sine wave inverter of the power station can ensure a safe power supply for sensitive equipment such as laptops and smartphones without causing damage. It is also equipped with BMS, critical switch outputs, LCD, short circuit and surge protection to provide a safe and stable power supply. In addition, the portability of the unit expands the range of scenarios in which it can be used to meet energy needs outside the home or even for specialist technical needs. In addition to home reserves, it can also be used to provide a continuous supply of power in times of extreme weather, emergency power outages and other emergency situations.

New events open to exhibitors

During the four days of the event, guests will be offered a unique experience with exclusive access to the latest performance and unique innovations in the company's e-bike category. And, see what electric skateboards and electric surfboards can do for you as well as  the powerful application scenarios of energy storage batteries. 

About Cyrusher

Cyrusher is a reputable and professional manufacturer of electric bicycles that have been successfully marketed in over a dozen countries worldwide. The company's e-bikes have passed stringent international quality testing and are compliant with FCC, CE, UL and UL Rhos standards. Furthermore, the brand is registered and recognized everywhere ─ in Australia, China, the European Union, Japan, South Korea and the United States. In addition, a number of nations, including the USA, the UK and France, have established and developed an offline retail test-ride service.

While incorporating the popular market elements and the needs of its customers into the design of new products, Cyrusher consistently adheres to its original distinctive style. As a result, the models that are introduced maintain their unique characteristics while adhering to the market's prevalent laws. In order to satisfy the demands of a wider range of riders, Cyrusher will keep enhancing and expanding its range of e-bikes by adding new features and models. In an effort to contribute to the development of low-carbon, fast and practical urban commuting, Cyrusher will keep moving forward.

Electric energy storage is increasingly crucial with the growth in dependency on electricity. Crafuel was established in order to address emergencies, extreme weather and energy shortages. Crafuel has introduced a solar charging panel to offer a choice for battery energy storage, promoting the long-term growth of clean energy more broadly. Cyrusher is consistently making strides in creating green sustainable development solutions and evolving into a top-notch business with additional social obligations.

Future trends

Future transformation is unavoidably going to be driven by electrification. Electrification presents new options for a more environmentally friendly society while yet delivering adequate electricity for all types of mobility, including automobiles. Our products are benefiting from the push toward a zero carbon world and CES is giving Cyrusher a stage on which to present its mobility offerings and corporate culture goals.

The Cyrusher team is constantly branching out into new areas and looking for more ways to enhance the quality and competitiveness of our products. We are changing how people travel and live, influencing industry standards with more portable, greener  technological products and assisting in lowering the carbon footprint of products.

It's anticipated that Cyrusher will make a new entry to the exhibit. Don't miss the date if you are interested in the advancement of energy and the change in the mobile industry. We are looking forward to your visit and working to offer a fresh experience for you.

Cyrusher 2023CES
Don't miss out on the location information:

Exhibits date: Thur, Jan 5, 2023 - Sun, Jan 8, 2023

Cyrusher Booth:  Booth 10770

Exhibits highlight:  

Cyrusher Electric Bike (Ranger, Kommoda, Ovia, Trax, Nitro and Scott)

Cyrusher Electric scooter & surfboards

Crafuel portable power stations

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