Do Not Miss Cyrusher Last-ditch Christmas Deal

Do Not Miss Cyrusher Last-ditch Christmas Deal

Dec 19, 2022

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh, hey!"

Christmas carols are once more filling the air and it's that time of year when everyone is smiling with delight as they prepare to celebrate the largest holiday of the year. Have you prepared the best Christmas presents for your loved ones? If not, our Christmas deal is now running so take advantage of the year's final discount day. You won't want to miss our Christmas gift recommendations if your family enjoys riding.

Cyrusher Christmas Deal£300 Off Selected Ebikes 50% Off All Batteries

Save up to 300 pounds on Cyrusher electric bikes before Christmas!

With discounts as high as those provided on Black Friday, the website is presently giving savings of up to £300 on a select few Ebikes. Don't lose out on this year-end Christmas sale if you hesitated to miss out on other discounts offered throughout the holiday shopping season. Remember, the Cyrusher e-bike can easily assist you with your daily personal mobility needs including getting to work, the grocery store and other places. With a 300-pound reduction, the popular XF650 is unquestionably the best bargain among the various e-bike options. Regularly priced at 1,899, it’s now available for just 1,599. With a high capacity 48V 16ah battery, this model will enable you to take a long road trip while also significantly lowering your carbon impact.

50% discount on replacement batteries

The battery is one of the most expensive and crucial items to maintain on an e-bike. An original battery replacement frequently comes at a high price. Battery prices will continue to reflect Black Friday discounts for customers during the Christmas shopping season. For instance, the original XF650 battery can now be purchased for just 399 pounds. A replacement battery may be purchased for just an extra 99 pounds if you purchase an XF650 at the discounted price and take advantage of the money you save. Make your Christmas riding even less complicated.

Kommoda step-through Christmas riding

Why choose an electric bike as a Christmas gift?

  1. Electric bikes have become increasingly popular but as a Christmas gift, it’s still an innovative choice. With the social responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, e-bikes are becoming even more popular. For the environment, it reduces air pollution by not emitting exhaust fumes and reduces noise pollution by not making obtrusive noises while running. For the individual, it can be a good option for personal mobility ─faster, more convenient and greener. In addition to this, it can also be a cycling tool to increase exercise for everyone. By giving your friend an electric bike for Christmas, you are not only promoting a healthier lifestyle and physique for them, but you are also contributing to reducing society's carbon footprint. Isn't that a great choice, to kill two birds with one stone?
  2. The off-season is a good time to get your hands on an e-bike compared to the summer months when most models are available. And, the delivery time after purchase will be much less than in the high season. Off-season end-of-year discounted prices can also help you get the ebike at a more affordable price. Additionally, this will better prepare you for the outdoor rides that will take place in the spring.

The Christmas electric bike pick-up guidebook

Suppose you hope to select an appropriate electric bike as a gift for your friend. Then make sure you are familiar with their tastes and body type. Particular types of riders fit into certain model frames. There are also ranges of suitability for different models such as mountain e-bikes, all-terrain e-bikes and so on. For example, the Kuattro step-through ebike from Cyrusher is more suitable for heavier riders. Short riders will be better suited to the new Ovia.

The guidebook below will assist you in making a selection if you're still unsure of what to pick.

For a novice with a limited budget: the XF650

The Hardtail XF650 is a great choice for many new riders until they are familiar enough with riding skills. A model with quality functional components, like the battery and motor, will be able to suit novice riding needs because beginners frequently don't prefer to ride on complicated terrain. Hard tail electric bikes are affordable and don't pose a significant barrier to entry for beginners. They can assist riders to become more familiar with riding methods while still being good value.

XF650 entry level ebike
For the more advanced rider: the XF900/Ranger

If your friends are cyclists, they will have higher expectations for the bike such as whether it has front and rear suspension, what kind it is and so on. Then, XF900 and Ranger are the perfect choices for them.

The XF900 is a professional mountain e-bike with front and rear suspension, along with a powerful Bafang motor and puncture-resistant fat tyres to help you navigate the mountains with ease and comfort. The hydraulic braking system it is fitted with will guarantee that you can stop quickly at high speeds and increase riding security. The style of the model with its motorbike design will satisfy the preferences of many speed enthusiasts.

The Ranger is the new flagship product, an all-terrain mountain bike. It is the first model to feature a high-capacity 52V 20Ah battery for a longer range. The upgraded rear air suspension gives the bike a better cushioning effect. The design of the bike is considerably more simplified, offering what cyclists need for advanced riding. 

For women & short riders & riders with mobility limitations: Kommoda & Ovia 

These are two step-through bikes that are very handy for female riders as well as for shorter riders or riders with some physical limitations.

The Kommoda is a very classic model. As Cryusher's first step-through model, it was designed with the size of most riders in mind. So, if you are looking for a spare bike that can be ridden by all members of the family, the Kommoda is a very comfortable and suitable choice.

The Ovia, on the other hand, is a new model on sale that is designed for short riders. The 52V battery capacity has been upgraded to give the Ovia a better range. The  rear air suspension has been upgraded to the same configuration as the Ranger, making the bike more reliable and comfortable to ride. It offers shorter riders a higher performance and a more cost-effective option.

The fat tyres on all Cyrusher models will absorb the majority of the bumps from uneven terrain throughout the ride. And, the bright colours of the bike serve as inspiration for you to individually customize the style of your bike. The joyful festival atmosphere will also be enhanced by the vibrant colours.

About Cyrusher

Cyrusher is a professional company headquartered in Shenzhen with eight years of working experience. The company has sold e-bikes in more than a dozen regions around the world, enabling over 60,000 people to start a happy cycling life.

The electric bicycle is a road vehicle and the most important thing is to pay attention to the quality of the vehicle. Therefore, a high-quality manufacturer with long-term production experience and customer satisfaction  are the first criteria for purchasing. Cyrusher can withstand such a test. In the ever-changing market situation, we always adhere to our original intention and bring more cost-effective models to more people. In order to further guarantee customers' rights and interests, all the models come with  a two-year worry-free warranty and a one-year battery warranty.

Additionally, Cyrusher continuously incorporates consumer feedback when releasing new models and expanding the selection of vehicles to give more people a greater range of better-suited ebikes. Furthermore, Cyrusher is extending its product line to include portable energy station storage, electric surfboards and electric scooters. They are a wonderful addition to the Cyrusher family and are assisting in lowering society's carbon footprint.

XF900 Christmas riding

Cyrusher has now established a full-fledged offline shop in both the UK and USA which can help with regional after-sales service, etc. Customers who have easy access to transportation can visit the offline store first for a test ride. This will help them choose a model that suits their needs and give them a greater sense of the riding experience. If travelling there is not practical, you may also contact the official website's 24-hour customer support. It can address any queries you may have regarding the goods and offer attentive service while you shop.

The UK Business Time:


Address: Unit 15, Steadings Business Centre, Church Rd, Maisemore, Gloucester GL2 8EY, United Kingdom

The US Business Hours:

MONDAY - FRIDAY 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

SATURDAY 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Address: 124 S 600 W Suite 102, Logan, UT 84321

As the Christmas bells draw nearer, why not surprise your family or friends during this happiest time of the year with a present that is so big that it can only be decorated with a bow? In order to facilitate a new celebration and lessen the need for family Christmas tree decorations, you could even start a Christmas ride. Fill the festive season with laughter and start the new year with a positive attitude towards cycling.