The Best Advanced Electric Bike:Cyrusher Ranger vs Super 73 S2

The Best Advanced Electric Bike:Cyrusher Ranger vs Super 73 S2

Dec 30, 2022

Even though they are not cheap purchases, electric bikes are becoming more and more widespread. The joy of riding, however, is priceless. This article provides some helpful information if you're considering selecting a model better suited to your advanced riding. The article picks two more powerful e-bike models for comparison, assisting you in determining which model is better and worthwhile purchasing. One is the recently released all-terrain mountain bike Ranger from Cyrusher, while the other is the S2 from Super73, a mid-range model with better-performing components.

Overview of products

Cyrusher's latest flagship product, the Ranger, has caught everyone's attention. The Ranger is a powerful performance all-terrain bike that offers great value for money with new and upgraded equipment to enhance riding comfort. Ranger comes from Cyrusher, a specialist e-bike manufacturer with eight years of experience. Since its inception, Cyrusher has been focused on the goal of providing high-end, reasonably priced models to people all around the world. This is why the quality of the products is so reliable.

Super73 is presenting the S2 as the model that will expand the possibilities for urban adventurers. Super73 is an outdoor-themed company that was established in California in 2016. It already has a great reputation and is popular among riders.

As a result, the quality of both models is assured. What follows is an in-depth analysis of which product you should choose to better suit your needs. The comparison is divided simply into five aspects. 

Cyrusher ranger vs Super 73 S2
  1. User needs

First of all, if you decide to buy one of these two models your riding requirements will be a little more advanced than those of an entry-level rider. Consequently, you will have more extensive riding needs. Whether it's road riding or off-road riding, this means you need to consider the suitability of the vehicle for specific activities. The fat tyres on these two models make them available for a wide range of conditions.

The Ranger is positioned as an all-terrain model, suitable for a wide range of applications. It is equipped with puncture-resistant 20*4 fat tyres which help you to drive more smoothly over all kinds of terrain. It is also effective in avoiding potential hazards such as gravel on the road.

The S2 is the Super73's higher performance model for urban explorers. It is equipped with fat tyres which also make it possible for you to ride in the mountains or off-road in the city.

  1. Functional requirements

Once you have determined your buying needs, compare the two models to find out if they are powerful enough.



Super73 S2


250W Bafang motor and 80Nm



52V 20Ah

48V 20ah


full suspension + rear air suspension

front air suspension,rear rigid


Shimano 9-speed



Half twist throttle



Logan Hydraulic Disc Brakes (large 180mm dual hydraulic disc brakes)

Hydraulic Disc Brakes


2 Years

 2 Years


 Let's start with the motor, the core component of the bike. Both models are equipped with 250w motors in order to comply with UK road regulations

There is also a difference between the two models when it comes to the battery. The Ranger has a newly upgraded 52V 20ah high-capacity battery which provides greater energy storage to help you ride farther. It is also waterproof to protect against water splashes damaging the battery's electronics. The S2 has a high-capacity 48V 20Ah battery which provides a good range but is still somewhat inferior to the Ranger. The batteries of both models are removable. For riders who live on high floors or don't have the ability to move the bike easily,  the battery can be readily removed and charged  separately.

S2 offers four different riding modes in total. The bike has eight-speed ratios to satisfy the different riding needs of riders and people can customise it to suit their own riding needs. A 9-speed Shimano gear set is included with the Ranger, giving you a wide range of speeds to personalise and diversify your riding. 

The suspension system is the guarantee of a comfortable ride on the bike. A high-quality damping system is necessary for riding on bumpier surfaces such as when mountain riding. The S2 is equipped with an adjustable front air shock but no rear shock. The Ranger is equipped with an adjustable full damping system. The adjustable front and rear air shocks provide maximum relief from road bumps and ensure a comfortable ride. If you ride on gentler city roads then the super73 is adequate, but if your city roads are more rough and less flat then the lack of rear damping is totally inadequate.

The road imperfections will also shorten the lifespan of the bike frame by increasing wear and tear.

On the other side, brakes are crucial in guaranteeing road safety. Both models come with high-quality hydraulic brake parts. Hydraulic brakes are top of the line; you get these on mountain ebike. They are more responsive than mechanical brakes, enabling quick braking and preventing the majority of incidents.

Ranger all-terrain ebike 1230
  1. User-friendly design



Super 73 S2



Not adjustable


3.7" LCD display, Smart Computer

Round display





250 lumen LED



The Ranger features a new, upgraded, full-colour display that enables the user to track the cycling data in a more dynamic way. With just three buttons, you can easily switch the mode to improve your riding efficiency. The S2, on the other hand, follows the same design features as before, with a small round screen. Although the design appears simpler, the data display is a little more restricted and difficult to read when riding.

Front and rear lights, as well as horns, have been considered in the design of both models. The Ranger's horn and light are merged, allowing for the usage of both components as a single unit and increasing the frame's overall compactness.

The Ranger has a more conventional ergonomic saddle which can be adjusted to suit different heights. The S2, on the other hand, has its own design with a wide saddle that is not adjustable. In terms of riding comfortably on the road, the Ranger is the winner. The ride comfort largely depends on whether or not there is a rear shock, not so much on the saddle itself. Riding on the S2, you will feel most of the bumps on the road, even if they are a crack in the sidewalk, while the rear air suspension on the Ranger will absorb a great many of them.

  1. Visual design



Super 73 S2


 Green, Black, White

Obsidian,Bone White,Flannel Green

Load capacity

 330 lbs (150 kg)

147 kg

Rider height

5'7" ~ 6'6" (170cm ~ 200cm)



6061 aluminum alloy full suspension frame



Both models are designed in a motorbike-style for a cooler look, while the S2 is more of a vintage motorbike with three colour options - obsidian, bone white and flannel green - and the overall design is very customisable. The Ranger, on the other hand, has a more modern motorbike design. The Ranger has a more contemporary and hard-edged design and is also available in three colours - green, black and white. And, it’s  two-colour designs give the bike a brighter, more colourful appearance.

Both models are made of aluminum, making the whole design more stable, rigid and durable, suitable for long rides.

  1. Price point

Both popular models are offered at various pricing points. Ranger's pricing of £2,799 keeps it under the £3,000 mark while maintaining a high level of performance. In contrast, the S2 costs €3,699 which is more than most e-bikes typically cost. If you evaluate the product's price, the Ranger offers better value for the money. It's a worthy deal with better features and a lower price for an all-terrain bike.

A two-year warranty is included with both models, giving customers further assurance about their purchase.

Ranger all-terrain ebike 1230c


Suppose you require a bike for your advanced riding and one that is appropriate for all types of riding terrain. The Ranger is worthy of recommendation because of its superior performance and cost-effectiveness. Hence, you'll be able to escape the misery of the commute and even take great pleasure in the ride. The thick tyres significantly increase the fun of off-road riding. Your riding adventures are even more diversified thanks to the adjustable front and rear air shock absorbers. Look forward to your unlimited happiness on the electric bicycle!