Six Common Mistakes When Buying An Electric Bike

Six Common Mistakes When Buying An Electric Bike

Jan 03, 2023

The electric bicycle offers a significant speed advantage over other types of transportation, which has led to its rising popularity. In addition to following the buying guide, there are a few common mistakes that buyers make that are worthwhile avoiding when choosing a model that suits you.

E-bikes are models that rely on an electric system to drive them, but although there are similarities in their operating principles, there are many different models of e-bikes with different parameters. As a result, besides knowing how functional parts differ, you should also pay attention to some specific designs when making a purchase. This will help you avoid making costly mistakes and enable you to select a model that is more suited to your needs.

  1. Buying the model size not suitable for yourselves

When purchasing an electric bike, many customers refer to an extremely specific parameter as well as a specific understanding of the model features but end up overlooking the crucial matter of model size, which ultimately leads to an inappropriate ride. In contrast to disregarding the size, some riders misestimate the size online without visiting a physical store, which results in the purchase of an inappropriate model. This is an issue that is easily avoidable.

First off, if visiting an offline physical store is more convenient for you, you can do so for a test ride. Staff members will be available to recommend a model based on your body type and other factors that will suit your needs as a customer. You can assess the size of the traditional bike you already own at home if visiting a physical store is not convenient. The frame of an e-bike is usually similar to that of a traditional one. You can use a tape measure to make a prediction against the size details on the official site. You can also do a test ride based on the height of the model, which will make a little more sense than if you were to buy a blind model.

  1. Choose the e-bike that doesn't suit your needs or your lifestyle

Advantages are all about comparison. Indeed, there will be models with greater pricing and better performance as the e-bike business continues to grow. Such benign development is promoting the continuous replacement of electric bicycles. But consumers also need to be rational. If you're looking for an entry-level model, then you need to ditch the powerful models. If you are in need of a more robust and professional mountain e-bike, then you should not be attracted by the cheaper entry-level models. Keep your initial purchase in mind in order to choose a model that is more suitable for you.

  1. The pursuit of a cheap electric bike

Electric bikes come within a general price range. However, since purchasing an e-bike is not a financially advantageous investment in and of itself, many consumers choose a model with weak performance but a low price in an effort to save money. This is a common mistake when buying an electric bike. Inexpensive models are often made with functional parts that are not of high quality, including the high cost of the battery in an e-bike, which is a major safety hazard. There is a risk of short-circuiting and explosion, which can harm your property, as well as the typically poor quality of the batteries, which are not durable, easily damaged, and cannot be repaired. You can't just pick a cheap material for your bike frame; the frame is likely to be unstable enough to occur fall accidents. Therefore it is vital to consider the basic price range for purchasing an electric cycle, usually around 1000-3000, but also to increase or decrease your budget according to your buying needs; for example, you can't spend £1000 on a professional mountain e-bike.

  1. Buy a model without the reliable after-sale service 

In fact, whenever you purchase anything, you should pay attention to the after-sales service. An electric bicycle is a product with a large investment, and more attention should be paid to the quality of its after-sales service. Reliable after-sales service can save you a lot of trouble, and it may also help you save some money on extra expenses. When making your decision, compare models carefully, there are some models which do not offer after-sales service. Some models do not support returns, and some offer a one-year after-sales service. Each after-sales service differs from the others. Needless to say, the shorter the time limit, the shorter the maintenance guarantee of the electric cycle. The quality of the product will also be relatively less reliable. The quality of the product and the duration of the after-sales period speak volumes about the manufacturer's commitment to upholding the rights of the consumer.

Cyrusher ranger
  1. Buy an ebike with a small battery capacity

The battery is the energy supply station for the e-bike, and the size of the battery capacity determines the distance the bike can travel and also affects the power to drive the bike. Therefore, when buying an e-bike, avoid choosing a battery with a small capacity. A battery that is too small will not allow you to start the vehicle quickly and will also consume power too quickly for long rides. Moreover, the majority of e-bikes opt for lithium batteries, a type that supports cyclical discharging. However, most lithium batteries have a cycle charge of around 500 times, which means that the capacity of the battery will slowly decrease as it ages. If you choose a low-capacity battery, the capacity of the battery becomes less and less over time, affecting your daily riding needs. The main factor to take into account when purchasing an electric bicycle is a high-capacity battery, which will also lengthen the lifespan of your electric bicycle.

  1. Fail to learn the parameters clearly before purchasing

When purchasing an ebike, many people only want to pick a brand-name model at random without referring to many specific guidebooks. There is no doubt that it is not a wise choice. E-bikes are starting to have a more refined classification and also offer different models with different parameter details for riders with different needs. However, riders still need to have a rudimentary awareness of a few concepts.

Pedal assist modes

The majority of e-bikes have a pedal assist option. With the use of the pedal assist mode, the rider can choose between three different riding speeds: pedal-only, electric-only, or a combination of the two. It's important to be aware that not all models will support pedal-only mode.


The throttle is a component that helps you to accelerate and decelerate. The throttle will help you to start the vehicle more easily when riding uphill. It is also easier to regulate your speed when riding at slow speeds, helping you to maintain your balance better. With the help of the throttle, you can achieve greater force by pedaling, which allows you to start the bike easier and faster if you are loading cargo. There are typically two different types of throttle, the twist throttle, which is operated by twisting the handle to increase or decrease speed, and the thumb throttle, which is activated by pressing a button. To prevent any discrepancies with your preferred manner of operation afterward, it's critical to fully understand how to operate it before you purchase it. Manufacturers may have taken the throttle out of some models in areas where there are speed limitations. When buying, this is another thing to pay close attention to.

Location of the motor

It is even more crucial to consider the location of the motor when purchasing an e-bike, as it could impact the way the bike performs on the road.

The motor will generally be placed between the middle of the frame and the front wheel, as well as at the back wheel. Electric bicycles typically use hub motors, which can be installed in either the front or back wheel. They can also be mounted with or without gears. The optimal location for your bike's motor is in the middle of the frame, as it evenly distributes the vehicle's weight and improves your riding stability.

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The most expensive kind of motor is the mid-mounted motor. Due to their lower cost and less negative impact on the ride, rear hub motors are the preferred option for the majority of manufacturers. A rear-mounted motor can also assist in a quicker and smoother start-up and operation of the vehicle because the rider's weight is more evenly distributed on the rear part of the frame while riding. But a motor placed on the front wheel is the model that needs to be circumvented. A front-wheel hub motor will add weight to the front wheel, but there is no way to balance the weight of the whole bike, resulting in a high risk of falling.

The article lists a few of the common mistakes that most riders make while purchasing an electric cycle. It is important to think carefully before making an e-bike purchase. It can take some time to select a model with good after-sales service at a fair price in a crowded market. Hoping that this post will assist you in making your purchase and finding the ideal e-bike for you.