Start a Healthy 2023 With the Best Electric Bike

Start a Healthy 2023 With the Best Electric Bike

Jan 09, 2023

As the bells of the New Year ring out and the last date on the calendar fast approaches, it is time to bid 2022 a fond farewell. New beginnings and chances await us in 2023. It is regarded as a fresh year, allowing us to start over, strive to break bad habits and set new objectives to better ourselves. Naturally, keeping your body healthy is the first item on the list. Building a healthy body is a prerequisite for exploring new wonders.

Many people choose to hit the gym five days a week which is a proven way to get fit. But it doesn't stop some people from seeking out more interesting exercise options, such as riding an electric bike. Choosing the right e-bike is the first step in your workout with an e-bike. In this article, we have selected a few different products from the well-known manufacturer Cyrusher to give you more options when it comes to electric bikes.

Cyrusher ranger electric bike

The best e-bike models of 2023

Cyrusher Electric Bikes is a company that has been specialising in the production of electric bicycles for eight years. All its products are equipped with a powerful 250W motor to maintain a high level of power for the ride. Fat tyres are used to explore different terrains and maintain a smooth ride. Thanks to the powerful motor configuration, the electric cycles run as fast as, or faster than, the competition. High quality components are used for all models so that they can provide long-term benefits to the customer, a win-win situation for both buyer and seller. Each model is equipped with a pedal assist mode, and different models are also equipped with different gear speeds and offer different variations in the choice of riding speed. As long as you keep the right riding posture and rely on the pedal mode as much as possible,  they can help you shape a healthy physique and improve your  lifestyle..

The XF650 is the first choice for a novice

If you are an e-bike novice, then the entry model XF650 is certainly the right choice. Equipped with a powerful Bafang motor, which already guarantees the quality of the electric bike, the XF650 opts for a high-capacity 48V16ah battery that is perfectly adequate for the daily riding needs of a new rider. And, there is 7-speed gearing so you can choose the speed to suit your needs. The less you use the electric mode, the longer the battery life will be. Although this is a hardtail model, using it is a great way for novices with more limited riding skills to work on their skills while still enjoying a certain level of comfort. It is also a good way for novices to gain experience.

The comfortable step-through e-bike: Kommoda

The Kommoda is an ideal model for use as a family backup cycle. Thanks to its step-through frame construction and adjustable saddle height, the Kommoda is a comfortable riding option for many riders. Plus, the Kommoda is available with smaller fat tyres, giving the overall design a more compact style and making it more suitable for urban riding. The front and rear shock suspension add to the overall smoothness and comfort of the ride. The brakes are also optimally equipped with a hydraulic brake system which allows you to react quickly to danger and enables fast braking.

Best electric mountain bike: XF900 & All-terrain electric bike: Ranger

If you are looking for a full-suspension electric mountain bike, then the XF900 is the right choice. It is a model with a motorbike design that makes the whole frame even more eye-catching. The fat tyres are again able to overcome a variety of different terrain conditions. Due to its powerful motor, it offers 80Nm of torque to make climbing hills easier. In order to provide you with enough power to sustain your mountain riding, a large capacity 48V 17Ah waterproof lithium battery was chosen. Moreover, the high-level hydraulic brakes have been designed to support you in getting a greater braking performance in challenging mountain terrain.

Or, if you're more interested in an all-terrain ebike then the newly launched Ranger is sure to be a powerful tool to kick-start your high-octane ride. It has a standard 52v battery capacity which gives the bike more than enough power to support its operation. It is available in a combination of two colours to make it more eye-catching when riding in a crowd. The puncture-resistant fat tyres are a great way to get around on different terrains. They provide more grip on different road surfaces and keep the bike stable. The upgraded air suspension is also the highest configuration currently on sale in the category. Compared to many other products on the market at the same price, it is also a very competitive feature that eases most of the bumps on the road and reduces the impact  to riding when navigating  obstacles on the road. The braking system is also optimally equipped with hydraulic brakes for smoother and faster braking.

The best fold up electric bike: the Bandit

For easy travel and storage, there is no better model than a folding e-bike. The folding Bandit is a new update in the Cyrusher folding ebike category. Equipped with a high-capacity 48V 17Ah battery, the Bandit provides  great power for everyday trips. It is even more useful because of the removable waterproof battery which offers two flexible charging methods. The front and rear damping systems are equipped to effectively mitigate the impact of obstacles that cause bumps in the road and improve driving stability. The hydraulic brakes are set up so that the cycle can respond to danger and brake quickly. The foldable design of the frame allows it to be easily placed in the trunk of the vehicle and stored anywhere in the home, ensuring the safety of the electric cycle.

Worry-free purchasing, reliable after-sales service

You can get in touch with online customer support if you have any concerns about the quality of a Cyrusher product or the model you are purchasing. In addition, Cyrusher has set up offline test rides in both the USA and the UK which can be done in-store if you live within a reasonable  distance. The staff on hand will recommend a model that better suits your body shape and needs, helping you to purchase the most suitable riding tool.

All of Cyrusher's e-bikes come with a two-year warranty which is undoubtedly the best way to protect the consumer's purchasing rights. Details of the product warranty rules can be found on the website. If you have any questions after purchase, you can contact after-sales service for advice.

Cyrusher Kuattro 2 years warranty

Start your healthy cycling plan

  1. Commute as much as possible on your e-bike

If commuting distances are dependent on having transportation, then your e-bike offers a great solution. You can vary the speed options to decide whether to pedal more or rely more on the electric mode. In this way, you can exercise on the way to work without getting to your destination in a sweaty mess like you would if you rode a traditional bike. Acceleration is simpler because the e-bike offers a faster speed and improves efficiency on the commute. You will be free to find your own short route to work and  flee from the noise of traffic.

  1. Adventure riding in your spare time

Rather than spending your time at home, getting on your e-bike will allow you to explore nature while providing your stiff body a better workout. If your weekdays are filled with family responsibilities, a relaxing ride in your free time is an essential activity. Studies have shown that proper exercise is effective in reducing stress, maintaining a healthier mental state and helping you to keep a stable mood. The implication is that it will help you maintain a harmonious atmosphere at home. E-bikes also offer a new way of dating your partner and you will improve your bonding with each other during the ride. So why not start a regular ride on your holiday to get your life in shape and find the things in life that make you happy?

  1. Insist riding 30mins everyday

If the daily gym workout is no longer appealing, why not exercise  in a different way to achieve our goals? Riding is a fun way to explore and make  unique memories of the city while achieving your fitness goals. In addition, cycling is a very easy way for many people to keep exercising with less damage to their joints. If you get tired on the way, you can rely on the electric mode to reduce the pedal stroke and store up your energy to get you home quickly.

Cyrusher step-through Kommoda

Keeping your body in good shape is the foundation for a variety of enjoyable things. It's time to start a brand-new activity now that the new year has begun. Look forward to riding your Cyrusher e-bike to discover more fascinating life experiences in the upcoming year.