Blog-Is It Good Value to Buy a Cheap E-bike?

Is It Good Value to Buy a Cheap E-bike?

May 25, 2023

The popularity of electric bicycle riding activities means that there are many electric bicycles on the market that vary in quality. Some consumers are more likely to choose models with lower price tags when given a choice, but are cheap electric bicycles really cost-effective?

An ebike functions as a personal mobility device on the road. So, whether an ebike is in compliance with safety guidelines must be taken into account before purchase, followed by performance. There are a number of ebike models that are attractive because of their lower price tags but many riders overlook their particular safety concerns.

Cheap models tend to have lower-quality parts, such as brakes or tires, which can be a safety hazard. Additionally, some manufacturers skimp on safety components to cut costs, making the vehicles more prone to malfunction. Therefore, it is critical to thoroughly research the specifications and safety features of the model you are considering to ensure that it meets the necessary safety standards.

Blog- Cyrusher XF650 entry-level ebike

Safety and compliance

How can you determine if an electric bike has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its level of safety? Examining the brand label to determine the quality of the components is an essential first step. Most reputable e-bike manufacturers will select component suppliers with years of manufacturing expertise. Take the battery as an example, one of the most expensive components of an e-bike. The most common e-bike accidents have been from battery hazards, such as battery fires and rapid capacity drops, threatening the safety of riders.

Well-known companies manufacture quality e-bikes and their specific product information is shown on the official site so that users can quickly grasp the details. For example, Cyrusher e-bikes are equipped with batteries from reputable manufacturers such as Samsung and LG which are designed to last up to 800 recharges, improving safety and durability. On e-commerce platforms, you will find some of these ebike models claim to meet safety testing criteria but do not clearly identify the manufacturer. This can make battery longevity unpredictable.

The same applies to the motor, which is one of the critical components of an electric bike. In contrast to those models without a specific manufacturer, those with a branded motor will be costlier. The branded motor is more reliable and durable than the unbranded motor. Additionally, the branded motor comes with more features and more advanced technology which also drives up the cost. As a result, it is wise to invest in a branded motor if you are looking for an electric cycle that will last for a long time and provide an enhanced riding experience.


Having considered compliance and safety issues, you need to contemplate whether the lower-priced products compromise on performance. Let’s take a randomly selected model and compare it to Cyrusher's entry level model to help you better judge the difference in performance.


Oraimo Electric Bike

 Cyrusher XF650


350W Bafang motor

750W Bafang motor


36V 13Ah

48V 16Ah


12 months


The motor and battery in an electric cycle work together to determine the speed and range of the vehicle. The more powerful motor and battery will provide more torque, which helps the bike accelerate faster and climb hills more easily. Both electric cycle models show differences in the battery and motor configuration.

Blog-XF650 with 750W rear hub motor




250W motor

suited to flat ground, some slight hills


500W motor

can handle some challenging mountain rides


750W motor

navigates a variety of riding terrains (hill, sand, flat road, etc.)


As shown in the table, the two models feature different motor and battery capacities resulting in different riding performances. If you go for the 350W option, you have to compromise on bike performance. The 350W motor provides less power and torque than a more powerful motor. A higher-powered motor, such as a 500W motor, would be able to handle more weight, provide additional torque and create more speed, making it a much better choice for heavier riders or those who want a faster, more comfortable ride. Moreover, the battery capacity will affect an ebike's range, so a smaller motor with a small capacity battery will result in a shorter range and inefficient performance.

Ebike mountain riding requires an efficient motor with sufficient output and a large battery capacity to sustain power drain from steep hills and undulating terrain. Even though the 350W model is advertised as a mountain bike, the insufficient motor output and low battery capacity don’t have enough power and make it nearly impossible to ride up steep hills.

Small batteries have a limited range for everyday riding, let alone challenging mountainous rides. Poor battery life can lead to a variety of issues. Firstly, the model is limited in the amount of ground it can cover, making it inadequate for long trips. You must frequently recharge to maintain the rapidly depleting capacity. As well, the battery capacity naturally decreases with long-term LiPo battery use; too small a battery capacity means even less durability in subsequent use, affecting riding efficiency. This reduces battery life and you have to constantly be aware of the battery’s charge level and make sure to charge it when needed.

Admittedly, the low-energy 350W motor option still allows for a smooth ride on flat roads and is suitable for riders with less demanding rides and who don't ride to transport goods, etc. For many cyclists, their cycling needs can be met with a budget traditional bike. A high-performance electric assist bike will better serve your needs if you require a bike that simplifies your lifestyle and can be used for multiple purposes.

Product warranties also play a large part in the purchase of an electric bike and excellent after-sales service can provide additional value. Less expensive products tend to offer a less competitive after-sales guarantee with most warranties coming in at 12 months. This is unattractive compared to 2-year after-sales warranty periods of well-known manufacturers such as Cyrusher. Furthermore, despite the fact that some manufacturers offer an after-sales warranty period, many of them cannot handle the subsequent maintenance process, wasting consumers' time and effort. Although well-known manufacturers still have some after-sales complaints, a more complete and mature after-sales process can help customers solve most of their problems effectively, saving energy and time.

Is it a good deal to buy a cheap e-bike?

  1. Excessively cheap products have certain safety hazards

Excessively cheap price tags on the market are bound to indicate consumer pitfalls, such as overly low-end product configurations, which can lead to safety hazards. Safety is especially critical for e-bikes which need to be used as a transport vehicle on the road. Low-cost products can cause accidents more frequently during your run, such as falls and collisions, which threaten life and safety. It is also worth noting that some components from unknown manufacturers are more complicated to maintain and may even be beyond repairing. On another level, this invariably increases your expenses.

  1. Not competitive in terms of travel efficiency

A low-priced e-bike will also offer poorer performance, which means you have to compromise on your travel efficiency. A less powerful model means that your travel possibilities will be limited to city rides rather than to more remote adventures in the wilderness. Furthermore, being limited by power will reduce the speed of your ride. If you live in an area with a lot of hills, a low-performance electric assist bike will not be able to meet your daily riding needs.

  1. Not competitive in terms of durability

The battery is crucial to the product's overall lifespan as it powers all the components. If the battery is of poor quality, it will degrade faster, affecting its durability. A lower-priced ebike is usually powered by a small-capacity battery so you must recharge the bike from time to time. Additionally, these batteries tend to have shorter lifespans so they need to be replaced more frequently than higher-capacity batteries. Another point that is easy to overlook is that the better performing models have better construction frames with more cushioning effect and this assists to absorb the shocks and vibrations from the road, providing a smoother ride. This helps to protect the frame from wear and tear during daily riding, which can extend the bike's lifespan.

Blog-Cyrusher XF650 ebike


E-bikes are designed to offer an alternative to portable transport. It is imperative to consider all aspects, including safety, convenience and comfort, when making a decision about which e-bike to buy. E-bikes are a large investment due to the high cost of the materials and components needed to build them and the purchase requires careful consideration. Better quality e-bikes usually come with a higher price tag which relates not only to the quality and durability of the product but also the quality of service and overall customer experience. If you plan to purchase an e-bike, choose one with quality components that will help you start your ride safer and more comfortably. Don't get confused by a low price tag, but rather spend more time and energy on deciding which is better value.