Blog-Summer Adventure Riding Cyrusher Ranger vs SUPER73-S Adventure Series

Summer Adventure Riding Cyrusher Ranger vs SUPER73-S Adventure Series

May 18, 2023

Summer is the ideal season for riding, with pleasant temperatures and the chance to wear lightweight clothing, to get your adrenaline pumping. E-bikes are suitable for summer rides because they are less physically demanding than regular bikes, so you can ride longer and farther without getting too tired. This article has chosen two powerful e-bikes as inspiration for your summer ride and will help you select the most suitable model.

Cyrusher Ranger vs SUPER73-S Adventure Series

Blog- Cyrusher Ranger vs SUPER73-S Adventure Series

Overview of the two models

The Ranger is the flagship model from Cyrusher. It is the perfect bike for outdoor enthusiasts. It has a powerful motor that allows you to climb steep hills and traverse any terrain, a long-lasting battery that gives you plenty of range and a full suspension system that makes for a comfortable and safe ride.

The SUPER73-S adventure series is designed for exploration. It offers a variety of features, such as powerful motors, wide tyres and a long-lasting battery, that make it ideal for exploring. All of these features give riders the confidence that they can take on any terrain and have a reliable ride for the long haul.

Performance comparison





750W Bafang (250W limited in UK) and 80Nm



52V 20Ah Samsung Li-battery

960W/H (48v 20ah)


Shimano 9-speed transmission

8-speed (4 pedal assist modes)


Logan fully hydraulic 180 front and rear disc brakes

hydraulic brake

Power comparison

The competitiveness of an ebike lies in its power, which determines its value. E-bike power is driven by four main aspects: motor quality, battery capacity, braking performance and the drivetrain. The quality of these components is integral to ensuring that a model performs to its maximum potential and provides a safe, enjoyable riding experience.

In terms of motors, both models offer robust power but the output is limited to 250W to ensure regulatory compliance. This makes them safer to use and ensures that they are allowed to be driven on roads without being subjected to additional legal restrictions.

Blog- Ranger with powerful performance
Battery performance

The battery powers the motor which is responsible for providing the power to the bike. If the battery has a larger capacity, it can offer more power and this results in a longer range and better performance.

The Ranger uses LG lithium batteries, which can provide up to 800 cycles, making it a long-lasting tool for riders. 52V 20AH is a large battery capacity that will meet riders' needs for a further range while giving a smoother and more comfortable ride. The S Adventure series has a 48V 20AH battery, which is a competitive option for most riding needs, but is still less powerful than the Ranger.

Transmission system

The ability to change speeds and shift gears smoothly on an e-bike is crucial during the ride. The Ranger is equipped with a Shimano nine-speed transmission which allows a smooth, high-quality ride. The S Adventure series has an eight-speed gear combined with a four-speed pedal assist mode. While this also offers the rider a wide range of speed options, it has fewer options and is less flexible than the Ranger. The Ranger's nine-speed transmission is more flexible than the Adventure's eight-speed, allowing for more precise gear shifting and a wider range of gear ratios. This enables the rider to adjust their speed more easily and find the appropriate gear for their ride.

 Braking performance

Timely braking is usually one of the most effective measures for preventing accidents on the road. When the brakes are applied, a better braking system can drastically reduce skidding distance, thereby decreasing the chances of a collision. Both e-bikes have opted for a hydraulic braking system with better braking capacity to help you effectively brake when you encounter hazardous situations such as sudden changes in traffic flow, slippery roads or unexpected obstacles.

Blog-Cyrusher ebike Ranger with hydraulic brake
Riding experience comparison

When it comes to a comfortable ride, the most noticeable component that likely comes to mind is the suspension system. There is, however, another essential component that cannot be overlooked: the tyres. Tyres provide the contact point between the bike and the ground. The choice of a tyre can make a huge difference to ride comfort and safety.





front suspension + rear air suspension

Front only, rear rigid


Kenda 26"×4.0" puncture-resistant fat tyres

GRZLY tyres

Shock absorption

A better suspension can significantly optimize the riding experience and make you fall in love with riding. Additionally, the damping settings on the two models differ.

The S Adventure series is a hardtail e-bike with the same front damping configuration as the majority of versions on the market. The hardtail e-bike is designed for a comfortable ride on flat city streets. However, hardtail e-bikes have a different amount of suspension than full-suspension e-bikes which limits their potential for exploring rugged trails or mountainous regions.

The full suspension system of the Ranger is designed to absorb shocks and keep the rider balanced when riding on more demanding terrain. This type of suspension system also helps to reduce the chances of an arm pump or fatigue that can be caused by riding on rough terrain for prolonged periods. Riders may enjoy increased comfort, whether exploring rugged terrain or smooth city streets.


Tyre quality is critical as they are the only part of the vehicle that is in direct contact with the road. This makes the upkeep of these essential components necessary for safe and effective operation of the vehicle. Both models have opted for fat tyres that give a more flexible and versatile ride to suit wilderness trails. The puncture-resistant fat tyre helps riders travel on different terrains such as hills, trails, beaches, etc., opening up more possibilities for riding. Fat tyres also provide better grip and traction on slippery surfaces and more cushioning on bumpy patches to optimize the rider's riding experience.


Ebikes can be used for a variety of practical applications including commuting to work or carrying groceries, making people's lives easier. This means that specific features such as a good load capacity, horn and lights are necessary.






€4,399 EUR




Load capacity


147 kg


250 lumen LED






full colour backlit display

smart display


black, white and green

Sandstorm, Panthro Blue, Corsetti SE, Snowshadow SE

Load capacity

Both e-bikes have considerable power and are superior at hauling weights. A higher load-bearing capacity indicates that the vehicle can handle heavier loads and is more tolerant of rider weight. The Ranger has a load capacity of up to 150kg while the S Adventure series offers 147kg. Thus, riders who need to haul things on an e-bike or who are taller and heavier are advised to choose the Ranger. This increased load capacity improves the safety of the vehicle and enhances its durability, allowing it to withstand more extreme conditions without compromising its performance.

Lights and horn

Seeing clearly in the dark and being aware of your surroundings on busy roads is an essential safety features for cyclists. Both models come equipped with lights and horns to make riding easier. 

Price point

Better-performing models will cost more but customers will be more drawn to them if they are reasonably priced. The warranty service should also be taken into consideration when pricing models with better performance as this could bring more value and satisfaction to customers. Both models are covered by a 2-year warranty to help riders buy the products with confidence.

The Ranger is priced at £2,799 and comes with an adjustable full suspension system and high-end braking system, making it an e-bike at an attractive price that can handle any situation on the road.

On the other hand, the S Adventure series is priced at €4,399 which is not competitive compared to the Ranger. Although it is a powerful travel tool for urban adventures, it falls short when it comes to nature excursions. The front-only shock configuration prevents riders from enjoying wilderness riding with maximum peace of mind.

Aesthetic design

When choosing an ebike model, the first impression is important. Both models have a distinct aesthetic design style that offers a more specific and customized style to make your e-bike more eye-catching in a crowd.

The all-aluminum frame of the Ranger includes a two-colour blocking design and a front frame logo painted in the same colour as the rear frame, giving the vehicle a distinctive uniform appearance.

The S Adventure series has a wide range of colour options. The frame colour and saddle colour can be varied to achieve a more eye-catching colour scheme.

As a result, each model has its own design style and distinct aesthetic elements, allowing you to pick based on your preferences.

Which ebike is best for your summer riding?

Blog- best ebike Ranger for summer riding

On balance, both models offer strong performance on the road and have their own strengths. But suppose you want to embark on a more freewheeling outdoor adventure, including but not limited to an urban adventure or a wilderness adventure. In that case, the Ranger, with its premium performance components and attractive price tag, becomes the ideal companion for your 2023 summer adventure.