How to Properly Choose Your First Electric Bike

How to Properly Choose Your First Electric Bike

Jul 15, 2023

Another summer has arrived, bringing the opportunity to enjoy many days of cycling. The popularity of e-bikes continues to grow, enticing more riders to explore the exhilarating world of motorized cycling. Moreover, as extreme weather events become increasingly common, advocating for environmentally friendly travel is paramount in our efforts to combat pollution. With that in mind, the purpose of this article is to provide beginner riders with tips for how to choose a suitable ebike.

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How to choose your first electric cycle

  1. It is suggested to consider the intended use of your bike, whether for commuting, off-road adventures, shopping, exercise or recreation. By referring to the performance parameters that meet your specific requirements, you can ensure a more tailored and satisfactory experience. This will help you determine the most suitable model for your needs.
  2. Take into account your budget and understand that the value you receive is directly influenced by the amount you are willing to invest. Therefore, it is worth considering the balance between cost and quality.
  3. When debating the merits ofdifferent brands, prioritize those that offer guaranteed quality. Knowing that some no-name brands may besignificantly more difficult to maintain is worthwhile. Opting for e-bike components with quality assurance will ensure enhanced durability in the long run.
  4. Pay attention to the manufacturer's warranty. Some manufacturers may not provide additional warranty services or may have shorter warranty periods. This can make subsequent maintenance and care more challenging and potentially increase maintenance costs.

The classification of electric bikes

When choosing the most suitable e-bike for yourself, the first step is to determine the purpose of your purchase and consider the specific scenarios in which you will use it. Finally, think about your personal needs and the performance parameters aligning with those needs.

With the continuous advancement of the e-bike industry, there has been a growing demand for more specialized e-bike models to cater to users' individual needs. These models can broadly be categorized into different types, such as hardtail, folding, step-through and mountain e-bikes, among others.

Hardtail electric bicycles are also considered to be entry-level ebikes. They are particularly popular among riders with a limited budget. Entry-level ebikes are ideal for novice riders who venture into the world of motorized riding. Nevertheless, due to budget constraints, it is often necessary to compromise on performance.

In addition to optimizing storage space by compressing the frame, folding electric bikes weigh less which makes them more portable. Their more compact and convenient size is perfect for transportation purposes. Folding electric bikes are easier to transport than traditional bikes, as they can fit effortlessly into the trunk of a car or be taken on public transportation. They are also simple to secure, since they can be folded and locked away to keep them safe from theft.

Mountain e-bikes are specifically designed for mountain riding. These types of bikes are equipped with high-end components that provide increased power and performance. This enables riders to navigate challenging mountainous terrain easily and comfortably. The increased power of these bikes also expands the range of riding possibilities for the rider, resulting in an enhanced and enjoyable riding experience.

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Alternatively, a step-through e-bike is designed with a reduced front crossbar compared to a conventional e-bike. The step-through ebike is more accommodating to the rider, and since the bottom of the frame is lower, it allows the rider to get on and off the bike easily. This means that it is suitable for females and some physically challenged riders.

For novice riders, selecting an e-bike frame model that aligns with their specific travel requirements is crucial. If you are not an advanced rider, beginning with the more affordable entry-level ebikes is recommended. These options will provide a comfortable experience without investing in high-performance products.

Best entry-level ebike for novice riders

The Cyrusher XF650 is an excellent choice for new electric riders. This entry-level ebike is highly favored by riders with limited experience as its hard-tail design allows them to practice their riding skills. Equipped with a 250W motor and a 48V 17AH battery, the XF650 provides sufficient power for beginners. Its high-performance capabilities make it ideal for learning various techniques and skills. The XF650 features a front suspension fork, ensuring a comfortable ride on multiple terrains while maintaining efficiency.

The XF650 electric bike comes with a 2-year warranty and a durable frame, motor, battery and other components. For safety and visibility, the XF650 is equipped with bright LED headlights. And, its affordable price makes it a great option for beginners.

How to judge the performance of electric bikes


The motor can be compared to the heart of the human body as it is responsible for powering the e-bike. The power level of the motor is crucial in determining the overall performance of the e-bike. Factors such as the maximum speed, energy efficiency and ability to climb steep and rough terrains depend on the motor's power. Therefore, a more powerful motor will result in better climbing ability for the e-bike.

Battery Capacity 

The battery serves as the primary source of energy for the entire E-bike. If the battery capacity is insufficient, it will not be able to provide enough power to support the E-bike during challenging rides. This will also result in insufficient power for uphill sprints and decreased daily riding mileage. The battery and motor must work together effectively. As well, if the bike comes with a small battery combined with a powerful motor, it will negatively affect the riding experience.


The level of sensitivity in the human brain to detect potential danger is equivalent to the level of responsiveness in an e-bike's braking system to avoid threats. A quicker response time allows for a faster reaction to potential risk, resulting in braking in time and reducing skidding distance. Consequently, the vehicle's safety is closely tied to the quality of its brakes. Enhanced quality of braking sensors leads to faster braking capabilities, thereby ensuring the safety of the vehicle.


It is widely recognized that the role of tyres in riding is closely related to comfort. Like a pair of suitable shoes for daily travel, tyres are crucial for e-bikes. Choosing the right tyres can enhance ride comfort and increase the distance covered. There is a wide variety of tyres available and each type of tyre has different effects on cycling. One of the most common kinds used for e-bikes is the highly esteemed fat tyres. Fat tyres are sturdy and versatile, allowing them to easily navigate various road conditions such as grass, mountains, snow, mud and more. They offer excellent traction on the ground, resulting in a smoother ride. However, it is vital to consider the increase in tread area and its impact on ride efficiency when opting for fat tyres. Therefore, a thorough evaluation should be conducted to make the final decision.


The ebike frame provides essential support and stability to the entire bike. It is a crucial determinant of e-bike durability. Inferior materials can compromise the bikes stability and reduce cushioning against collisions, creating potential safety issues. Even though some materials offer excellent durability, they can be relatively expensive to purchase and maintain. That's why it is more common to find e-bikes with lightweight aluminum frames. The aluminum material offers commendable durability in daily use and contributes to a lighter overall weight, enhancing maneuverability.

Other details

There are also several minor yet important details that need to be considered. Bike front and rear lights are of importance. There will inevitably be dimly illuminated riding areas when using an e-bike. Furthermore, since outdoor lighting circumstances are unpredictable, it's critical to have self-contained lighting equipment that enables the rider to control the outside lighting environment. A proper light source must be present for night rides, given that many cyclists choose to ride at night in the summer to avoid excessive temperatures. Besides a powerful braking system, a horn as a warning device is also necessary for safe riding. This will allow the rider to instantly signal to others with the press of a button and avert potentially hazardous circumstances quickly. Last but not least, it's critical to consider the bike's carrying capacity to determine whether the e-bike will meet your regular riding demands.

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Riding tips for novice riders

  1. Upon receiving the components to assemble your e-bike, it is crucial to carefully follow the instructions provided in the manual or refer to the official installation video. This will prevent any incorrect installation that may damage the parts.
  2. Prior to embarking on your first ride, it is necessaryto thoroughly inspect the e-bike components to ensure their integrity. Pay particular attention to the brake components to avoid sudden and unnecessary safety issues while riding.
  3. Following the regulations will help you become a responsible and safe rider. Obeying traffic laws and riding with caution can reduce accident risk. Additionally, it can help reduce the chances of a traffic violation, resulting in a fine or other penalty. Yielding to pedestrians is essential for safe and responsible riding.
  4. Conducting a test ride before riding on the road is highly recommended. While the operatingprinciple of an electric bicycle is similar to that of a regular bike, the motor allows for faster speeds. By testing the e-bike in different gears and power-assisted modes, you can determine the maximum speed it can reach in each mode. This will help you adjust your speed for different riding situations.
  5. It is essential to wear a helmet and other safety accessories when riding. In the event of a fall, these measures can effectively protect you and minimize injury risk.
  6. Safe driving is of the utmost importance. If you lack confidence in your technical skills, choose less crowded and wider roads for practice. Even experienced riders should avoid dangerous behaviors such as drunk driving, which can lead to unnecessary injuries that impact daily life.