Blog-The Ultimate Guide to Bikepacking with an Ebike

The Ultimate Guide to Bikepacking with an Ebike

Jul 20, 2023

With access to abundant information and the use of electronic devices becoming increasingly prevalent, the negative impact on individuals is progressively evident. As more and more people are addicted to electronic information, their mental and physical well-being is suffering. Bikepacking offers a natural and accessible means to reconnect with oneself and the world, providing a more intuitive and convenient way to restore balance. A new alternative for bikepacking is the e-bike due to its high speed and mobility. This article will outline how to enjoy an incredible bikepacking journey with an e-bike.

Riding Cyrusher ebike in the wilderness

Bikepacking with an ebike

  1. The benefits of ebikepacking include an enhanced riding experience and the ability to customize speed. With features like pedal assist mode, riders can pedal with high intensity at low speeds or enjoy greater speed support in high gears. In addition,, e-bikes are portable and can overcome mobility barriers for physically challenged riders, allowing them to explore the world and experience the joy of riding on the road.
  1. Compared to using conventional bicycles, ebikepacking offers a more environmentally friendly and lower-carbon means of transportation for riders. While traditional bikes require more pedaling effort to cover long distances, the increased speed of an electric bicycle enables riders to travel faster, reach greater distances and minimize the production of exhaust gas pollution. 
  1. The ebikepacking experience requires you to pack a lot of Conventionalbikes that are loaded down with packages offer more resistance, leading to increased fatigue and reduced efficiency during travel. On the other hand, the motor assistance provided by an e-bike makes up for the resistance of the weight, enabling it to maintain a faster speed without causing the rider to tire as quickly.
  1. E-bikes offer several advantages for bikepacking, but they also present their own set of drawbacks. One limitation is their reliance on battery power which must be replenished regularly. Running out of battery life can be highly inconvenient, especially for riders who struggle with long distances.

How to pack your ebikepacking trip

  1. Tool kit

Carrying a toolkit is essential in bikepacking. During long rides, it is inevitable that you will encounter loose screws, flat tires and other common mishaps. Having a toolkit on hand lets you fix the vehicle quickly and get back on the road.

  1. Pannier bags/storage bags

A critical aspect of bikepacking is having a reliable storage bag that can be adjusted based on personal requirements. Typically, riders will have multiple bags positioned on the different bike components and distribute them evenly to ensure better bike balance. Try to carry lightweight items to lighten your travelling load. Considering the waterproof capabilities of the pannier bag is crucial. Weather conditions during outdoor rides can be unpredictable, and selecting an organizer bag with waterproof features is wise to keep your belongings dry. Lastly, make sure to check the weight capacity of your electric bike before you pack.

  1. Water

Water plays a crucial role on a riding trip. It is necessary for hydrating your body, preparing meals and maintaining cleanliness. Hence, it is vital to carry suitable water storage options such as water bottles, thermoses and water bags. These should be chosen wisely based on the duration of your journey.

Cyrusher trax for mountain riding
  1. Tent and sleeping bags

When it comes to bikepacking, it's important to consider outdoor accommodations. Some individuals opt for indoor accommodations, as it allows for easier recharging of the electric bike battery. However, some riders prefer camping in the wilderness, seeking a closer connection to nature. If you choose to stay in the wild, it is essential to have tents and sleeping bags to protect against potential dangers and cold weather.

  1. Simple food

Food is the most efficient means of restoring energy. Therefore, it is advisable to pack portable food options like compressed biscuits and bread slices for the journey. If cooking is necessary while on the road, bring along portable cooking utensils such as pots, pans, spoons a lightweight stove and compact gas canisters for making coffee and other meals.

  1. Clothes

In order to better adapt to the changing environment in the wild, it is vital to be prepared with clothing that is versatile. The weather conditions can be unpredictable, with varying temperatures and potential changes in wind and precipitation. Therefore, it is wise to have clothing that provides insulation against the cold, protection against wind and water resistance. This will allow you to adapt better to the outdoors.

  1. Medicine

When embarking on an ebikepacking trip, it is advisable to carry essential medications to prevent any potential physical discomfort. Packaging common preventive drugs for ailments such as heat stroke, wind chill and stomach issues is recommended. It is also crucial to tailor your medication selection based on your physical condition.

  1. Communication equipment

In order to ensure your safety while outdoors, it is crucial to have communication equipment, such as mobile phones and messaging devices, to stay connected with the outside world and navigate your way. Additionally, having a traditional compass and map as a backup is sensible as it can help you stay on the right path in case modern communication methods fail during inclement weather conditions.

  1. Backup batteries

If you plan to embark on a long journey, consider bringing additional batteries. Having a backup battery can alleviate concerns about battery life and distance and minimize the time you spend at charging stations, resulting in a more efficient ride.

Tips for your site selection

Before officially kicking off your ebikepacking, as with traditional bikebacking, you are required to plan your route in advance.

Blog-Cyrusher electric bike in the nature

  1. Ensure the availability of a water source. It is crucial to consider the location of the route in relation to a water source, such as a river basin or a placefor water replenishment, to ensure a successful journey.
  1. Confirm the presence of a charging point. Ebikepacking requires sufficient battery storage, so during the site selection process, it is essential to plan the riding route to allow the vehicle to cover the necessary mileage. Additionally, determining the location of charging points in advance will help you prevent battery depletion.
  1. Select a site environment based on personal preferences and needs. Choose the camping location based on the desired surroundings that suit your tastes and requirements.
  1. Plan the direction and route ahead of time. It is wise to pre-plan your bikepacking route to mitigate potential risks and uncertainties when venturing into the wilderness. Determine the general travel direction and estimate the journey duration to better avoid difficulties on the road.

Tips for planning your ebikepacking trip

  1. Start strategically with a brief excursion and gradually progress towards a longer For individuals new to organizing ebikepacking trips, although the adventure may be filled with unfamiliar surprises, it is advisable to approach it methodically. It is recommended to start with a short expedition to gain more experience in the outdoors, which will enable you to feel more at ease when embarking on longer journeys.
  1. Determine the whereabouts of neighboring towns and cities to ensure prompt assistance in emergencies. Being mindful of the locations of nearby towns and cities is of the utmost importance, as it allows you to swiftly identify the direction to seek aid and receive timely assistance in the event of accidents.
  1. Select the appropriate model to enhance planning your journey. A high-quality e-bike facilitates efficient travel. When choosing a vehicle, it is crucial to consider a variety of factors including battery life, shock absorption capabilities, brake performance, riding power and other essential features.
  1. Make sure to gather all the essential lightweight items for your journey to minimize luggage weight. It's worthwhile to consider that during long trips, the excessive weight of your bags can contribute to the increased energy consumption of an electric bike. Therefore, it's wise to pack strategically and leave non-essential items at home. Additionally, choosing lightweight materials for your items and packing them efficiently can reduce the overall weight of your luggage. 

Best electric cycle for ebikepacking

Extended Range

Having a reliable range is crucial for vehicles used on long journeys. As well as reducing the number of recharges, an electric cycle with a superior range will improve your trip's efficiency. The Trax is an all-terrain electric bike equipped with a powerful 52V 20AH battery that offers exceptional range and delivers impressive performance on the road.

Powerful motor

Bikepacking enables you to experience nature's intricate and diverse landscapes. However, this means that one must be prepared for rugged terrain, and their e-bike must possess sufficient power to navigate through the countryside while maintaining balance. The Trax comes with a 250W limited Bafang motor which offers ample power for off-road travel. In addition, it is equipped with puncture-resistant fat tyres with a more intricate tread, allowing it to overcome various challenging road conditions and provide a smooth riding experience.

Shock absorption

The Trax comes with both front and rear upgraded air shock absorbers. The front and rear shock absorbers have adjustable and locking functions, allowing riders to fine-tune their suspension based on the type of terrain they are riding on. This allows for a more personalized and adaptable riding experience. The improved comfort and control increases confidence and stability when encountering bumpy, uneven surfaces. The Trax suspension system is a great feature for riders who want to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

Sharp braking

The advanced braking system offers a quick response to sudden bumps on the road, providing a cushioning effect and reducing the distance required to stop the vehicle when braking. This helps to improve safety and minimize risks associated with challenging terrains. The hydraulic braking system on the Trax offers 180mm of linearity, ensuring smoother braking and enhancing the overall driving experience by prioritizing safety.

An innovative way to recover yourself

As a consequence of the rapid expansion of the information age, we find ourselves increasingly attached to our electronic devices. And, that leaves us with limited time to truly experience life. In light of this, many individuals have started exploring bikepacking to temporarily disconnect from their social lives and immerse themselves in nature's uninterrupted beauty. Through this experience, they can rediscover themselves and gain a fresh perspective on life.

Reconnecting with nature through cycling is truly a captivating adventure. Whether it's the majestic mountains, serene lakes or vast seas you encounter along your journey or the enchanting stars illuminating your nights, it becomes an extraordinary and spiritual experience. Bikepacking offers the opportunity to embark on a voyage where your mind and body are fully immersed in the journey, whether you travel alone to enjoy the liberating freedom of cycling or with friends, allowing for precious moments of shared experiences.. Embrace the unknown as you traverse unfamiliar landscapes, encounter new faces and discover hidden aspects of yourself. So, hop on your e-bike and let your mind and body journey together on the open road.