Blog-Cyrusher Rider Story - Peltier Rodolphe's New Cycling Chapter on Cyrusher Step-through Kommoda

Cyrusher Rider Story - Peltier Rodolphe's New Cycling Chapter on Cyrusher Step-through Kommoda

Jun 08, 2023

Positive client interaction can provide businesses with greater expansion opportunities and improve the quality of their customer service. It is no secret that Cyrusher is dedicated to offering riders more practical mobility options. This article includes an interview with a French owner of Cyrusher Kommoda who tells us about his own Cyrusher riding experience.

About Peltier Rodolphe's cycling story

Blog-Cyrusher rider Peltier Rodolphe on his kommoda

Peltier Rodolphe, a rider with a prosthetic left leg, told us he first learned about Cyrusher products through a YouTube review video. Here is what he said about the ebike he subsequently purchased.

"I use it almost every day if the weather is not bad. It is my only means of transport. Although my left leg was amputated, this didn't cause any problems, and the trigger helped me start. The Kommoda is very stable and helps me distribute the weight well and achieve a good balance."

When Peltier Rodolphe used the Kommoda from Cyrusher for his travels, it provided him with a welcome of surprise. The step-through model allowed him to get on and off the bike easily and without external assistance. In addition, the dual shock absorbers offer a stable and comfortable ride, helping Peltier Rodolphe explore the wider world.

A 48V 14Ah battery was equipped for the Kommoda. Peltier Rodolphe would have to rely on the Kommoda's electric mode for the majority of his daily travels, resulting in a rapid depletion of the battery and severe inconvenience when the power runs out.

Indeed, the Kommoda's battery configuration is less powerful than the latest models such as the Ranger and Ovia. Peltier Rodolphe is considering purchasing a second spare battery to better cope with the limited range. To enable Peltier Rodolphe to enjoy his trips more freely, Cyrusher is giving him a 50% discount on the backup battery as well as some free Cyrusher souvenirs (hat, mug, etc.).

The story of Peltier Rodolphe encourages more riders to enjoy all their environment has to offer without being bound by their mobility limitations. His experience shows how Cyrusher products can be used to open up new possibilities for exploring the world. It also serves as a reminder that mobility limitations should not stop anyone from pursuing adventure and their exploration dreams.

About Cyrusher Kommoda

Blog- Cyrusher step-through ebike

The Kommoda is Cyrusher's first step-through model and has an inclusive design that has been very well received by riders. In fact, some have called it a wolf in sheep's clothing because of its compact frame but powerful performance. The Kommoda is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed drivetrain, hydraulic brakes and a lightweight aluminum frame. This combination of components gives the Kommoda a smooth ride and excellent stopping power. The Kommoda is available in a variety of colors and sizes, making it an ideal choice for riders of all shapes and sizes.

As a full suspension model with small fat tyres, the Kommoda is well-designed. It is equipped with illuminated headlights, warning horns and brake and steering signal lights, all of which make the Kommoda an extremely useful riding tool. The Kommoda models are 80% pre-assembled before the rider takes delivery and come with a tool kit that allows for quick assembly with reference to the installation video. This allows the rider to get on the road quickly.

Helps riders get back on the road and go further

Kommoda's unique frame design follows a step-through approach with a reduced front crossbar to make it easier for more riders to get on and off the bike. According to Peltier Rodolphe, the Kommoda is highly practical for daily usage, easy to get on and off and has a smooth ride. The amputation has undeniably caused a lot of inconvenience in Rodolphe's life. However, the Kommoda has become a reliable mode of transportation for Rodolphe to explore the world. It has allowed him to get back on the road and start a new chapter in his cycling life without being limited by his lack of leg strength, enriching his life experience. Rodolphe is now able to ride the Kommoda whenever the weather permits. With the vehicle's reliable motor, capable of delivering speeds of up to 45 miles per hour, Rodolphe can travel freely on the road.

Lead a healthier lifestyle

Cycling has been shown to be a more knee-friendly form of exercise, helping riders achieve an effective workout with less wear and tear on their knees. It is an excellent form of exercise for riders suffering from leg problems. Even so, you should consult your doctor before starting your cycling journey to ensure you will not suffer serious health complications. Choosing a suitable e-bike can help you get on the road quickly. Although the overall weight of the e-bike is increased due to the motor set-up, the ability to start more quickly with electricity allows the rider to get off to a faster start. Using throttle assist mode helps the vehicle move forward without relying on the pedals, freeing up the rider's feet for a more energy-efficient ride.

The Kommoda serves as a reliable mode of transportation for Peltier Rodolphe, but it also represents his optimistic outlook on life. Many amputee riders cannot enjoy a pleasant travelling experience due to a lack of proper equipment. However, Rodolphe, who took the initiative and chose to try the Kommoda, has begun the next exciting chapter in his life. With the Kommoda, he overcomes the obstacles of accessibility and mobility that many amputee riders face and explores the world with much more freedom and independence than he previously could.

Blog- Cyrusher Step-through ebike

A new travel solution

Admittedly, the Kommoda is not perfect in that its range is not competitive with more powerful models. But for riders who enjoy it, the sense of freedom and the feeling of being connected to the road makes the Kommoda so appealing. Riders feel a sense of accomplishment by pushing their limits and overcoming challenges while riding the Kommoda.

In addition to exploring the world and building some amazing memories with the Kommoda, people can feel more connected to the world. Whether it's to have a more convenient ride or maintain a positive attitude towards life, riders can express their individuality. Kommoda is pleased to provide a bridge to a healthier, more active and more accessible way of life. It strives to encourage more people to embrace a portable, active and positive lifestyle.

A key reason why Cyrusher encourages more cyclists to participate in electric cycling is that it is an easy and efficient mobility solution that is available to a wider audience. In addition to promoting cycling, the brand encourages using electric vehicles over traditional fuel models to reduce society's carbon footprint and make our planet greener.

Peltier Rodolphe's cycling experience undoubtedly provides new motivation for the various groups of riders who are coping with physical disabilities that limit their ability to get around. One of the most advanced e-bikes on the market, the Cyrusher provides riders with a safe and invigorating ride. Many riders' demands are met by the wide selection of models that allow them to improve their riding style and make their lives more efficient. The company's product line has expanded to more than a dozen areas and nations worldwide, offering riders efficient and portable mobility options around the globe.