Blog-Are E-bikes Friendly to People with Knee Surgery?

Are E-bikes Friendly to People with Knee Surgery?

Jun 13, 2023

Daily activities like sports, hiking and other pursuits wear down the knee joint; thus, protecting it is essential. The most effective treatment for knee injuries and arthritis is often knee surgery. However, activities involving the knee, like riding, become more difficult following knee surgery because of the typical wear and tear rate. The topic examined in this article is whether electric bicycles may serve as a helpful tool for those with knee surgery.

Remember, to avoid serious complications after knee surgery, seek professional advice from your physician before starting any exercise, including cycling.

The recovery process after knee surgery

Your knee function can be improved with specialist physiotherapy. As part of your treatment, you will usually have to go through professional training to restore joint strength and range of motion. In the later stages of physiotherapy, you can try indoor stationary bike riding after gaining enough leg strength. Indoor stationary riding strengthens your knee muscles and improves your range of motion, allowing you to do everyday activities like walking, running and jumping with increasing ease. In addition, it helps to reduce pain and swelling associated with knee problems. Stationary riding provides a more stable means of exercise, allowing you to balance on the pedals and maintain your riding position correctly without overexerting yourself and causing irreversible damage.

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After a prescribed recuperation workout, you can gradually try outside riding with your doctor's approval. By starting in low gear, the impact on the knee joint is reduced which can speed up the healing process. A wide, smooth riding area also reduces stress on the knee joint and ensures rider safety. Increase the gear gradually as your knee strengthens. Make sure to take frequent breaks to rest your knee. Finally, consult your doctor regularly to track your progress and prevent complications.

Advantages of an electric bike

The e-bike can be used both as an aid during the later stages of your recovery and as a tool once your knee has recovered to stay active and maintain the intensity of your workout. 

The introduction of the e-bike has undoubtedly offered an innovative source of motivation for those who lack energy to travel around following knee surgery . Riders on an e-bike can travel swiftly because the electric power allows them to free up their legs without over-involving their knees. Most e-bikes include a pedal assist mode with a variety of speed options. This enables excellent speed control and helps the rider move comfortably. There is no need to use excessive leg force in low-speed mode which depends on electrical power generation. This decreases stress on the knee joint and gradually increases resistance to assist the legs to better adapt to the riding rhythm for faster recovery. Additionally, electric bikes permit users to keep up with faster cyclists or take on long-distance rides with less effort. This makes it easier for riders of any age or level of fitness to enjoy riding.

The electric power mode of the e-bike helps you to get rid of the reliance on leg power, allowing you to have the opportunity to relax during the ride and move more efficiently in conjunction with the pedal assist mode. The ability to move more efficiently while varying the intensity of your pedal cadence assists you to exercise and promotes a better recovery.

If you want to make full use of riding, you should include your riding program in your rehabilitation plan and talk with your physiotherapist to adjust your riding intensity properly and cease training as soon as discomfort appears.

Tips to pay attention to when picking a knee-friendly ebike

Step-through frame structure

After knee surgery, riders should plan to use an e-bike with proper frame construction. Step-through frames are usually designed without crossbars and the lowest point of the frame is typically between 10 and 20 inches above the ground. Whether the rider sits first on the saddle and then naturally lifts their leg over the bike or gently lifts one foot across the saddle, it is very easy to get on the bike and begin riding. Step-through frames require less effort to mount or dismount. That means they are perfect for riders who need to get on and off the bike quickly or have limited flexibility.

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Battery capacity

Following knee surgery, riders' movements are typically not as strong as they used to be. Therefore, the e-bike range must be adequate to prevent the troubling circumstance of the battery running out of power and breaking down midway. As the battery is the energy source that keeps the bike moving, a larger battery provides a more dependable range. Therefore, choosing a larger e-bike battery helps to compensate for the reduced reliance on the rider's legs, and it also ensures that the rider isn't stranded in the middle of nowhere if their battery power drains out.


A comfortable and stable vehicle is essential for the rider's safety and comfort. To find good frame stability, look for a vehicle that utilizes more sturdy materials, such as aluminum. The second step is to choose fat tyres over thin tyres. Fat tyres have a larger contact area with the ground which can result in greater traction, ensuring a more comfortable and stable driving process. Thirdly, the suspension is a critical factor to consider when looking for a comfortable and steady ride. A vehicle with an excellent suspension system absorbs shocks and bumps more efficiently, reducing vibration. Finally, look for a vehicle with adjustable handlebars and seat so the rider can customize the fit for maximum comfort.


It is worthwhile to take into account the vehicle's weight since it is quite tricky for riders with limited mobility to move a bike. Due to the additional weight of parts like batteries and motors, electric bicycles are heavier than conventional bicycles. It is crucial to consider whether the vehicle's weight is within your acceptable range before making a purchase.

Recommended models

Cyrusher step-through electric bike  Kommoda

The Kommoda has been specially designed with an adjustable frame, handlebars and seat, making it suitable for riders of different heights and body sizes. It also has a low standover height, meaning that it is easier for riders to get on and off the bike. Furthermore, it has a smooth and comfortable ride, making it attractive to beginners and experienced riders alike.

Kommoda chose a small-sized fat tyre because it works better with the vehicle's general structure, reduces weight and boosts maneuverability. It is outfitted with a detachable 48V14AH battery, providing for more flexible charging and removing the need for moving the vehicle for charging. Furthermore, the vehicle is outfitted with a Shimano seven-speed turntable with pedal assist mode, allowing for a more diversified and configurable driving pace and better matching the vehicle to your riding rhythm. This electric bike also features a front and rear suspension system, providing increased stability and smoother rides. And, it has a safe and reliable hydraulic brake system, giving better control over the vehicle and ensuring the rider's safety. The design is user-friendly yet durable which makes it easy to maneuver and use for a variety of purposes.

How to ride ebike after your knee surgery

Do a good stretching job

Although e-bike riding is not very intense, it is essential to do an effective stretching warm-up before riding an e-bike. Furthermore, pay attention to your movements and strength when stretching your legs to avoid overstretching. While stretching, keep your breath steady and slow and be aware of any parts of your body that might be particularly tight. Make sure to stretch both sides of the body evenly to prevent muscular imbalances. After your ride, it is equally imperative to cool down and stretch again to avoid muscle cramps.

Wear protective accessories

Take care to wear protective equipment, such as helmets and knee pads, to reduce injuries during riding. These accessories are designed to absorb shocks from falls and collisions, reducing the risk of serious injuries such as head trauma, broken bones and sprains. This is particularly critical when performing stunts or riding on more dangerous terrains as these activities increase the risk of serious injuries. Wearing protective accessories such as helmets and knee pads can reduce the severity of such injuries.

Start off slowly

Increase the gear and difficulty of the ride gradually as your knee heals. Take frequent breaks and stretch your legs. Consult your doctor regularly for updates on your progress.

Cyrusher Kommoda step-through ebike


Knee surgery recovery requires patience and persistence. It cannot be hastened and must be done gradually. An e-bike may be used as an additional tool since riding can deliver a good supplemental workout. Indeed, recovering from knee surgery takes a long time, from the rehab room through indoor practice to outside riding. The opportunity to exercise outside is valuable and e-bikes offer considerable flexibility so that more riders may experience a variety of journeys while healing from knee surgery.

In short, E-bikes provide a way for people with limited mobility to get outside and enjoy the same freedom of movement they had before. Riders are given the opportunity to explore new places and have more adventurous rides. E-bikes strengthen the ties between people and their communities and help them develop their self-identity. A journey that stimulates the mind and encourages physical activity awaits riders on e-bikes.