Blog-Father’s Day Gift Inspiration:Get Father an Electric Bike for a Speed Riding Adventure

Father’s Day Gift Inspiration:Get Father an Electric Bike for a Speed Riding Adventure

Jun 16, 2023

Do you already have a special present in mind for your father for Father's Day, which is on June 18th this year? Due to their practicality and simplicity, electric bikes are a preferred gift choice for fathers. The suggestions in this article might help you pick the ideal e-bike for your father.

Speed and passion 

The speed and adrenaline of riding a vehicle are tremendously appealing sensations for the male rider. Choosing a high-end e-bike to help your father liberate his feet and rediscover the joy and speed of riding on the road will be a welcome surprise for him. An e-bike allows the rider to enjoy the same sensation of speed and excitement as riding a motorbike but reduces the risk of injury and the environmental impact. Furthermore, the rider has the added convenience of controlling the speed, allowing him to move at a comfortable and safe pace.

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Ebikes provide a convenient way to get outdoors with family members without the stress of traditional cycling. The motor assistance of an electric bike makes it easier for various types of riders to begin their journey, improving the efficiency of the ride and allowing riders to enjoy riding together even more. It also makes it easy to cover large distances in a shorter amount of time, so you can spend more time enjoying each other's company.

How to choose the right e-bike for your father

Parents' mobility will reduce as they age and the advantage of electric bicycles that employ an electric motor is that they enable them to ride faster and with less effort. It is wise to choose an e-bike suitable for people according to their specific size and weight.This will determine the power and speed the bike can reach and the overall comfort of the ride. Different bikes fit riders of specific heights, weights and abilities. Bike frames come in numerous sizes and materials while motors come in various wattages, all of which affects how fast the bike can move. Additionally, different battery capacities can impact the range of the cycle and this is a crucial consideration for those who want to use the bike for commuting or longer rides.


There is a wider range of e-bike frames suitable for fathers compared to e-bike frames accessible for women. This is because they can include those with front crossbars and an overall model design that is more stylish and cooler looking. The step-through, on the other hand, is still a wonderful alternative for fathers who have more difficulty with their mobility.


Safety on your bike is of paramount importance. In terms of road safety, timely braking may eliminate the majority of accident risks. To ensure proper safety while cycling, it is recommended to invest in an e-bike with strong hydraulic brakes that offer optimal braking power and response times in emergencies. Make sure you check the bike's brakes thoroughly before riding it. Additionally, always wear a helmet and other protective gear while riding.

Riding convenience

Ebikes typically have two optional pedal sensors: a cadence sensor and a torque sensor. The cadence sensor does not rely on the pressure you apply to the pedals to vary the pace of the ride, however, the torque sensor modifies the speed of the vehicle based on the amount of pressure you apply to the pedals. Basically, the higher the pressure, the quicker the speed. Each of these has its own set of advantages. Riders who wish to rely on their e-bike to get better exercise will benefit from the torque sensor, while riders with difficulty moving their legs will benefit from a model with a cadence sensor instead.

The cadence sensor helps the motor support the rider's pedaling. The torque sensor, on the other hand, provides a more natural experience, allowing the rider to control the amount of power they receive from the motor. Both provide assistance to the rider, enabling them to cover more distance with less effort. Ultimately, the decision of which type of e-bike to buy depends on the rider's needs and preferences. 


Your choice of bike should be based on your comfort. A superior suspension system will smooth out the impact of most road bumps throughout the ride. Comfort is also influenced by the frame geometry and the type of tyres you choose. Reasonable frame geometry supports the rider's correct position and ensures a comfortable posture, while the right tyres can make a huge difference in shock absorption and riding comfort.

XF900 with high performance for speed riding

The vehicle's power, which is determined by its engine size, horsepower and torque, ultimately dictates its performance. The higher these configurations are, the more capable it is of achieving higher speeds and conquering more challenging terrain. For example, a father may require a vehicle with a comfortable frame, a powerful engine and advanced safety features. In contrast, an adventurous rider may need a vehicle with a powerful engine and suspension system that can handle off-road conditions. The difference in performance will also help people to ride in additional comfort and safety. Remember, the higher the configurations, the more expensive the vehicle will be. Therefore, it is vital to consider the rider's needs and budget when selecting the right vehicle.

Classic models

If a rider wants to head out for a quick ride around town, get started with a basic e-bike. With a 750W Bafang motor (under UK traffic laws, the speed limit in the UK is 250W) and front shock absorbers for stability, the XF650 provides riders with a pleasant and powerful riding experience. The motor's power gives users smooth acceleration and helps them easily cover longer distances. The front shock absorbers help keep the bike stable on uneven surfaces, reducing accidents.

The XF650 is designed with safety in mind and features high-end mechanical brakes for quick brakes. It also features safety features such as bright headlights and taillight to help riders stay visible. It also has a horn to alert pedestrians and other road users. Finally, it comes with a 2-year limited warranty to ensure quality and reliability. The bike's intuitive design also makes it easy to store and transport, making it a perfect choice for commuting and leisure rides.


High performance models

It’s true that some men prefer thrill-seeking rides and outdoor adventure, so an all-terrain e-bike is a better option for the more adventurous father. The Cyrusher XF900 is an all-terrain e-bike with an upgraded shock absorption system and high-quality hydraulic brakes, allowing the user to enjoy mountain riding confidently with good speed control and cushioning against hazards. On top of its improved shock absorption system, it also has a wide range of gears for quick speed changes and the ability to climb steep hills. The hydraulic brakes give the user enhanced control and precise stopping regardless of the terrain, and the high-capacity battery enables longer rides without stopping for a recharge.
The sleek design of the XF900 offers easy handling, supporting the rider to navigate both city and mountain roads with ease. It is the perfect choice for those who are looking for an adrenaline-filled adventure.

The advantages for father riding an electric bike

  1. Financial savings

An electric bike is a terrific personal mobility tool in a society where the cost of living is growing due to a range of variables, such as the price of fuel. The cost of using an electric assist bike is relatively low compared to owning a car since it can be used for several days at a time before recharging with low-cost electricity. It is a convenient and portable mode of transportation for most daily transportation trips, like traveling to the grocery store or exploring the city. Furthermore, they require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective mode of transportation.

  1. Improved efficiency

The improved riding efficiency is one of the competitive advantages of an electric bike. Commuting, exercising and daily chores like grocery shopping can be accomplished easily with an e-bike. Powered by electric motors, e-bikes can travel up to 28 mph, making them much faster than traditional bikes. They also have the advantage of traveling up hills more efficiently, allowing them to reach their destination without effort. Additionally, they require less effort to ride, meaning that they are an ideal option for those who don't want to break a sweat on their commute. E-bikes can, thus, offer a significant benefit in terms of time efficiency and quality of life.

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  1. Enhanced physical fitness

The benefits of exercise for physical fitness are numerous, including improved heart health, increased muscle strength, better flexibility and more endurance. E-bikes allow ageing fathers to exercise without putting too much strain on their bodies, as they can control the intensity of the ride. Cycling is also a low-impact exercise that is less likely to cause injury, and it is easier to maintain a consistent routine.


With responsibilities such as jobs and childcare, adult children are unable to spend as much time with their parents as they once did. An electric bike could fill this gap and create priceless family memories. Why not take the opportunity to reignite the parent-child connection and hop on for an adventure with your dad?