Blog-High-performance e-bike Comparison:Cyrusher Ranger Vs Himiway Cobra

High-performance E-bike Comparison:Cyrusher Ranger Vs Himiway Cobra

Jun 20, 2023

Electric bikes have increased in popularity in recent years as a means of transportation that improves efficiency while also allowing individuals to travel for enjoyment. After you have owned an entry-level model, how do you select your first high-end ebike model? This article compares two models from different manufacturers to help you decide which one offers a more powerful performance.

Blog- Bike comparison Cyrusher Ranger Vs Himiway Cobra

Model Information

Himiway Cobra

The Himiway Cobra is an all-terrain model with a high-capacity battery and fat tyres, making it a high-performance alternative for riders. The Cobra's powerful motor allows smooth acceleration and deceleration, while its large battery capacity provides a longer range. The oversized tyres also offer increased traction on a variety of terrains, making it a viable option for riders looking for a reliable and powerful alternative.

Cyrusher Ranger

The Cyrusher Ranger is equipped with powerful components, resulting in high speed, increased torque and extended range. Additionally, its suspension and shock absorbers are designed to provide a smoother ride, even on rough terrain, and its ergonomic design offers better comfort and control. Cyrusher Ranger is a competitive option for high-performance seekers.

Performance comparison



Himiway Cobra





28mph 15.5mph UK



250W Bafang hub motor

250W geared hub motor


LG 52-volt 20 amp-hour

48V 20Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery


Logan hydraulic 180mm disc brakes front + rear

Tektro 180mm hydraulic brakes
Chain KMC chain


suspension fork + air rear

alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment





Shimano 9-speed

Shimano 7-speed gear shift system

Pedal sensor

torque sensor

cadence sensor


The invention of the e-bike has allowed many individuals to get back on the road and liberate their feet. The primary aspects of an e-bike for riders searching for high performance are its motor's performance, its suspension's efficacy and its braking capabilities.

Running power

In general, motor quality determines riding power. The Ranger is powered by a Bafang motor which is well-known in the industry and has a higher production cost. On the other hand, the Cobra is equipped with its own specifically designed motor with no additional premium cost. In terms of performance, both models are equipped with a 250W rear hub motor, which provides equivalent travel power.

Blog-high-perfomance ebike Cyrusher Ranger

The size of an ebike battery is relative to the size of a car's gasoline tank. The bigger the battery capacity, the more power it can store and the more durable it will be over time. The Cobra uses a 48V 20Ah LG or Samsung battery which is a competitive alternative to many regular bikes. The Ranger, on the other hand, has chosen a larger LG 52V 20Ah battery, providing riders with increased power to travel longer distances. Both batteries are replaceable and allow two different charging methods, making them portable to recharge power during daily use. LG and Samsung batteries are robust and reliable, offering riders a safe and efficient way to get around.


Both models incorporate hydraulic brakes for quicker and more responsive stopping to guarantee a safe ride. Hydraulic braking makes stopping promptly in hazardous circumstances easier and allows your ride to be more comfortable. Furthermore, hydraulic brakes are more efficient and require less effort to operate than mechanical brakes. They also need less maintenance and are more durable, making them a better choice for long-term use.

Suspension system

A better damping configuration is designed to absorb more shocks and reduce vibration from road bumps, resulting in a smoother ride. Additionally, the high-end suspension provides better support for the rider and reduces strain on the bike frame, improving stability and handling. Both models are equipped with front and rear suspensions to provide a smoother ride. But the front damping of the Cobra is adjustable while the rear damping is fixed, so you can choose between a stiff and a soft ride, depending on your preference.

In comparison, both Ranger front and rear dampers are adjustable in rebound and compression and have a lock-out function. This allows for a range of damping settings to suit the rider's needs. Therefore, the Ranger offers more control and customization than the Cobra. And, it is also suitable for more extreme off-road conditions as the adjustable dampers can be tuned for different types of terrain.

Blog-Cyrusher Ranger with full suspension

By using the throttle, the rider can accelerate quickly and control their forward progress more easily. It is designed as either a half-twist or thumb throttle, both easy to use. Simply, accelerate or decelerate by twisting the handlebars or pressing a button. Different throttle settings applied to cycling might alter riding comfort. Thumb throttles are prone to causing stiff fingers and tiredness, making them difficult to operate in a timely manner, especially in cold weather. On the other hand, a half-twist throttle relies on a hand rotation for acceleration and deceleration This makes it easier and more convenient and allows control of acceleration and deceleration even while wearing gloves.

Pedal sensor

The riding experience is, additionally, affected by pedal sensors, including cadence and torque. Both sensors have their own pros and cons, with the torque sensor typically being more costly. Having said that, the torque sensor is the one to go with if you want a better workout and higher performance. The torque sensor affects the ride speed by how hard the rider pedals. The harder you pedal, the faster the bike moves, giving you a more intuitive sense of engagement with the ride.

On the other hand, the cadence sensor is unaffected by pedaling effort and burns battery power faster, potentially resulting in neutral gearing. The Cobra comes with a cadence sensor while the Ranger features a torque sensor. The Ranger allows for more efficient use of energy and power, meaning the rider can travel faster and further with the same amount of effort.


Customizable riding at multiple speeds is becoming increasingly common on e-bikes. The Cobra is offered with a 7-speed transmission and several speed options. The Ranger includes a Shimano 9-speed transmission, allowing additional speed customization and expanding your riding options.

Comfort comparison


Cyrusher Ranger

Himiway Cobra


6061 aluminum full suspension frame

6061 aluminum frame


orange/ white/ blue / gray

King Cobra/ Forest Cobra


26"×4.0" puncture-resistant fat tyres

26″ x 4.8″ CST fat tyres

Riders Height

5'4" ~ 6'6" (165cm ~ 200cm)

5′5″ ~ 6′5″

Lights & Horn

headlights & taillights: included

headlights & taillights: included

horn: included

horn: included





The ease of handling of the vehicle is an important factor in the rider's efficiency. A comfortable seating position helps the rider to ride for long periods of time without feeling fatigued.


The tyres increase the e-bike's riding capabilities and impact ride comfort. The two models have different tyre sizes which results in distinct riding characteristics. The benefit of a fat tyre is that it offers more cushioning and the complex tread arrangement enhances traction and grip on the ground, allowing for greater flexibility of movement over various terrains.

The Cobra's tyre size is slightly larger than the Ranger’s. Larger tyres are typically heavier, which can slow down the bike's acceleration, but it also provides more stability and increases the load-bearing capabilities of the bike. This is beneficial for riders who carry heavy loads as it allows them to do so safer. At the same time, larger tyres can also lower bike efficiency by reducing forward movement effectiveness. Ultimately, it is up to the rider to decide which tyre size is suitable for their needs.


The handlebar design directly impacts riding posture, resulting in a unique riding experience. A more comfortable riding position allows the user to ride for longer periods of time while experiencing less weariness. The Cobra's front end is straight, requiring the rider to lean forward to lower their centre of gravity. However, the Ranger's front end is U-shaped, allowing the rider to keep their centre of gravity further back and maintain a more upright riding position for better overall comfort. This improved riding posture means the user can experience less fatigue and soreness over long rides, allowing for more enjoyable and productive trips.

Blog- Cyrusher ebike ranger with U-shaped handlebar

Price point

These two models that differ in performance also vary in terms of price. The Cobra at $2399 is less expensive, while the Ranger at £2799 provides premium performance. The higher price of the Ranger model is reflective of the superior components and features that have been included. It is equipped with an advanced motor, a larger battery capacity and a specially designed suspension system, which all add to its performance and make it a more attractive option for riders looking for a top-of-the-line model.


Choosing a suitable bike is essential since it will impact your riding convenience and comfort. Price, performance and other factors should all be considered. A direct relationship exists between safety and performance, as higher performance can offer better cushioning and reduce most riding threats, including the ability to stop in time on steep terrain. If you're looking for a higher-performance model, the Ranger is the ideal option. The Ranger is designed with a more robust frame and components that can handle a variety of terrains. It also features superior suspension with adjustable damping and rebound settings, as well as a wide range of gears for maximum efficiency. The result is a bike optimized for performance and safety that will support you to ride with confidence on any terrain.