Step-through Electric Bike Comparison: Himiway Big Dog vs Cyrusher Kommoda

Step-through Electric Bike Comparison: Cyrusher Kommoda vs Himiway Big Dog

Jan 31, 2024

Step-through electric bikes are gaining popularity among riders due to their low step-in frame structure. This design, which reduces the height of the front crossbar, makes mounting and dismounting the bike simpler, enabling more individuals to adopt electric riding. This article compares two high-quality step-through electric bikes: the Cyrusher Kommoda and the Himiway Electric Cargo Bike, Big Dog. We’ll delve into their performance configurations and offer purchasing information for riders.

Model information

The Himiway Big Dog is designed as a cargo electric bicycle, ideal for handling the transportation of goods. With its 750W gear motor, the bike delivers robust power output, enabling it to effortlessly conquer various obstacles along the journey. Featuring upgraded battery components sourced from Samsung or LG, it boasts a remarkable endurance of up to 7 hours on a single charge. This caters well to riders embarking on long-distance travels.

The Cyrusher Kommoda is crafted to offer riders ultimate comfort and portability. Named after the Spanish word for "comfort," it boasts an efficient full shock absorption system along with adjustable handlebars and seat posts, providing personalized comfort. With its fat tires offering extra cushioning, the Kommoda ensures riders experience the utmost comfort during their journeys.

Blog-Cyrusher kommoda vs Himiway big dog


Cyrusher Kommoda

Himiway Big Dog





250W high-speed brushless motor

 750W brushless gear hub motor


48V 14Ah LG/Samsung lithium battery

48V 20Ah LG/Samsung lithium battery


oil & spring suspension fork with adjustment & spring suspension

alloy front suspension fork with lockout and adjustment


half twist throttle

half twist throttle


cadence sensor

cadence sensor

Pedal assist

Shimano 7 speed gear shift system

Shimano 7 speed gear shift system


6061 aluminum full suspension frame

 upgraded 6061 aluminum frame


20-50 miles (80 km)

60-80 miles


fully hydraulic disc brakes 180mm front & rear

180mm hydraulic disc brakes


Chaoyang 20" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires

20″x 4″ Kenda fat tires


3.7" LCD display, colorful smart computer

backlit display




Weight limit




front & rear

front & rear


2 years

2 years

Performance comparison


The battery serves as the sole power source for an e-bike. Higher capacity batteries offer extended range, enabling riders to cover longer distances. Consequently, battery capacity plays a crucial role in determining the practicality and versatility of electric bicycles across various riding scenarios. The Cyrusher Kommoda utilizes LG and Samsung lithium batteries, capable of delivering up to 800 charge cycles and a riding range of 25-50 miles. In contrast, the Himiway Big Dog features a 48V 20Ah LG/Samsung lithium battery, offering a competitive advantage in capacity and providing an even longer cruising range.

Brake system

A responsive braking system is critical for swiftly reacting to road obstacles and enhancing safety. Hydraulic brakes typically have superior sensitivity compared to traditional mechanical brakes. Both models have opted for hydraulic braking systems to ensure safe operation. Additionally, Kommoda includes motor cutoff capabilities for an extra layer of safety.

Riding experience


The suspension system is as a crucial component on an e-bike, dictating the rider's comfort during rides. This system mitigates the effects of bumps and impacts from uneven roads and other obstacles, reducing discomfort for the rider. An enhanced suspension system not only ensures a pleasant and stable riding experience during long-distance rides but also minimizes body fatigue. Moreover, a full shock absorption system contributes to reducing vehicle and wheel instability during high-speed or technical maneuvers through adjustable functions, thus enhancing controllability and maneuverability and expanding riding possibilities.

While the Himiway Big Dog features a coil shock-absorbing front fork, capable of absorbing bumps and uneven terrain to a certain extent, its functionality is limited. In contrast, the Cyrusher Kommoda is equipped with a comprehensive full suspension system. With dual shock absorption settings at the front and rear, it effectively absorbs discomfort from both wheels simultaneously, elevating riding comfort and stability. This gives riders enhanced comfort and opens up more opportunties for enjoyable rides.

Cyrusher kommoda suspension vs Himiway big dog suspension


As the only component in contact with the ground, tires play an important role in comfort. Wider tires offer increased surface contact, thereby enhancing vehicle traction and stability and enabling them to navigate diverse terrains more effectively. Both e-bikes opt for fat tires, with the Kommoda featuring Chaoyang 20" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires. These tires have superior puncture protection and sidewall support, minimizing the risk of punctures. Meanwhile, the Big Dog is equipped with Kenda 20" x 4" fat tires, providing a smooth and comfortable ride.

Functionality and technology


The transmission system is an invaluable component that significantly influences the vehicle’s efficiency. High-quality transmission components ensure reliable power transmission and longevity. Both models feature an optional 7 speed Shimano transmission, enabling riders to effortlessly change gears and tailor their riding experience to their preferences.


To help riders monitor bike data, most electric bikes come equipped with a display screen capable of showing information such as speed, distance, battery power, assist mode and other relevant indicators. The Big Dog has a backlit display for easy data monitoring, whereas the Kommoda comes with a full-color display that enhances clarity, allowing riders to see different data more easily and adding enjoyment to their riding adventure.

Blog- Display comparison

Horn and lights

Both electric bicycles come equipped with horns and front and rear lights, enhancing rider safety during dimly lit riding conditions. These features not only aid smooth navigation in low-light environments but also effectively alert surrounding vehicles and pedestrians, thereby increasing overall driving safety.

Design and build quality

Frame material

The choice of construction materials significantly impacts the durability and riding performance of an electric bicycle. Various frame materials, such as aluminum  and carbon fiber, have different characteristics. The Big Dog features a 6061aluminum frame, using this common material known for its durability. On the other hand, the Kommoda opts for a 6061 aluminum full suspension frame, prioritizing lightweight construction and durability while also providing a degree of cushioning .

Frame design

Both e-bikes feature a low step-through frame, but with distinct design characteristics. The Himiway Big Dog stands out with its reinforced rear rack, enhancing its weight-bearing capacity. With a height range accommodating riders from 5'1" to 6'5", it offers easy accessibility for most riders. However, the Big Dog is available in only one color, limiting customization options for riders.

In contrast, the Kommoda places emphasis on comfort and aesthetics. Its unique colored tire rim adds flair, ensuring the bike stands out in a crowd. Alongside the popular vibrant orange option, riders can choose from white and grey to personalize their riding style. Designed for riders ranging from 5'1" to 6'2" in height, the Kommoda is also quite accommodating for those with mobility issues.

Blog-Cyrusher rider with leg mobilities

Price comparison

The price disparity between the two models reflects the differences in their functional components. The Himiway Big Dog is priced at $2099, boasting a competitive 48V 20Ah long-life battery and innovative double-foot support that assists with stable parking.

Meanwhile, the Kommoda, equipped with a full suspension system, comes at a more economical £1599. The Kommoda's full shock absorption and user-friendly U-shaped handle design promise a comfortable and smooth ride, albeit with a less competitive battery life. However, riders can extend the battery life by purchasing additional spare batteries. 


The convenience of an e-bike can enhance every aspect of life, and a powerful and comfortable electric bicycle can provide many enduring benefits. Therefore, it's crucial to conduct thorough research and carefully choose a product that aligns with your needs and preferences. Among the models compared in this article, the Cyrusher Kommoda emerges as the more cost-effective investment option for riders seeking a comfortable riding experience. Opting for a comfortable model can encourage consistent riding and have a tangible impact on your daily life.