How does an ebike motor work ?

How does an ebike motor work?

Oct 27, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of transportation, e-bikes have emerged as a revolutionary means of commuting and engaging in recreational activities. With their eco-friendly features and the ability to effortlessly cover long distances, e-bikes are welcomed by a wide range of riders. At the core of these exceptional two-wheelers lies the e-bike motor, a noiseless powerhouse that propels the riders forward. This article will delve into the complexities of e-bike motors, explore different motor types, and explain how ebike motors work.

What is an electric bicycle motor?

The e-bike motor serves as a vital electrical component of an e-bike. Typically, when the throttle is engaged, or when the pedals are set in motion, the controller activates the e-bike's electrical system, allowing it to function and start the e-bike successfully. The motor is the component that translates electric energy to mechanical energy to drive the bike forward.

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Acting as the central command, the controller manages all the vehicle's data. It receives input from the throttle gear and sending signals to the battery. The battery, in turn, supplies the necessary electrical energy to power the motor. The output of the motor, in terms of throttle torques, depends on the force applied to the pedals and the chosen pedal assist mode. This determines the amount of power generated by the battery. The electrical system of an e-bike complements human pedaling power, enhancing the cycling experience and making these vehicles suitable for individuals of all abilities. Additionally, there are various types of motor systems, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Types of electric bicycle motors

E-bike motors can be broadly categorized into two main types: mid-drive motors and hub motors. Hub motors are further divided into two kinds: rear-mounted and front-mounted, but the most widely used in the market are rear hub motors and mid-drive motors.

Mid-drive motor
Working principle

The mid-drive motor is positioned on the bike's bottom bracket, which serves as the connection between the pedals and the frame. By being situated in this central location, the mid-drive motor is capable of efficiently transferring power directly to the chain, resulting in an effortless and efficient riding experience. As the rider engages in pedaling, the motor seamlessly provides assistance, thereby creating the sensation of possessing extraordinary physical prowess. 

  1. Enhanced efficiency: Mid-drive motors exhibit better energy efficiency by effectively utilizing the gearing system, thus making them an excellent choice for tackling challenging terrains with steep inclines.
  2. Optimal weight distribution: These motors ensure an evenly distributed weight between the front and rear wheels, resulting in enhanced stability and improved control over the bicycle.
  3. Off-road excellence: Mid-drive motors excel in off-road scenarios, catering to the needs of daring riders seeking thrilling adventures beyond conventional cycling routes.
  1. Price: Mid-drive motors tend to bemore expensive due to their advanced technology.
  2. Maintenance complexity: Compared to hub motors, mid-drive motors may require more complicated maintenance procedures.
Front hub motor
Working principle

The front hub motor is situated in the front wheel of an ebike. The motor works by spinning the front wheel to provide propulsion. Once the electric assist of the e-bike is engaged, the front hub motor acquires power from the battery and transforms it into mechanical energy to regulate the motor's output. Subsequently, the motor exerts torque on the front wheel, propelling the bicycle forward.

  1. Simple: Front hub motors are relatively simple and easy to maintain
  2. Economical: Typically, they offer a more budget-friendly option in comparison to mid-drive motors.
  1. Weight distribution: The placement of the front hub motor can affect the bike's balance, particularly when climbing steep hills.
  2. Traction: In certain scenarios, such as on smooth surfaces, the front hub motor might encounter challenges in maintaining optimal grip.
Rear hub motor
Working principle

The rear hub motor of the e-bike is positioned at the rear wheel. Its operation principle is similar to the front hub motor. The battery provides power, once the electric assist is engaged. The motor controls the output to apply torque to the rear wheel. However, due to its placement on the back wheel, it can cause an imbalance in weight distribution. This becomes particularly crucial when navigating steep inclines, where maintaining traction and balance is of utmost importance.

Cyrusher rear hub-drive motor

  1. Easy to install: Rear hub motors are relatively easy to install and are compatible with a wide range of bikes.
  2. Smooth ride: They provide a smooth and consistent ride, particularly on flat terrain, and they can quickly improve the efficiency of urban commuting and recreational riding.
  1. Weight distribution: Similar tofront hub motors, they can disrupt the balance of the bike, particularly during steep climbs.
  2. Lower climbing efficiency: Compared to mid-drive motors, rear hub motors may struggle on steep slopes as they lack the ability to efficiently utilize the gears of the e-bike.

Cyrusher ebike motor: Bafang Motor

Cyrusher is dedicated to offering top-notch quality electric bicycles to better meet the rider’s needs. Cyrusher has chosen the industry-leading Bafang motor as the preferred power source for their electric bikes. Bafang motors are renowned for their cutting-edge technology, impressive performance and exceptional dependability. Cyrusher e-bikes, equipped with Bafang motors, provide unmatched power and performance, ensuring exceptional riding.

Power and performance

Cyrusher e-bikes with Bafang motors offer consistent power output, enabling riders to easily conquer all terrains and enjoy a smooth, comfortable ride. Whether it's a commute to work or a weekend adventure, these motors deliver outstanding performance.

Longevity and reliability

Bafang motors are engineered for exceptional longevity and dependability. Through strict quality assurance and the use of durable components, Cyrusher electric bicycles are designed to withstand the test of time, resulting in increased reliability and a secure riding experience for the cyclist.

Cyrusher ebikes with different motor configuration

In order to better meet the rider's cycling needs, Cyrusher has introduced both mid-drive and rear hub motor e-bike model.

Mid-drive motor ebike:Cyrusher Nitro

The Nitro offers an unparalleled level of comfort for riders, providing them with exceptional power, speed and control that surpasses that of traditional hub motor ebikes. The design of the Nitro incorporates both aesthetic appeal and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that riders experience a truly enjoyable journey that goes above and beyond their expectations. With its choice of a 1000W Bafang mid-drive motor, the Nitro enables enhanced independence, allowing for faster speeds and providing riders with a remarkable sense of freedom. The mid-drive motor also contributes to improved weight distribution, making power transmission more efficient and facilitating easier hill climbing.

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Rear hub ebike

Cyrusher offers a number of e-bikes with rear hub motors, which are the most common e-bike configuration on the market. Rear hub motors are more cost-effective and the high quality of the motors provides efficient power output, meaning that they are ideal for e-bikes.

Cyrusher offers a variety of rear hub e-bike options to suit different riders' budgets, riding styles and preferences, strongly believing that riding is not limited by age or gender and that everyone has the opportunity to start and enjoy riding.

XF650 is an entry-level e-bike model but comes with a 750W high-power motor, which gives the rider sufficient power for an easier ride.

The Ranger stands out as the most powerful rear hub motor e-bike in its category. With its impressive motor and the assistance of top-notch components, the Ranger possesses the ability to conquer hills with power camparable to that of a mid-drive motor. Therefore, it is an excellent option for riders seeking an exhilarating and high-performing cycling experience.

The Kommoda is distinguished as the flagship product of the step-through models, winning favor from numerous riders. Its sleek frame design not only enables easy mounting and dismounting, but also grants convenience to a multitude of riders. Simultaneously, the top-notch motor ensures a pleasurable and smooth ride.

Cyrusher's rear hub motor models are equipped with high-quality Bafang motors to provide riders with a superior riding experience. Bafang motors have gained significant recognition in the industry as the company is known for producing powerful, efficient and reliable motors. High-quality motors are standard on a Cyrusher ebike to fulfill the rider's pursuit of quality and comfort. As a result, Cyrusher electric bikes have gained immense popularity and are now distributed across over 10 regions and countries worldwide, enabling a larger number of riders to relish the benefits and ease of electric biking.

Cyrusher electric bike Ranger


E-bike motors serve as the propelling factor behind the e-bike revolution. They provide a more environmentally friendly, convenient and enjoyable way to explore the world. When selecting an e-bike, it is imperative to understand the various motor typesas well as their advantages and restrictions. Cyrusher electric bicycles, equipped with high-quality motors, deliver exceptional power, security and dependability, all aimed at enriching each rider's cycling expedition. Immerse yourself in the forthcoming era of cycling with a Cyrusher electric bike!