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How to Maintain an Electric Bike Motor

May 15, 2023

The motor, as one of the most significant components of an electric bicycle, must be maintained for the vehicle to operate more effectively and to ride effortlessly in challenging mountain areas. This article will show you how to maintain an ebike motor.

Classification of electric motors

Electric bicycle motors are classified into three categories based on where they are installed on the vehicle. They are positioned either on the e-bike's front wheel, rear wheel or at the centre of the vehicle, and the different motor placements offer varied advantages and disadvantages. Deciding on your priorities throughout your purchase helps you choose which model is best for you.

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Front hub motors

A front-mounted motor is installed on the front wheels. This is not an optimal location and, thus, is rarely available on the market. Front-mounted motors may cause the front part of the vehicle to be so heavy that the weight distribution may make the vehicle imbalanced and dangerous. Furthermore, when the motor is on the front wheel, it can create significant wear and tear that severely harms the vehicle's performance. As a result, most e-bikes are designed with rear and mid-drive motors to offer a more comfortable riding experience. 

Mid drive motors

A mid-mounted motor will normally power a climb more easily than a hub motor since the gear system allows for a smoother increase in speed. The balancing advantage of the mounting position results in a more comfortable riding experience. Because of its superior climbing abilities and balance, it is the ideal choice for hill climbing enthusiasts.

Since the mid-mounted motor lacks a connection to either of the tyres, it makes it easier to change a flat tyre without interference from the wiring. However, the mid-mounted motor has some drawbacks. A mid-mounted motor's efficiency increases the vehicle chain wear rate. Secondly, mid-mounted motors are the most expensive because of their more sophisticated mechanics and gear speeds.

Rear hub motors

Because the rear hub motor does not rely on a chain drive, you can easily ride it home even if the chain breaks. Additionally, there is no excessive wear and strain on the chain and gears. However, a hub motor will not power your ride as effectively as a mid-mounted motor so if you want greater climbing capabilities, you will need a larger motor and battery which will also increase the weight of the vehicle. The addition of the motor to the back wheels results in a more rear-facing centre of gravity for the entire model and the overall operating balance of the vehicle is not as excellent as with a mid-drive motor.

Furthermore, replacing the tyres can be time-consuming due to the large number of components located on the rear wheel and the necessity to avoid several wires in order to remove the tyres. Most e-bikes on the market feature the more cost-effective rear hub motor, which offers great value in an e-bike and does not suffer from significant power loss.

The difference in motor power

Blog-750W motor electric bike RangerWhen purchasing, one of the most common problems is how to choose the motor power. Different power levels imply different running capabilities. The type of bike you choose depends on your weight, desired speed and whether you plan to ride on off-road terrain.

The manufacturer's motor level can be used as an estimation, allowing the rider to purchase depending on his or her riding style. You can further estimate how much power the vehicle will have by calculating the battery voltage and the controller's amperage.

Power levels on the market typically range between 250W, 500W and 750W. Generally, a higher power level provides greater running power and makes it simpler to ride in climbing circumstances.

250W performance is better suited to flat ground riding and some light hills. It supports riding at roughly 18-20mph with the throttle on and potentially a bit higher in pedal assist mode. And, for riders of different weights, the same 250W power model might result in a different riding experience since a heavier load on the vehicle increases traction which impacts the vehicle's driving power.

The 500W, on the other hand, is a more powerful choice capable of handling some challenging mountain rides. In motor mode, the vehicle can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, while the speed will usually be 25-28mph in pedal assist mode.

With the 750W motor, you are able to reach speeds of 22-23mph in throttle mode and 28mph in pedal assist mode while navigating a variety of riding surfaces. It is the most appealing configuration for mountain bikers.

The running speed of the vehicle fluctuates depending on the rider's weight. If you are a leisurely rider who dislikes high speeds, a motor with a lower power output will be more suitable for you. For speed and mountain riding enthusiasts, opt for a 750W or even higher motor.

However, in addition to meeting your daily riding demands, you need to be aware of the appropriate laws. For example, the road speed limit in the UK region for APEC does not exceed 250W (15.5mph). Choose an ebike with limited speed to make sure you are compliant and prevent additional headaches. Cyrusher models are available with a 250W option for riders in the UK to help them adhere to road rules.

The battery voltage and controller amperage can be analyzed to better estimate vehicle power. Typically, the Bafang motor can meet complex mountain riding needs with an efficiency of 75%. Ranger chose a 52V 20AH battery pack; therefore, the calculation result is 52V * 20AH = 1040W. The efficiency loss after calculation predicts that the vehicle will reach 780W of power, providing you with an impressive riding experience.

How to maintain your e-bike motor

Keep the motor away from water and moisture

Keep the motor as far away from water and humidity as possible. According to the manufacturer, Cyrusher e-bikes are water-resistant throughout. However, it is still recommended that the bike not be exposed to excessive moisture for extended periods of time. This is because once the motor has been exposed to water, the damage to its performance is irreversible, making the subsequent repair process harder.

Avoid overheating the motor

As we all know, summer is the most preferred season for e-bike riding. The wonderful weather naturally creates enthusiasm for sports. Summer riding, on the other hand, is inevitably followed by the issue of high motor temperatures. External environmental conditions, together with the self-heating temperature generated by the motor over time, might cause the motor to become excessively hot and, hence, degrade its performance.

In order to promote motor protection, motors, in general, include automated protection settings that will immediately turn off the power and stop the motor running in case of excessive temperatures. You may remove the components around the motor to assist in the release of heat quicker if you want to cool it down faster.

Avoid unhealthy use of the motor

Many riders use their e-bikes for tough mountain riding to experience the exhilaration of climbing hills. However, this sometimes results in irrational use of the motor. When encountering a very high gradient, for example, driving the motor in constant high-speed mode causes the gears to wear out too quickly which can trigger the generator controller's cooling protection. Often, the cooling protection reduces the motor's horsepower compared to before as heat damages the motor's efficiency.

Keep the motor and area clean

Failure to clean and maintain the motor may also have an adverse effect on performance. Fat-tyre e-bikes provide the user with additional riding options and allow the vehicle to explore more diverse riding terrains. When riding on unpaved roads, mud, sand and other debris are bound to get into the vehicle's chain gears and other places that are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning. The residue of dirt can harm many components of the e-bike, including the motor, during the long-term oxidation process for most models with rear-mounted hub motors.

Store the motor properly

The motor's storage location is also a significant maintenance consideration. Properly storing the motor will help to protect its performance. External temperatures, whether hot or cold, might have an impact on the engine's performance. Keeping the vehicle in a cool and dry area is advisable to guarantee safe and adequate storage conditions.

Contact the manufacturer if there is a problem with the motor

The Cyrusher ebike motor is covered by a 2-year warranty, which gives the rider maximum protection for the duration of the warranty.

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Summing up

The motor is an essential component for powering the vehicle. When purchasing, choose the motor specifications that best meet your demands to avoid over or under performance. The efficacy of the motor can be damaged if it is used in a way that is not recommended. Attention should be paid to riding and storing it properly. Ongoing maintenance can boost the power and durability of your e-bike, allowing you to get the most out of it for years to come.