Tips for Riding Your Ebike in Winter

Tips for Riding Your Ebike in Winter

Jan 29, 2023

December also represents the onset of winter. When you are out riding in the winter, bear in mind that riding an e-bike is more challenging in colder weather and that you should practise your winter riding techniques.

The threat to ebike in winter is the effect of cold and snowy weather on electric components. Therefore, it's crucial to take care of the electrical parts like the battery and motor. You can begin riding in the chilly winter months if you follow the proper riding tips.

The first thing that is important for winter riding is to choose the right tyres for your electric fat bike. Winter rain and snow can be major obstacles on your riding trail. Hybrid tyres have limitations in terms of anti-slip properties and grip performance. Choose larger fat tyres to increase road-going resistance and boost tyre grip to help you ride more easily in the snow. High quality tyres will also reduce the loss of pressure and improve smoothness. The installation of anti-puncture tyres is necessary in winter, as there is a hidden risk that poses a threat to tyres on snowy roads.

Admittedly, the puncture-resistant tyre shows its advantages but it also has some drawbacks in terms of speed and distance. The puncture-resistant fat tyre increases riding resistance due to its increased grip, increasing power consumption, affecting driving speed, and reducing riding range.

Cyrusher Ranger tyre pressure
  • Always check the brakes

It is imperative that you remain vigilant on the road during the winter months due to the dangers of winter riding. Electric fat bikes can easily slip on slick terrain. A brake failure can therefore be very dangerous for driving. Check for brake failure every time you go out for a ride, and be responsible for your riding safety.

  • Put on the fenders

One of the major obstacles to winter riding is flying snow on the road. For this reason, it is very critical to fit the fenders prior to riding the bike. They will help to block most of the snow splashes during the ride, thus reducing the chance of snow splashing on the functional parts of the wheels and improving driving safety.

  • Driving at low speeds

Winter riding is inherently dangerous, so take care to drive at low speeds. Don't be concerned about riding speed just because you are equipped with fat tyres, either. Take care of your riding safety by slowing down when approaching sharp turns etc.

  • Ensure plenty of light

As the temperatures drop, the daytime is shorter and shorter. A well-equipped illuminated headlight in advance is essential for night riding. This will ensure a clear view of the road in dim conditions, improving riding safety. 

Cyrusher ranger headlight
  • Selecting the right winter cycling accessories

Accessories are also an essential part of riding in winter. The right cycling accessories will make your ride twice as successful.

The head

A helmet is necessary. Some helmets come with their own protective face shield, which helps to protect you from the cold wind. It's also wise to wear windscreen glasses when riding to prevent the cold wind from affecting your view. Exposure to excessive amounts of white snow can adversely affect your field of vision. Therefore protection for your eyes is also critical during your riding process. 

The hands

One of the most challenging parts of riding an electric bike during winter is the constant cold wind that blows through your hands. There is a tendency for your fingers to become stiff, and you become less flexible when you are using the handlebars. Therefore, it is essential to keep your hands warm. Wearing gloves or putting a windbreak on the handlebars are both suitable options. Be careful to choose materials that are warm and windproof when you purchase.


Keep yourself as warm as possible when riding outside to avoid catching a cold. Don't let exercise become the first step to getting sick. Choose a thick jacket that is cozy, windproof, and waterproof. Winter is characterized by cold winds, rains, and snow, so it is necessary to wear clothing that is windproof and waterproof in order to stay warm and comfortable. In your first layer, you can wear quick-dry clothing. As you ride for long periods of time, your body heat will cause you to sweat and wet your clothes, so quick-drying clothing will be more practical. And it won't cause you to catch a cold while riding. The choice of footwear should not be overlooked either. As pedaling in snow and rain may wet your shoes and socks, choose shoes made of waterproof material.

Cyrusher Ranger winter riding

How to store your e-bike after winter riding

Due to the cold weather, winter rides are few and far between. After each ride, clean and wipe down your e-bike promptly and store it properly to enhance the life of your electric fat bike.

  1. Clean your e-bike thoroughly

After each ride, snow and other debris will remain on the tyres, the chain and many other components. Moreover, rain and snow will splash on the frame. Therefore, clean your electric cycle promptly to avoid oxidation of the components by moisture. You should choose a sunny day to wash your electric assist bike. The reason for this is that in low winter temperatures it may be difficult to dry it after wiping it down with water. As a result, choosing sunny weather makes it easier to dry and store the ebike.

  1.  Store electrical components that can be removed such as batteries in cool and dry places

One of the most critical components of an electric bicycle is the battery. It is advisable to remove and store it separately. The battery can be stored in a cool room of your choice. If it is not used for a long period of time, it is imperative to monitor the remaining power. It will damage the battery if it is left uncharged for a long time, especially if it needs to be kept over the winter. Take it out occasionally to recharge it and keep the battery from running out.

  1. Store your e-bike properly

Try not to leave your e-bike outdoors during the winter. This is because exposure to the outdoors is not only not safe enough, but it can also cause oxidation to the structure of the e-bike. Store it in a cool, dry garage or a small room. When you are not planning to ride your bike for several months, make sure that you take the time to lubricate its chain and apply some protection to its frame before storing it. Protect it with a protective cover and keep it properly. By the time spring comes, your electric fat tyre cycle will still be in pristine condition.

Recommended models for winter riding

Cyrusher's latest Ranger is the perfect choice for getting out on the trail this winter. Equipped with new and upgraded powerful performance, Ranger is as a beast break off the coldness of winter. 

Slip and puncture resistant fat tyres

The Ranger is equipped with 26" puncture-resistant fat tyres that improve grip on the road and filter out most obstacles, so you can ride safely in the sand, mud, and snow. It is a powerful tool to support you on winter rides.

Integrated light and horn design

The Ranger is equipped with a newly designed integrated light and horn. The upgraded headlight design provides a wider range of light, giving you a bright light source in dark riding conditions to improve the safety of your electric cycle. The warning horn reacts immediately to alert surrounding vehicles to avoid any danger.

Newly upgraded 52V 20Ah high-capacity battery

The Ranger is equipped with a newly upgraded high-capacity waterproof lithium battery. The high-capacity battery provides long-range in winter conditions when riding is more power-hungry. It provides stronger power support for cycle start-ups, helping to make your ride smoother.

In addition, the battery is also somewhat waterproof, blocking the threat of moisture to the original battery parts. However, it is still important to wipe down the vehicle after each ride to keep it dry.

Powerful front and rear air shock absorption

The Ranger is an all-terrain e-bike equipped with front and rear air shock absorption. With the comfortable cushioning effect of full damping, the type of suspension system has also been upgraded to ease the discomfort caused by bumpy roads during the ride. In addition, the aluminum frame provides some shock absorption while improving structural stability and durability so that the whole riding experience will be smoother and more comfortable. 

Hydraulic brake system for fast responding

The Ranger is equipped with the premium Logan hydraulic damping system. This means that the Ranger is able to brake quickly in most riding conditions, avoiding the risk of accidents on the road and increasing safety.

Reliable after-sale service

There is no need to worry about a guarantee because the Ranger from Cyrusher comes with a reliable two-year warranty. To help you choose the ideal model for you, you can always get in touch with the customer service team.

Riding outside in winter can be a very brave thing to do. But prepared riders don't let the harsh conditions hold them back. Choosing a powerful tool will already improve your winter riding safety, so arm yourself to beat the winter cold and ride fearlessly!