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Go Fishing with an Electric Bike

May 04, 2023

For many individuals, outdoor fishing has become their favourite leisure activity. Fishing gives you a sense of accomplishment but is also a fantastic way to unwind, escape stress, quiet down and gain a more profound insight into nature. Electric bikes are a more effective and mobile alternative to the traditional method of carrying fishing gear which is by automobile. You might find inspiration in this article and pick up additional tips for e-bike fishing.

Fishermen are some of the many individuals who are finding that electric bikes offer a more portable form of transportation. Travelling by car, it can be very inconvenient and time-consuming to switch fishing locations midstream. So, people have found it necessary to choose a fishing spot before venturing out. E-bikes offer a solution to these problems in that their load capacity easily accommodates your fishing gear, they assist you in reaching your destination quickly and their extended range allows you to switch locations freely.

Factors to be considered when choosing a fishing e-bike

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  1. The motor

The motor is a vital component to the operation of an e-bike and determines the driving power and speed of the vehicle. On a bike with a faster driving speed and a more potent start riders could arrive at their destination more quickly and begin their fishing expedition earlier. Therefore, picking a motor with higher specifications and better quality is essential.

  1. Tyres

The fishing site could be located next to a lake or the sea. As a result, the terrain you’ll be riding on to get there may be quite demanding. You might need to navigate rough wilderness routes and soft sand beaches, both of which an electric bike's fat tyres can easily traverse. The advantage of fat tyres is their puncture-resistant tread which increases friction and traction on the ground and enables smooth running on all types of terrain. To ride effortlessly on various surfaces, merely change the tyre pressure.

  1. Range

Outdoor fishing can be considered a distance test for your vehicle. When searching for your fishing e-bike, pay attention to the battery range and select a more reliable battery to suit your needs. Primarily, the range of an electric bike is determined by its battery. An electric bike with a long range will allow the rider to explore further and find better fishing areas without being limited by distance, allowing them to switch fishing sites without being constrained.

  1. Running sound

One of the advantages of an electric bike for fishing is its almost silent running sound. Since it is powered by electricity, the motor runs more smoothly and silently than a conventional petrol motor. And, it uses high-quality running parts that prevent noise so fish will not be disturbed.

  1. Durability

Consumers will want to get maximum value for their money by purchasing a durable and reasonably priced product. A quality e-bike is a vital investment since it is not a cheap purchase. In general, a high price is associated with a high-quality product because of differences in production costs and inspection processes. So, it is a wise idea to buy from a well-known brand and resist the temptation of a low-priced unnamed brand. The fact that cheap e-bikes are constructed using low-quality parts and have simplified safety inspection procedures means that issues will inevitably arise after purchase. The cost of maintenance will far outweigh the cost of investment. Consequently, when buying an e-bike that will be used for a long time, it is recommended to be careful about the quality of the product.

  1. Load capacity

Fishing gear is crucial equipment for anglers and having a vehicle that can conveniently transport fishing gear is a must for fishing. Since the majority of electric bicycles have good load capacity, you can use the ebike to carry your gear without limitations and free up your hands.

  1. Accessory features

Some of the basic components of an e-bike are essential, such as the horn and lights. A horn with a warning function can effectively alert animals around the trails to prevent unnecessary collisions and improve safety. When traveling on trails in the wild there will undoubtedly be some dimly lit wooded sections. Hence, lights are important to help you identify obstacles on the road more clearly.

The most suitable fishing e-bike

Considering the performance requirements mentioned above, the Cyrusher Ranger all-terrain e-bike could be the perfect fishing e-bike for you. The Cyrusher Ranger is a newly developed all-terrain e-bike with high-quality components that offers an exceptional riding experience and is favoured by many riders.

The Ranger is equipped with puncture-resistant fat tyres to help riders get to their destination faster and provide better grip to overcome the complexities of different surfaces. It can be used for both sea fishing trips to the beach and traveling through the bush to explore uncharted streams and rivers.

The Ranger is equipped with front and rear shock absorbers to smooth out the impact of most road imperfections. The upgraded rear air suspension offers a more comfortable riding experience. The entire bike frame is made of aluminum for durability. Thus, the Ranger is able to provide a premium experience in terms of both comfort and durability. Secondly, the Ranger is equipped with a 250W Bafang motor which gives ample power for challenging tasks like starting and ascending steep terrain, making your riding trips more time and energy efficient.

Moreover, the battery has been updated to 52V 20Ah, a competitive capacity configuration on the market, giving the rider the confidence to travel further with a reliable range that can take you anywhere. Shimano's transmission is employed in the vehicle, giving you a choice of nine-speed options and the flexibility to adapt the gears to your riding demands. In addition, the silky-smooth operation will not annoy the fish, ensuring that you can enjoy your fishing activities even more. The choice of hydraulic brakes makes the riding process safer, allowing for a quicker response in dangerous circumstances and preventing catastrophic collisions.

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Additional typical features include the horn and lights which are effective and practical aids for navigating. It is acknowledged that the weather is unpredictable when riding outside. However, the Ranger comes with water-resistant components, so it is capable of dealing with some rainy and snowy weather. This allows the rider to reach their destination more quickly and avoid the risk of getting stuck on the road.

Benefits of electric bikes for fishing

Carry more gear

Electric bikes offer an effective load capacity due to their solid frame construction. So, when fishing with an ebike, you can easily load your fishing gear and take it with you. If required, you can also purchase a matching pannier bag to expand the storage space and ensure the safety of transporting your items.

Low travel costs

An e-bike, as opposed to traditional transportation, can be a practical and affordable means of getting around due to its extended range and low energy usage. In addition to saving money on the expensive power that most electric cars require, you won't have to pay for frequent petrol refills. Additionally, you may save money on other living expenses because you won't need to rely on public transportation to get back and forth.

Quick change of site

How to choose a fishing place is the most frequent fishing concern. If surrounding noises disrupt the fish or the initial location is unsuitable, you might think about switching spots and starting over. However, changing locations is sometimes inconvenient since you have to repack your gear, get back in the car and drive again, wasting a lot of time on the road. But you can easily change sites with an electric bike. All you have to do is hop on your bike, which is already parked on the bank, and you're good to go. From there, you may explore more territory, try different fishing spots and effortlessly decide on the perfect fishing site.

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Save more energy and time

The e-bike provides a faster ride, reaching speeds of up to 28 mph (the UK speed limit is 15.5 mph), allowing you to arrive at your destination in comfort without having to get up early and beat the rush to find a good fishing place. You can get enough rest and conserve your energy before riding comfortably to your destination on your e-bike. Other advantages of using an e-bike are that you can escape traffic jams, travel freely through trails that are inaccessible to cars and get to your destination faster than wasting time stuck on the road.

Achieve a better workout

Besides encouraging you to get out and about, an electric vehicle for outdoor fishing can help you achieve a certain amount of exercise and build a healthier body. In addition to boosting your patience, fishing can relieve you of the stresses of work and society and allow you to relax mentally and physically.

Get your fishing trip off to a fast start

Having an electric bike allows you to travel more quickly and relax more effectively while pursuing your favourite hobbies. This enables people to spend more time on their much loved pastimes like fishing. Choosing one of the best performance ebikes is the perfect way to start your fishing trip freely this spring.