Cyrusher step-through ebike comparison

Cyrusher Step-through Electric Bike Comparison: Cyrusher Kommoda vs Cyrusher Ovia vs Cyrusher Trax

Sep 28, 2023

The Cyrusher step-through e-bike offers a convenient solution for riders who struggle with mounting and dismounting traditional bikes. With a low-frame design, the step-through e-bike caters to a diverse range of riders. Moreover, its visually appealing frame design and top-notch performance components make it a standout choice. In this article, we have chosen three bikes in the Cyrusher step-through category to compare their performance and design. Here, we aim to provide valuable purchasing advice for customers with varying riding requirements.

Model description

The Cyrusher Kommoda is the top-selling model in the step-through category. Its vibrant orange color and low-frame design has appealed to many riders who also appreciate its excellent value for money.

The Cyrusher Ovia is an upgraded version of the classic Kommoda ebike, featuring enhanced performance configurations. Its design maintains the simplicity of the Kommoda with a unique graffiti design, adding originality and character to the overall style.

The Cyrusher Trax is the most advanced model in the Cyrusher step-through category. Designed to match the performance of the flagship model Ranger, it provides a wider range of riders with the option of a high-performance step-through model.

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Performance comparison










250W limited Bafang hub motor

250W limited brushless gear motor (IP55)

250W limited brushless motor


52V 20Ah LG lithium battery

52V 17Ah lithium battery

 48-volt 14amp-hour LG/Samsung lithium battery


oil-spring front Suspension & rear air suspension

alloy hydraulic lockout suspension fork & hydraulic coil suspension

oil-spring suspension fork with adjustment & spring suspension


half twist throttle

half twist throttle

 half twist throttle


torque sensor

cadence sensor

cadence sensor

Pedal assist

Shimano 9 gears

Shimano 7-speed gear shift system

Shimano 7-speed gear shift system


6061 aluminum full suspension frame

6061 aluminum full suspension frame

6061 aluminum full suspension frame


56 Miles

52 miles (83 km)

50 miles (80 km)


Logan fully hydraulic disc brakes 180mm front + rear

180mm hydraulic disc brakes

fully hydraulic disc brakes 180mm front + rear


26" x 4.0" puncture-resistant fat tires

20" x 4.0" puncture-resistant fat tires

Chaoyang 20" x 4" puncture-resistant fat tires


3.7" LCD display, colorful smart computer

color LCD display with USB charging

3.7" LCD display, colorful smart computer





Weight limit

330 lbs (150 kg)

330 lbs

330 lbs


front & rear

front & rear

front & rear


2 years

2 years

2 years

 All three step-through e-bikes come with top-of-the-line components, but they also have distinct features that cater to specific groups of riders, depending on their needs and preferences. 


Battery performance can significantly impact both climbing power and the distance you can travel. Each of the three e-bikes mentioned has a different battery configuration. The Kommoda, being an earlier model, is equipped with a 48V 14ah battery capacity which is suitable for most daily traveling distances. The Ovia, on the other hand, has an upgraded 52V 17ah configuration, providing a better range and allowing for long-distance exploration. The Trax has the most competitive battery capacity on the market, with a 52V 20ah capacity, permitting riders to explore a wide range of places without worrying about running out of power. Additionally, all three models come equipped with removable batteries, making it easy to replace them with a spare battery for extended trips. Therefore, by purchasing a spare battery, riders can alleviate concerns about limited distance coverage and enjoy extended rides.

Shock Absorption System

Blog-Cyrusher kommoda suspension

The Kommoda ebike features cutting-edge front and rear oil-spring damping systems. The full suspension systems work harmoniously to efficiently mitigate the impact of uneven terrain, guaranteeing riders a smooth and comfortable journey. The damping mechanisms, with their prowess in absorbing shocks, transform the ruggedness of the road into a plush ride. This ensures that riders can revel in the joy of cycling without being perturbed by bumps and vibrations.

In contrast, both the Ovia and Trax models have upgraded their suspension technology by implementing an air shock system for the rear shock absorbers. This upgrade enhances the overall damping effect, successfully elevating the quality of the ride. Notably, the shift to an air shock system also streamlines the frame design, showcasing a commitment to both functionality and aesthetics. This design refinement amplifies the comfort factor, promising people a ride that seamlessly marries performance with comfort.


Tyres play a crucial role on an e-bike as they are the only part that comes in direct contact with the ground. The quality of the tyres significantly impacts the overall ride character. All three e-bikes have chosen puncture-resistant fat tyres to strengthen the grip and support a smoother ride. Both the Kommoda and Ovia models feature smaller fat tyres, which not only contributes to a sleeker design for the entire frame but, as well, improves the vehicle's handling. On the other hand, the Trax model has a 26" x 4.0" fat tyre, which is specifically designed to tackle various challenging riding terrains, meaning that it is an excellent choice for outdoor exploration.

Blog-Cyrusher ebike ovia fat tire


The importance of efficient braking systems cannot be overstated for safety reasons. These three step-through e-bikes have opted for the integration of a hydraulic braking system, a choice deeply rooted in prioritizing rider safety throughout their cycling endeavors. The hydraulic brakes selected for these models have a distinct edge over conventional mechanical braking setups due to their exceptional responsiveness. This heightened reactivity not only instills a sense of control and confidence in riders but also significantly reduces the stopping distance of the vehicle, presenting a considerable enhancement in overall safety. In addition, the employment of hydraulic brakes substantially mitigates the risk of unintended braking and other hazardous moves, further fortifying the safety aspect of these e-bikes.

Pedal sensor

The inclusion of a pedal sensor plays a crucial role in improving the pedaling experience. In the Kommoda and Ovia models, cadence sensors are utilized, allowing for a consistent speed regardless of the pressure applied to the pedals. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with pedaling. In comparison, the Trax model employs a torque sensor which adjusts the speed according to the pressure exerted on the pedals. This not only helps in preventing ghost gear but also proves to be highly effective for riders seeking to engage in exercise during their rides.


Pedal assist is a feature of e-bikes that allows riders to adjust their riding speeds by varying the gear speed. This enables riders to tailor their riding experience to their specific workout plan. Both Ovia and Kommoda have opted for the Shimano 7-speed system, which offers a wide range of speed options for customization when combined with the pedal assist mode. On the other hand, the Trax e-bike takes it a step further by upgrading its drivetrain to a Shimano 9-speed system, providing even more gear and speed choices for riders who desire a more powerful option.

Fundamental Configuration

Each of the three models has been designed to encompass the core features that define Cyrusher products, demonstrating the brand's commitment to consistency and excellence. One notable feature is the integration of front and rear taillights, which ensures optimal visibility and safety during rides. Accompanied by warning horns, these lights not only illuminate the path ahead but alert others to the rider's presence too, promoting a safer and more connected riding experience. Positioned at the front of the bicycle, the full-color display proves to be a pivotal component, offering riders a comprehensive and real-time view of essential ride data. This technological aspect allows for better monitoring and understanding of the bike's performance and overall condition, enabling riders to make informed decisions during their cycling adventures. Moreover, to instill confidence in their valued customers and give them peace of mind, Cyrusher stands firmly behind the quality of their vehicles by providing an extensive two-year warranty. This assures that any unexpected issues or concerns are promptly and efficiently addressed, reinforcing the notion of a secure and satisfactory purchase for all riders.

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Within the realm of step-through ebikes, each model possesses distinct advantages. This enables rides to tailor their choice based on their specific preferences and needs. The Kommoda emerges as a highly inclusive option, accommodating a diverse range of riders. This model appeals not only to those seeking a less physically demanding ride but also to individuals with physical challenges. The Kommoda holds a special place for many riders, often serving as an introductory model for those venturing into the world of walk-behind rides. Its versatility and accessibility make it a favorite among riders seeking a comfortable and welcoming cycling experience.

On a similar structural foundation to the Kommoda, the Ovia takes things up a notch by incorporating enhancements to elevate the riding dynamics and power output. This augmentation caters to riders who seek more performance without compromising the fundamental user-friendly nature of the Kommoda. The Ovia stands as a testament to achieving a harmonious balance between power and ease of use, making it an appealing choice for riders looking to step up in their cycling journey.

Contrarily, the Trax model is tailored for riders craving high-performance cycling experiences. Whether you are venturing into thrilling adventures or simply desiring a swifter ride, the Trax steps up to the plate with exceptional performance capabilities. This model caters to adrenaline enthusiasts, offering a ride packed with features that address the demanding needs of a high-performance ride. For those seeking the epitome of power and speed, the Trax unquestionably stands as the ultimate choice among the trio of step-through models.