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Balance Bike for Kids With Suspension
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Introducing Cyrusher's Children's Balance Bike – where safety meets fun! Our balance bike, crafted with a durable aluminum frame, is designed to provide your little one with the perfect introduction to the joy of riding. With pneumatic tires, a rear shock system, and an incredibly lightweight build, this balance bike ensures a smooth and comfortable experience for your child. Watch them develop essential balance and coordination skills while having a blast on our high-quality and thoughtfully designed balance bike. Safety, quality, and endless smiles – that's the Cyrusher promise for your child's biking adventure!

2 to 6 years

Aluminum alloy frame

Rear Shock System

12inch pneumatic tire

Super lightweight


Original Rear Shock System

Experience the next level of comfort with our Original Rear Shock System! Specially engineered for Cyrusher's Children's Balance Bike, this innovative feature absorbs shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smoother ride for your little one. The rear shock system enhances stability, making it easier for your child to maintain balance while exploring the thrilling world of biking. With this advanced technology, every ride becomes a joyous adventure, promoting both fun and safety in your child's biking journey. Choose Cyrusher for a ride that goes beyond expectations!

Why Pneumatic Tires? not EVA foam Tires?

Our advanced pneumatic tires offer superior traction, especially on off-road terrains, providing an adventurous and stable journey for your little rider. Unlike EVA foam tires, pneumatic tires boast a knobbier design, enhancing grip and maneuverability. The increased flexibility of pneumatic tires ensures optimal shock absorption, delivering a smoother and more comfortable ride.

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