The Best Electric Fat Bike for Commuting

The Best Electric Fat Bike for Commuting

Feb 07, 2023

Whether it's riding to the supermarket, transporting goods or commuting to work, the popularity of the e-bike has had an impact on the convenience of life, as the e-bike has differentiated itself into finer categories to suit the rhythm of people's lives better. Commuting to work is the mainstay of urban mobility - bikes, cars, public transportation, and e-bikes are all used for getting to work.

The e-bike is becoming the preferred mode of transport for more and more commuters, thanks to its higher efficiency than the traditional bike and its more environmentally friendly operating principle than the private car. Among all the e-bike options available, how do you choose one that offers quality, performance, and price all at the same time? The Ovia, the latest step-through e-bike from Cyrusher, is the right choice.

Outstanding performance with new upgrades

Plenty of power

The Ovia is a model that meets a wide range of rider needs and is rated as a mid-range quality product. The newly launched Ovia delivers a progressive update in the step-through category to meet the growing needs of riders.

The most central and powerful component of a cycle is the motor. Ovia uses a quality Bafang motor to help you start your electric cycle faster and improve driving efficiency. This also means that you can save most of your commuting time for breaks and get to the office faster and more comfortably. In addition, as an electric assist bike, it offers a pedal assist mode to help you adapt to the rhythm of the ride. Equipped with professional Shimano 7-speed gears and combined with the 5-speed pedal assist mode, it offers a wide range of speed options that you can customise to suit your riding rhythm better. Sedentary work has taken its toll on the body in many ways, while the Ovia provides a helpful way to relieve stiff muscles. Rely on the pedal assist mode to stretch out your stiff limbs after a long day at work, saving time on your commute and getting a full workout.

Comfortable riding experience

The mountain-style fat tyres and upgraded shock absorption system of the Ovia allow for a smooth ride. The bike has higher traction thanks to the mountain-style wide tyres, helping the Ovia to traverse challenging terrain like sand and snow. Undoubtedly, city roads are a piece of cake for the powerful Ovia. At the same time, fat tyres provide better cushioning to ease the bumps caused by obstacles on the road and improve the comfort of the ride. As construction sites are inevitably encountered around the city, there are sharp objects such as nails on the road that pose a threat to the tyre. To help you avoid obstacles, the fat tyres are more resistant than conventional hybrid tyres to glass shards, nails, and other hidden sharp objects. In addition, the upgraded air rear suspension provides excellent cushioning throughout the ride and extends better expandability so that the Ovia is not limited to mountain riding. Moreover, the suspension structure features a hidden design, which simplifies the overall structure of the frame. The entire bike has a full suspension system, which enables maximum road bump absorption and a comfortable ride.

High quality components for safety

The capacity of the battery is closely related to the driving performance of the electric cycle. The battery powers the entire bike and helps with illumination and other functions as well. Ovia has chosen a quality lithium 52V 20AH battery that can provide up to 800 cycles of charging. The Ovia offers two charging methods: disassembling the battery for charging or connecting it directly to the electric cycle. That makes it a more portable option for energy storage and recharging. If you run out of power on the way to work, you can choose to take the battery off and recharge it at the office. Plus, the battery is IP65 waterproof, opening up the possibility of a commute on a wet day.

Ovia is equipped with the highest level of hydraulic brakes. This allows the electric fat bike to react quickly in an emergency, enabling you to drive your cycle more securely during rush hour.

Cyrusher Ovia step-through ebike for easy commute
Competitive ebike price tag

The Ovia's $2399 price tag for a regular step-through model might not be appealing. However, the price stands out in its category as a fat-tire electric bicycle with a high-capacity battery, a high-quality motor, and upgraded air rear suspension. Making a sensible choice is important since purchasing an e-bike is never a cheap investment. You will have to spend money and effort maintaining a product if you pick one that is inexpensive but not of the finest quality. Why not pick a product of greater quality to make your ride safer and worry-free?

Refined divisions for improved riding convenience

Convenience of frame construction

Given that different tools have different uses, a breakdown of products will help people choose the right one to meet their needs. The categorization of e-bikes has also contributed to the positive development of the industry. Convenience and comfort are combined in the step-through e-bike category. Due to the reduced crossbar design, the step-through model makes getting on and off the bicycle simpler and more comfortable. Aluminum provides a solid and sturdy frame material, which guarantees stability and safety while riding. It can be ridden by people with physical limitations or the elderly with decreased movements. Meanwhile, it is more inclusive for the daily commuter. You can easily get on and off the bike and start your commute quickly.

Suitable for riders of all sizes

The Ovia's frame design is not as large as a traditional e-bike. It has a more compact overall design with an adjustable seat. As a result, it can cater for shorter riders as well as being a commuter choice for taller people.

Professional manufacturer, reliable warranty

Reliable quality assurance

The powerful Ovia comes from Cyrusher, a company based in Shenzhen but with offline stores in the USA and UK. With its high quality, colourful rim designs, it has introduced more riders to e-bikes. The brand has also set up a healthy community of riders, where riders exchange riding advice, ebike maintenance advice and parts sharing. It is an organisation that helps more people who love riding and love e-bikes have a platform to share their hobby with like-minded people. Through the company, people can build a more active lifestyle and contribute to reducing their carbon footprint.

Cyrusher Ovia Step-through ebike

Cyrusher first entered the market with electric fat bikes, aiming to help open up multi-terrain riding possibilities for more riders. After becoming popular among riders, it began to refine its categories and create more models to satisfy the variety of cycling demands of riders. Typically,the electric bikes are divided into foldable electric bicycles, mountain e-bikes and step-through e-bikes and many other models. To serve more riders with high-quality goods, Cyrusher continues to innovate and improve product performance.

The Ovia is a supplement to Cyrusher's step-through category, with ground-breaking upgrades in terms of high-capacity batteries and high-quality rear suspension. As well as the color scheme being chosen in rich red, white and gray shades, it has also been designed in a way so that it stands out from the many homogenous products on the market, making it a far more appealing option for riders.

Quality after sales

In addition to its reliable product quality, Cyrusher also offers up to two years of product after-sales service (one year battery warranty). Whether you have questions about the model before purchase, or advice on the installation of the electric bike once you have received it, or riding problems, you can consult official customer support on the website. Helping you shop worry-free and ride happily.

If the offline store is close to where you live, you can also do a test ride there. The staff will introduce and recommend a model that is more suitable for you and provide you with a better sense of the product's quality.

Cyrusher offline showroom

In terms of quality and performance, the Ovia excels in its category, providing a reliable option for your portable commute. Its upgraded performance combined with its high quality components make it more competitive in the same price range as other e-bikes in the category, even though its price is not as low as some entry-level models.The Ovia could be the best commuter bike for you if you're looking for a high-quality, high-performing e-bike. 

If you’re interested in this fat tire electric bike or another of Cyrusher’s specialized electric bikes, you can purchase something that meets your needs and find more information about Cyrusher at one of the following links.

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