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2023 Trends for Cyrusher Electric Fat Bike

Feb 09, 2023

Electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular because of their convenience and many people are choosing them as the preferred means of transport for short journeys. Cyrusher, a professional e-bike manufacturer, is also starting a new journey in 2023 with a more professional attitude and a more high-end product to serve more and more customers.

  1. Refining the category to suit a wider range of people

The boom in the electric bike industry has created more opportunities for the industry to grow. More manufacturers are joining the industry at the same time as they are  constantly updating products and innovating to keep up with consumer demands. From the original simple frame assembly companies have made many component upgrades and improvements and adopted more user-friendly designs. The development of the industry has led to the launching of new products and the introduction of different categories of e-bikes for different application scenarios and diverse groups of users. For example, in order to adapt the e-bike for people who are elderly or those with leg problems who may have more difficulty getting on and off the e-bike, Cyrusher now has a  step-through category. Cyrusher has continued to develop the step-through category, offering options for riders of all shapes and sizes and for use in different scenarios. Supporting pros  with technical riding, higher performance professional mountain bikes are also emerging. In the coming year, Cyrusher is preparing to introduce a number of models to add to its line of electric bikes. This includes wide saddle models, children's models and more, making it possible for everyone (regardless of their age, gender or body type) to enjoy riding a bike.

  1. Higher end product quality, more competitive

With the fact that products are continuously upgraded and new models are introduced, as well as the constant revival of sporting events, competition in the market keeps players on their toes and encourages them to move forward. Healthy competition between products will encourage companies to focus more on improvements in design and quality. With its large range of model options, in 2023 Cyrusher  continues to  take into account the future needs of riders and product upgrades. All the models have been upgraded with a 52V/20AH battery which is currently the most competitive on the market. In terms of model design, a wider saddle model has been designed in response to customer suggestions;  a launch is planned of the first model with a mid-drive motor that will  provide a more comfortable riding experience for riders. It is also expected that a smaller version of the e-bike that is suitable for children will be launched in the near future. In 2023, Cyrusher is planning to offer a wider selection of very competitive products.

  1. Building a more complete ecosystem and developing corresponding apps

As people's awareness of healthy lifestyles continues to rise, it will continue to drive market demand. In line with  the new development prospects of the Intelligent Era, Cyrusher will develop its own digital app to improve the customer experience and expand its ecosystem. The app will enhance the overall user experience by allowing people to access real-time information via their smartphones on vehicle speed, battery status, etc. The app is currently in internal testing and will be fully launched in the near future. In addition to helping riders understand the parameters of their vehicles more comprehensively, it will even allow them to monitor their health data and improve their quality of life and riding efficiency. The app is expected to have a number of items such as brand products, cycling data and brand services, bringing users a faster and more convenient product interaction experience.

Cyrusher fat tyre electric bike
  1. Omnichannel marketing, set up more offline shop locations

In order to reach out to more customers, Cyrusher uses different sales channels to summarise their suggestions and areas for improvement. Customer feedback is incorporated into the design of the product to make it better for the customer, thus creating a virtuous circle. At the same time, Cyrusher has set up an online sales channel and is available on several e-commerce platforms. It has already sold its e-bikes in more than 10 regions worldwide, making them accessible to more riders who find  them a joy to ride. When Cyrusher started to gain popularity with its product, a local service was added to meet the needs of the rider in a more timely way. This has led to the establishment of offline  locations in the UK and USA where riders can take a test ride to get a better feel for the quality and performance of Cyrusher e-bikes, and where the in-store technicians can help provide advice on how to choose the right model for them. Also, if you have any common riding problems or need professional advice on repairs, you can visit the shop. This is a step up in the level of service. The success of these stores is why Cyrusher will be opening more offline locations in the future ─ to help riders in more areas have an easier and more convenient shopping experience. In addition to the selection of offline locations, Cyrusher will also be reaching out to more overseas distributors to join the Cyrusher team to help make it easier for customers to buy and experience the quality of the products.

International shipping can be a very torturous experience in terms of the timeliness for product delivery. Many customers have to wait for months to receive their products which is extremely inconvenient. It is expected that Cyrusher will continue to set up additional overseas warehouses to bridge the timeline issues in various regions, thereby creating a better shopping experience for customers as well as allowing them to experience speedier delivery and enjoy their passion faster.

Opportunities and challenges

The development of e-bikes is both an opportunity and a challenge for Cyrusher. The competition on the track is intensifying in the face of the increasing number of competitors entering the market. From the first steps out of the country, to the establishment of its own overseas warehouse, to the establishment of local services in the UK, USA and France, every step of the way Cyrusher is constantly aiming to serve its customers well. At the same time, Cyrusher is driven by the need to promote healthier and more efficient ways of personal mobility and thus contribute to the sustainable development of society. The e-bike is providing a new solution to many challenges in terms of the direction of social development. With increasing government policies and the need to limit pollution, e-bikes are growing in popularity. As the trend towards electrification deepens, it is predicted that there will be less private car travel on the roads of the future and cities will be built more in line with green mobility. For example, more cycle paths are being built and more bicycle parking spots are being created. Many areas are testing shared e-bike services, e-bike rental services and more. This is helping to make e-bikes more widely available in cities and to create a good and safe network of cycle paths. The future of sustainable urban development will be more closely linked to social enterprises, allowing the concept of green development to influence social progress in a healthier way. For example, some public transport, logistics and delivery industries are choosing to purchase e-bikes to save on rising fuel costs and to contribute to the reduction of society's carbon footprint.

The changing laws and trends of the market will continue to raise demand. This has led Cyrusher to move forward, from the quality of the products to our customer service, all with an eye towards the customer's needs. At the same time, professional production experience and reliable product testing standards will help Cyrusher to be competitive in its category. Safety is one of the most common considerations for  electric bicycles. With the increasing number of high-rise buildings in cities, the danger to urban dwellers in the event of a charging explosion on an electric bicycle is self-evident. Cyrusher is continually testing its products to meet CE, UL, Rhos and FCC standards, giving customers peace of mind in their purchases. 

Cyrusher electric assist cycle

Electric bicycles are constantly undergoing technical upgrades which are more in line with people's life rhythms. This could be  the supply of cargo electric bikes, parts upgrades, extensions to battery range, etc. The entire industry is constantly developing and maturing. Cyrusher is accelerating its pace, replenishing its product range to meet the changing laws of the market and upgrading its product specifications to ensure riding safety. Cyrusher strives to deliver outstanding performance for riders in 2023.

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