Cyrusher's Nine-year Track Record of E-bike Innovation and Growth

Cyrusher's Nine-year Track Record of E-bike Innovation and Growth

Nov 02, 2023

  An In-depth Dialogue with CEO of Cyrusher, Harry Xie

Our interview with Harry Xie, the visionary leader of the Cyrusher brand, delves deeply into the remarkable nine-year journey of the company. This journey encompasses the brand's inception, its unwavering commitment to exploring various avenues in personal mobility and the pivotal moments of groundbreaking innovation. The relentless pursuit of excellence and unceasing advancement have been the cornerstones of Cyrusher's enduring expansion. Every decision made, from the very establishment of the company to its strategic foresight for the future, product design and market positioning, has played a significant role in propelling the brand to its current remarkable success.

By consistently prioritizing innovation, Cyrusher has forged a unique path in the industry, setting new standards and pushing the envelope of what's possible. This article will introduce the incredible voyage and key milestones that have helped Cyrusher evolve into a market leader in the cycling industry.

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The birth of Cyrusher

Cyrusher's extraordinary journey began in 2014 when Harry, the CEO of Cyrusher, recognized the potential in venturing into the realm of cross-border e-commerce with the next generation of exceptional personal mobility vehicles. The company's roots were firmly planted in this vision, and it laid the foundation for what would evolve into a trailblazing enterprise.

Initially, the company embarked on a quest to study and develop carbon fiber frames. It took two arduous years before this endeavor bore fruit in the form of the first sale. This phase of perseverance stands as a testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to its mission to meet the growing worldwide demand for personal short-distance movement solutions with innovative design and green technology.

An early challenge that Cyrusher encountered was the quest for a distinctive brand identity. The commonplace trademarks were already been used, prompting the founders to become more creative. In a departure from the conventional lexicon, the name "Cyrusher" was developed, from a fusion of 'cycling' and 'rusher.' This distinctive name not only set Cyrusher apart but also served as a profound reflection of the company's visionary aspiration to lead the charge in the e-bike industry.

Transportation Challenges

As Cyrusher's business started to take off, the enterprise encountered a set of formidable shipping challenges. The courier company that Cyrusher initially partnered with imposed specific dimensional requirements and mandated that all packaging operations be centralized in the coastal city of Shenzhen. However, Cyrusher’s headquarters were situated in Xiamen, creating a logistical conundrum that demanded an innovative approach.

In response to this logistical puzzle, Cyrusher had to recruit additional local personnel to oversee the packaging operations. This interim solution, while effective, had its own set of operational complexities. To streamline and optimize the transportation process, the company made a bold move ─ relocating its operations. This decision, although not without its share of difficulties, ultimately bore fruit in a multitude of ways.

The advantages of relocation swiftly became apparent. For starters, transportation services greatly improved, enhancing the efficiency of product distribution. Furthermore, this strategic move facilitated closer ties with superior quality suppliers, ultimately enhancing the brand's offerings. The decision to relocate, although initially challenging, proved instrumental in aligning Cyrusher with the right resources and creating a more agile and responsive logistical network.

The Driving Force: An Unwavering Commitment to Innovation

At the heart of Cyrusher's triumphant journey lies an unwavering dedication to product innovation. According to Harry, the visionary leader of the brand, product development isn't confined to a single design; instead, it includes diverse categories of personal mobility vehicles. This approach is intricately intertwined with the ever-evolving needs and preferences of different customers. Cyrusher continuously enhances and optimizes its vehicle configurations, always with the aim of better serving its customer base.

Localizing Products and Services: the challenge of Local Regulations

Interviewer: Obviously, as you mentioned above, you know that each country has different e-bike laws, etc. I mean that must be quite a thing to overcome for each country. What is the sort of process that you have to go through?
Harry: Well, currently, for example, for Europe the government currently  requires that batteries only have up to 250 Voltage and a maximum speed of twenty-five kilometers or fifty-five miles per hour.
We have a lot of a customers who want to ride bikes at a higher speed and want a faster ebike for their lifestyle, so there's a big demand for that. However, because of the law, you know, there is a conflict with the  regulations there, but there's a solution. That is, if we make the bike like a motorcycle, this bike can be insured, and they can get a car plate so it is legal to use on the road, and so I think there is an opportunity for that.
So right now, Cyrusher already has the first ebike that has been certified, and it already has the legal certification for this so it can be used on the road legally. We are just finishing the process of getting our first car plate in the UK and in France. After we do that, we will see how the marketing and also the regulations the government, you know, respond to that and if everything is okay. I will copy that approach from that model to all the motors like that so everybody can enjoy much higher speed. So, this is our process for that for the European market.

Cyrusher's resolute commitment to localization is key to its brand strategy. Localization isn't just about establishing local teams; it's a comprehensive endeavor encompassing the tailoring of products and services to cater to specific regions and markets. The strategic move to set up a base in Shenzhen was a vital step that not only streamlined transportation logistics but also facilitated more robust connections with better suppliers.

Yet, as Cyrusher expanded its global footprint and catered to an increasingly diverse range of regions, the challenge of adhering to varying local regulations emerged as a significant hurdle. This roadblock , particularly prominent in markets like Europe, arose from the juxtaposition of customer demand for higher voltage and faster e-bikes with local laws that imposed limitations on these specifications.

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However, Harry remained undaunted. To overcome this regulatory complication, Cyrusher undertook the task of certifying its e-bikes as mopeds, thereby enabling them to be insured and fitted with license plates for legal road usage. By  successfully achieving this certification, Cyrusher’s vehicles aligned with standards and became roadworthy. The brand remains committed to adapting to evolving laws and regulations, ensuring an exceptional riding experience that complies with the legal landscape of each market it serves.

In the context of the Japanese market, Cyrusher has tailored its offerings to match local conditions and the unique preferences of riders. Japanese consumers typically favor smaller wheels and place less emphasis on battery capacity. As a result, Cyrusher's models for the Japanese market prioritize vehicle size and design, meeting the specific tastes of customers.

In the United States, similar to the Chinese market, users gravitate towards more powerful and rugged products. Cyrusher has addressed this demand by introducing substantial upgrades to battery motors in the models designed for the U.S. market. Furthermore, they have launched a mid-drive e-bike with a peak voltage of up to 1200w, aligning with the preferences of U.S. consumers. In the near future, Cyrusher plans to introduce electric motorcycles, enriching the riding experience and catering to the desires of American riders.

This localization strategy has left an indelible mark on Cyrusher's brand image, emphasizing its adaptability and commitment to delivering the best possible products and experiences tailored to the particular needs and regulations of each market it serves.

Embracing a Global Outlook

The choice to engage in cross-border trade offers companies a profound opportunity for cross-cultural communication, leading to the cultivation of a distinctive global perspective. As Harry explains, having a global orientation endows a company with resilience and trustworthiness. Cyrusher's global vision transcends mere product sales. It extends to the provision of personal mobility vehicles accessible to all, ultimately forging a brand that resonates with adventure enthusiasts worldwide.

Cyrusher's global footprint now spans the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan, transcending international boundaries. This expansion not only facilitates the popularization of eco-friendly e-bikes but also connects riders from all corners of the globe, uniting them through the shared love of cycling.

A Journey of Diversification

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Cyrusher's journey transcends the realm of e-bikes; the brand is committed to diversifying its product portfolio to cater to a spectrum of outdoor and adventure needs. This commitment has manifested in the introduction of a wide array of products for camping, surfing, outdoor riding, skateboarding, snowboarding and more. These multiple offerings aim to motorize and invigorate every outdoor pursuit, ensuring that each expedition knows no bounds.

This strategic diversification underscores Cyrusher's dedication to promoting an active, adventurous lifestyle, offering enthusiasts a comprehensive array of products to complement their passions. The brand's pursuit of such expansion aligns with its vision of enabling individuals to embrace the great outdoors with confidence and exhilaration.

Charting Cyrusher's Future

Interviewer: So, Harry, what does the future hold for Cyrusher?

Harry: Well, seeing into the future for Cyrusher, we are constantly working on global and localization, so global is from our base in China and we want to expand our marketplace. Also, we want to expand our products more. Localization is expanding the local team, which means that we are hiring more people locally to work with and will create more job opportunities for local people, too.

And then, we can provide better local service from the local market, so these are the things we want to do for the future. At the same time, we want to be, let's say, a top-ten electric bike brand.

Cyrusher has consistently maintained a resolute corporate outlook for the future, and it's actively engaged in expanding its presence across vital global markets while further enhancing localized services. The brand's trajectory involves diversifying its offerings to encompass a broader spectrum of personal adventure products, ultimately positioning itself as a multifaceted outdoor brand. This undertaking includes the establishment of localized service teams across various countries, reinforcing the commitment to elevating the product experience. Better localization services play a pivotal role in ensuring that products seamlessly match local preferences and regulations, ultimately enriching the customer experience.

A Trusted Brand: Cyrusher

After meeting with Harry, it’s clear that Cyrusher Electric Bikes has traversed an impressive path since its inception in 2014. The distinctive name "Cyrusher" not only sets it apart in a crowded market but also aptly encapsulates the company's overarching corporate vision. Cyrusher's unwavering commitment to quality, dedicated customer satisfaction and a crystal clear brand mission has firmly established its reputation as a dependable, trailblazing entity in the electric bike industry.

The nine-year growth saga of Cyrusher serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of a well-defined vision, the impact of a distinctive brand identity and the transformative potential of localization when it comes to tailoring services and products for success in diverse markets.

As Cyrusher continues to lead the e-bike industry, its brand journey is far from concluded. With an unwavering focus on continued progress and diversification, Cyrusher's future teems with exciting possibilities, offering a glimpse of what lies ahead in the ever-evolving world of personal mobility and adventure products.