Cyrusher: Pioneering Tomorrow's Adventures

Starting out in the vibrant city of Shenzhen, Cyrusher kicked off with a single dream: making e-bikes for passionate seniors. Today, we're expanding our horizons. We now offer not just e-bikes but electric surfboards, skateboards, and soon, motorcycles, snowboards, and bikes for youngsters. Our evolution reflects our new mantra: "Go adventure."

We welcome riders from all walks of life. We see a world where every turn reveals a fresh adventure. Whether you're a young explorer or a seasoned traveler, Cyrusher makes sure you're always part of this exciting ride.

Growth and Impact
As a global force with showrooms from the USA to UK and France, with our products cruising down roads in 10 countries, we’re not done yet! For us, it's not just about the numbers. We promise to craft gear that's not just stylish but also superior in quality, ensuring every ride is pure joy and freedom.

The Future
By 2030, we see Cyrusher leading the charge in eco-friendly electric rides. We're not just making vehicles, we're crafting a greener future – a world where every trip is an adventure and everyone's invited.

Go Adventure!

To craft stylish and fun electric rides that inspire active lifestyles and celebrate the journey of living.

To lead in customer experience and remain at the forefront of personal mobility innovation.