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Helping Cancer Research UK May 100 miles on wheels, Mr. Ferguson has something to say

Jun 07, 2022

Heading into peak cycling season in May, Iain Ferguson, a former police officer from Ireland, helped Cancer Research UK break the 100-mile mark this past month. He traveled around towns and cities across the UK on his beloved e-bike, took fantastic pictures of "big and small bikes" at "Bankies Bike" near Glasgow, parked bikes at BMW to drink hot chocolate, and crossed the Erskine Bridge and landscape with beautiful trails, feeling the healing brought by the beauty. On the way, the brightly colored bike caught a lot of attention, and it seemed like having such an ebike would be such a cool thing to do that people couldn't help but ask him about it. Mr. Ferguson never tires of it, telling people about the bike's great mileage and good riding experience, as well as his passion for charity – raising money for the Cancer Research UK. What's special is that he rides Cyrusher's folding bike king the XF690, so we had the following interview. 

cyrusher xf690 in uk

Cyrusher: Okay, we know you have this hundred miles riding, do you have any funny experiences to share with us? What happened in these 100 miles?

Iain: I belong to a motorcycle club (or cycling club) for law enforcement, and they were going to a charity event at a hospital and I say, alright, it was about 25 miles, and (I) got there before them. So that is why they didn’t think I’d even make it there. So, yeah, that was quite funny to see their faces when I arrived, they said where have you been?

Cyrusher: That was a funny story. Why did you choose a Cyrusher electric bike from the very beginning?

Iain: Okay, during COVID I had a mountain bike and it was out cycling because you had to stay away from everyone and it was great. But where I live is quite a hilly which is fine if you go downhill but uphill is not so easy. So I started to look for an electric bike and first I looked on Amazon and I saw suddenly this bike just popped out of this screen and it was black and yellow and I love this color. It's called Cyrusher, so I did more investigation, they seem very reasonable, I came across a (Cyrusher Bike Owners) Facebook page, I thought, alright, there are people in there and the price was really good, so why not to try it. So, I ended up getting a Cyrusher and I’m very pleased with it.

cyrusher xf690 with a bright color

Cyrusher: Ok, bright colors and yellow; we’ll make more black and yellow bikes. I want to ask about the battery life of your XF690, which you have been riding on for quite a long time. Does it satisfy you, or do you have any suggestions for it? 

Iain: Yeah, last year I took it for a big run to see how far I’d get and when into a Glasgow which is nearby. (I) went all over the place and I did a little bit over 45 miles before the bar rate finished. But yesterday I cycled away to the other side of Glasgow way over a big bridge and everything, and I went over fifty miles plus had three bars left on it. So I think it’s great. I like to get the distance rather than the speed. And so that’s fine, speed doesn’t attract unwanted attention. 

Cyrusher: Yes, I think that the rider is more important, you got more experience using the pedal-assist. We see the photo of your lovely granddaughter, she’s so cute. You take your granddaughter out with your bike, it must be a special experience. How do you come up with that idea?

Iain: Right, on my mountain bike, I had a seat fitted onto the crossbar on the bike and that meant she was right in front of me. So I adapted it because the Cyrusher has a nice square design. I did the seat for the bike and I loved it when she was that size because she grew up. One day, um, we’re cycling along and the police pulled us in because she’d fallen asleep, and I was gonna like “wake up, wake up”, and they thought she was sitting on the bike, but they saw that she was in a proper seat, but, unfortunately, now she’s too big for that and I didn’t want to put stress on the bicycle design. So we went for the trailer and it’s not quite as intimate but she has enjoyed it, the Cyrusher pulls it, no bother.

Cyrusher: It’s lovely to see you can share time with family.

Iain: It’s quite good with the trailer we can get our scooter, her skates, and everything in it. So, it’s been quite good.

a special design for cyrusher xf690

Cyrusher: It is a special design, maybe our designers can refer to it. Let's talk about anti-cancer, a heavy topic. As we all know, fighting cancer is not a simple thing, it is a double test for the patient's body and mind. Cyrusher hopes that all patients can break through the difficulties and recover quickly. You are also welcome to enjoy cycling and live an optimistic life. Mr. Ferguson, do you have any words you want to say to cancer patients?

Iain: Yes, I’ve known quite a few people with cancer. One of my Blue Knights went yesterday, he had his stomach removal cancer and I think it’s very difficult but being positive, If you keep fit during your life, you’ve got more chance of fighting any of these things that you get. The people that I know have done best against cancer are those that have kept themselves fit and gone out cycling is one way to get fresh air and keep fit. And I just hope that the money we raise helps to fight cancer because I believe there will always be one out of two people who will develop cancer in their lifetime, which is quite scary.

an impressive fans of cyrusher: Mr Ferguson

Cyrusher: Yes, keeping fit helps fight the illness, and gives us more chances to prevail right? Thank you Iain and let’s say something to the (Cyrusher Bike) members because in this video you can talk to the guys.

Iain: Okay, guys, just keep riding and enjoy the bike, and throw some miles in them if you don’t use the higher pedal-assist mode.

Cyrusher: Thank you again, Iain, have a lovely day, and keep riding more miles. 

If you wish to donate to the UK Cancer Research, you can click below on Mr. Ferguson’s giving page: