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Are E Bikes Good Exercise? ? Of Course! Come and Ride with Cyrusher Electric Bikes in the Summer!

Jul 06, 2022

Time has hit us like a torrent, and we are now in the third year of fighting the pandemic. In the face of the pandemic, our gathering trips and team sports are most of the time limited by the epidemic. Being sedentary for a long time or not exercising enough makes the human body stiff. It's summertime, and you must plan a family sports program or a fun activity with friends, so now is the time to be active outdoors! There are many ways to work out, such as running, hiking, swimming, etc. In addition, to reduce crowd contact, riding an electric bike is an excellent sporting choice. Cyrusher is the fastest electric bike. There are many types of electric bikes, according to different people and terrain to choose the most suitable electric bicycle for you, accompany you to enjoy riding sports.

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Many people ask, "Can you get fit riding an electric bike? How does an electric bike allow us to achieve our exercise goals?" In fact, with the development of technology, e-bikes are rapidly gaining popularity as a green means of transportation, saving travel time or increasing travel speed and allowing riders to achieve a physical workout. Some riders may be planning to start electric bike riding but are worried about the price. Cyrusher's XF650 is the best choice for you. It is an entry-level electric bike with an excellent price-performance ratio and can meet your expectations of an electric bicycle in all aspects. The most important thing is to insist on riding an electric bicycle regularly to enhance physical ability and prolong aerobic exercise and other elements to let the training achieve better results. For health and fun, why not give it a try!

A man by the sea rides Cyrusher XF650 electric bike

Because e-bikes are assisted by motors and batteries, compared to traditional bicycles, there is more emphasis on performance aspects, such as speed and throttle. This raises questions for riders considering whether e-bikes can be a good sport. However, many health studies today have proven that e-bikes can exist as a form of fitness. Electric bicycles are equipped with pedal assist devices to help riders move better. The motor and battery enhance the rider's strength in the face of varying terrain, which does not mean the rider is not producing a workforce during the ride. Riding an electric bike can also meet the needs of some leisure exercise fitness, motor to bring strong power when riding can freely enjoy the ride, no need to worry about riding after the burst of sweat like rain.

This article will illustrate the following to give riders a better understanding of what an electric bike can do for exercise.

Electric bicycle rides longer miles and increases aerobic exercise hours

Riding an e-bike is an enjoyable and healthy physical activity. Electric bicycle rides longer miles and increases aerobic exercise hours.

Riding an e-bike is an enjoyable and healthy physical activity, according to a study comparing the biological activity of electric bicycle users with traditional bicycle users in seven European cities. Their analysis shows that the physical movement of e-bike users is similar to that of conventional bicycles and that the total distance traveled on e-bikes increases with less loss of physical activity. Whether a new rider or a long-time consistent rider, electric bikes are an enjoyable and good exercise. Ride outdoors at your own pace, and according to the intensity of your workout, you can turn on the motor-assisted mode when riding up hills and use the pedal mode on flat roads. You can enjoy the scenery and increase your aerobic exercise while the controller of the e-bike will record your speed and distance. The advantage of e-bikes over traditional bicycles is that they have the support of a motor paired with the aid of pedals. With sufficient power, riders are free to ride for longer distances, thus enhancing aerobic exercise.

A lady and a man camping with Cyrusher XF800 and XF900

Helps with cardiovascular exercise

In riding outdoors, we need to use both feet to pedal the power to make the electric bicycle move, which can be an excellent exercise for the rider's balance. After a long outdoor ride, the electric bicycle rider is more excited, thus increasing the heart rate and promoting cardiovascular circulation. Riding an electric bicycle is very beneficial for people who need to work long hours in a sedentary office and have obesity or heart problems caused by no time to exercise. The suspension system and comfortable saddle of the electric bicycle can also prevent high-intensity cycling from causing stress to the muscles and bones and reducing stress. At the same time, the electric bicycle's suspension system and comfortable saddle also prevent high-intensity riding from causing oppressing to the muscles and bones. E-bikes allow riders to get into shape quickly and without making too much noise, allowing them to enjoy the ride more indulgently, stretching their physical and mental bodies. After long days of work, many people face the stress of work and life in all aspects. Riding an e-bike can be a short break from the speed and the aerobic hours you get to eliminate those painful emotions that seem to be killing you. Breathing in the free-riding air also restores the psyche to a healthy and happy condition. 

If you’re a taller man, Cyrusher’s XF900 is a great choice to accompany you through many types of rugged terrain and up steep hills with ease, giving you a fun all-terrain riding adventure.

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It’s time to get outdoors and enjoy a good speed race as summer approaches. Riding produces more pleasant dopamine, promotes sleep quality to release stress, and boosts your immune system to get a stronger, healthier you!

Improve leg strength for a medium intensity workout

Many electric bicycles nowadays have additional features designed to ride with the pedals when the motor is turned off when the power comes only from the power generated by the rider pedaling. The electric bicycle itself will weigh more than a standard bicycle, and the cycling creates extra weight that needs to be overcome to achieve the exercise effect. For petite riders, Cyrusher's Kommoda model is highly recommended. It is a step-through design makes it easy for small starters to navigate, and the high-quality fat tires can withstand all types of rugged terrain, allowing riders to enjoy the leisure of an electric bike while exercising their leg strength. It can be seen that the difference in exercise intensity between electric bicycles and traditional bicycles is that the former has a powerful motor to generate power, which is very suitable for mountaineering. The motor and pedaling function of a pedal-assist electric bike is also important. For example, the Cyrusher XF800 electric bike can give the rider a comprehensive workout in the face of different kinds of terrain such as hills, gravel, or slopes, with pedal assist and motor power, improving the strength of the leg muscles of most riders who have not exercised for a long time or have less physical strength. The assistance of the electric bike's motor works well for riders who need to recover from a knee or leg injury. The extra help of the motor can give the rider maximum support when going uphill or accelerating to reduce muscle strain and stress on the joints. The ride can be a moderate-intensity workout for riders who are just starting to try cycling and have not yet developed solid muscles in their legs. The power of the motor gives help and does not cause excessive muscle damage from the exercise.

A man and a woman on a mountain trail ride Kommoda and XF900 ebikes


Through the above understanding of the fitness role of these electric bicycles, riders must have been in the mood to build up the movement. Then the heart is better to pay for the actual action. Go ahead and take a brief look at what you need to be aware of before you set out on your electric bike workout.

First, an electric bicycle rider must wear a good helmet to protect the head. It is essential to know that safety is the most critical thing in the process of riding. If you do not have a good balance when riding in complex terrain, the presence of a helmet can reduce unnecessary head injuries. If you are new to cycling electric bikes, be careful not to exercise too much and start slowly. You can choose trails that are not too rough to try riding and switch modes in time when you feel physically exhausted.

Secondly, in choosing the right clothes for riding an electric bike, there will be a lot of physical activity, and too wide clothes may hinder the ride. So, choose the right sports suit and comfortable shoes to make the leg exercise more effective.

In addition, there is still the risk of an epidemic, do not touch your eyes with your hands during the cycling exercise to prevent infection. After the ride, you should fully charge your electric bicycle in time to prepare for the next ride.

The most important thing is to have plenty of power ready to start the perfect cycling program. It should be emphasized that people who have not exercised for a long time must act according to their abilities and not overdo the exercise causing muscle damage. If you are a little tired after riding, you can turn on the motor's cycling mode to go home and relax and feel a happy mood after the sport.


All in all, e-bike riding can be a lower carbon outdoor fitness option that allows you to work out faster and go further. Choosing different movement patterns on different terrains will not exhaust your muscles but also enable you to get a medium level of exercise on each ride. Take a long hike in the good air on a mountain trail or move fast on flat ground. Get out there and enjoy your speed and excitement with the Cyrusher electric bike!

Below you will find a simple video about Cyrusher's specialized e-bike. You can take a moment to view it to get a better start on your fun ride with your e-bike!