Cyrusher Rider Story: The Ticket to Reigniting Your Love for Cycling

Cyrusher Rider Story: The Ticket to Reigniting Your Love for Cycling

Mar 22, 2024

Cycling brings a sense of freedom, with the wind in your hair and the beauty of the world before your eyes. This is why cyclists like Fernando Rodrigues enjoy pedaling. Over his years of cycling, Fernando has found joy and ease with his Cyrusher Trax bike, opening up new outdoor adventures for him.

Cyrusher rider story

Fernando Rodrigues, a passionate cyclist with a long-standing passion for cycling, enjoys exploring new routes, venturing through forests, and embarking on cycling escapades across various terrains. His interest was piqued by the Cyrusher Trax, a newly introduced step-through electric bike boasting enhanced performance features. The Trax's low step-in frame design facilitates easy mounting and dismounting, simplifying Fernando's rides. Opting for the vibrant orange color of the Trax ensures Fernando stands out in any group, making his cycling adventures visually striking. His choice of the orange Trax not only enhances every ride but also add vibrant color for the life.

One of Fernando was drawn to the Trax because of its torque sensor, which adjusts how fast the bike goes based on how much force he pedals. This means when he starts pedaling, the motor kicks in right away, making it easy for him to ride smoothly. The bike’s quick response according to his need makes riding the Trax a fun experience for Fernando. The Trax's high-capacity battery is another feature that gives him peace of mind. With the 52V 20Ah battery, he can explore long distances knowing he'll have enough power to get back home, usually with 30-40% battery left after a day of riding. 

Fernando frequently describes the Trax as very comfortable. The reason is the Trax comes with front and rear suspension systems and fat tires that absorb road bumps well. Trax helps reducing the jolting sensation from bumps, allowing for a comfortable ride over long distances.

Fernando enjoys riding his Trax through various terrains like fields and forests, encountering different paths with challenges like potholes, stones, scree, and sand. He effortlessly navigates inclines without fear of falling or exerting himself, ensuring each ride is comfortable. With 2,840 kilometers already covered, his Trax has become his go-to travel companion. His next plan includes exploring Portugal's highest mountain range to further enrich his adventures.

Emotional Connection

Fernando sees the Trax not just as a tool for his adventures, but as a way to bond with friends and loved ones. Riding to Aveiro with his daughter, they share joyful moments by the beach, gazing at the vast sea, reveling in nature's beauty, and cherishing family time. His passion for cycling spreads to those around him; both his brother and neighbor are avid mountain bikers. Together, they embark on adventures, creating lasting memories and enjoying each other's company. The Trax has evolved into a heartfelt connection between Fernando, his family, and friends, allowing them to find joy in the simple pleasures of everyday life.

Freedom to Explore

Trax quickly became Fernando's go-to choice for embarking on adventures. Upon receiving his Trax, Fernando keep spending four weeks riding it, covering over 700km. During this time, he traversed fields, delved into forests, scaled slopes, and navigated various terrains like sandy beaches and gravel paths. The thrill of riding has always captivated Fernando, and the Trax's durable fat tires offer exceptional traction, making each adventure effortless. The smooth and cozy ride enables seamless exploration at one's own pace. Riders of all fitness levels can easily adapt their speed using the different gears. Despite being larger and heavier than traditional bikes, Fernando highlights that the Trax ensures stability and safety for all riders. Its low step-through design promotes inclusivity within the rider community, enabling everyone to discover the world's wonders with optimism.


Convenience to daily life

Fernando rides his e-bike daily, finding it more convenient than using a car for his everyday travels. This switch has reduced his reliance on driving. Using a trailer with his e-bike helps him with shopping, making it easier to transport his purchases without extra effort. This simplifies his shopping routine, saving time and energy. Additionally, the trailer is handy for taking his pets on walks, allowing him to enjoy simple moments. The e-bike and trailer have seamlessly become part of Fernando's daily life, enhancing his experiences and making exploring the world together more enjoyable.

For a Healthy Ride

Doctors recommend that Fernando's knee needs regular exercise to stay healthy. Riding an e-bike is a great way to achieve this. Unlike intense workouts, e-biking allows for a comfortable riding position while still providing a good workout and less strain on the knees. Riding electric bike is a versatile option for staying fit, catering to different riders' speed preferences. This control over speed encourages riders to continue biking, leading to lasting health benefits for all.

The rides continues

Fernando keeps riding on his journey. He looks forward to new rides and aims to conquer tougher peaks. In the coming days, he will relish the freedom to embark on adventures whenever he pleases. With determination, every climb becomes achievable, and each exploration brings a fresh wave of joy.

Fernando's experience epitomizes the everyday life of a cyclist who maintains a love of cycling, a love of life, and a love of the world.  The Trax e-bike helps turn this passion into a more convenient and comfortable reality. No longer limited by age or physical condition, any rider can try an e-bike, making every exploration an everyday experience, and bringing the thrill of exploration within reach.  Cyrusher electric bikes inspire every rider to explore the world and savor the freedom of riding!