Comparing Cyrusher Trax M vs. L Size:Frame and Tire Sizes Unveiled

Comparing Cyrusher Trax M vs. L Size:Frame and Tyre Sizes Unveiled

Oct 18, 2023

The step-through e-bike Trax from Cyrusher offers a welcoming and inclusive design that allows riders to easily mount and dismount the bike. This feature ensures a smooth and efficient start to their electric ride. Trax stands out as the most potent step-through e-bike in its category, delivering an unparalleled riding experience.

To cater to the diverse needs of riders while maintaining top-notch performance, Trax has introduced the M size. This new size optimizes riding efficiency by reducing resistance and the effects of gravity. The entire frame structure of the bike has been redesigned to achieve a compact and optimized design. Additionally, Trax M size offers a configuration with 24-inch tyres, allowing for flexible, stable, and comfortable exploration of all terrains. This configuration provides practical assistance to riders during their rides.

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Difference between Trax M size and L size

Trax's M size and L size both come equipped with high-performance components. The main difference lies in the frame and tyre size modifications.

Frame Comparison

When it comes to the frame, the Trax M size has been specifically designed to be more compact. This design makes the frame less restrictive and more user-friendly for certain riders. It features an adjustable seat range of 82 cm-94 cm, which optimizes the height of the pedals needed to get on and off the bike. This makes it a very user-friendly option for riders who prefer a more compact means of transportation, such as female riders and elderly riders.

On the other hand, the Trax L size offers an adjustable seat range of 89 cm-110 cm in height. This makes it the preferred choice for riders who are seeking a speedy and exhilarating adventure. The larger seat range allows for a more comfortable and dynamic riding experience.

The introduction of different sizes aims to cater to a wider range of riders. Riders of varying ages and groups now have the opportunity to enjoy the thrill and joy of riding.

Tyre Size Comparison

Tyres are a crucial component of an e-bike as they are the only part that makes contact with the ground. They play a vital role in ensuring the stability and comfort of the vehicle. It is essential to choose the right type and size of tyre to meet specific needs and conditions. In the case of the mighty Trax, it is equipped with puncture-proof fat tyres to provide better grip. These fat tyres are designed to handle various rough terrains and offer improved traction on the road.

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Additionally, they provide cushioning that absorbs road bumps and enhances the overall smoothness of the ride, primarily when used in conjunction with the suspension system. It's worth noting that different models of the Trax come with varying sizes of tyre, each offering a unique riding experience. Taking two tyre sizes of the Trax as an example, let's explore the differences between fat tyre sizes.

  • M size: 24-inch Kenda puncture-resistant fat tyre
  • Agility: 24-inch fat tyres offer increased agility compared to larger fat tyre sizes, making them ideal for riders who require enhanced handling.
  • Efficiency: The 24-inch fat tyre provides better efficiency and speed on regular terrain while still enjoying the advantages of a fat tyre.
  • L size: 26-inch Kenda puncture-resistant fat tyre
  • Traction: 26-inch fat tyres excel in providing excellent traction, particularly in challenging terrains like deep snow or soft sand. Larger fat tyres have an even more significant advantage in handling extreme terrain conditions.
  • Flotation: Larger fat tyres provide better flotation, preventing the tyres from sinking on soft or loose surfaces.

Trax's powerful performance configuration

Powerful Motor

The Trax electric bike comes with a powerful 250W Bafang motor, providing excellent climbing capability for navigating through rough and demanding road conditions. This ensures a comfortable and seamless riding experience. The bike's all-terrain design enables it to conquer various riding surfaces, allowing the rider to enjoy a one-of-a-kind cycling adventure.

Extensive battery storage

The Trax is outfitted with a battery that has a significantly high capacity. With a configuration of 52V and 20Ah, it is capable of satisfying the requirements of long-distance rides. This implies that the Trax offers a dependable reserve of power for an enjoyable riding experience, highlighting Cyrusher's commitment to providing a reliable ride range. Additionally, the removable Li-Ion battery has undergone CE and Rohs certification tests, guaranteeing reliable and safe operation.

Reliable Shock Absorption

The Trax bike comes with a full suspension system that has been enhanced with a rear air shock. This upgrade ensures that the bike provides an even more comfortable riding experience. The exceptional quality of the full damping system enables the Trax to not only navigate various types of roads effortlessly but also allows the rider to choose from a diverse range of riding styles.

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The Trax features an advanced Shimano 9-speed transmission system, providing effortless switching to high-speed mode for conquering steep inclines and ensuring optimal performance. Whether riders are using the bike for exercise or leisurely rides, the versatile multi-gear speed adjustment allows for seamless transitions in pedaling frequency, allowing riders to increase the intensity of their workout gradually. The Pedal Assist Mode also enables riders to easily fine-tune the speed gears with a simple button press, allowing for a personalized riding experience tailored to their preferred rhythm.

Safe Hydraulic Braking

It is widely acknowledged that mechanical brakes are less effective than hydraulic ones. The Trax e-bike comes equipped with Logan's top-of-the-line hydraulic braking system. This advanced system enables the e-bike to respond swiftly to hazardous situations and reduce skidding distance when riding at high speeds, ultimately enhancing safety.

Reliable after-sales warranty

Providing a reliable after-sales warranty is an excellent way to ensure a worry-free purchase. Trax offers a two-year warranty to safeguard the bike throughout the trial period.

Application Scenarios

The Trax is an electric bike that is designed to adapt to various types of terrains. It offers different riding experiences depending on the terrain the rider chooses to explore. 

For urban cycling, the Trax M size is perfect as it enhances riding efficiency. This is especially beneficial for commuters as it helps them save both time and money. 

On the other hand, the Trax is an excellent choice for thrilling mountain exploration for mountain bike enthusiasts. The powerful Trax allows riders to easily climb steep slopes when in high-speed mode. 

No matter the season or location, the L-size Trax guarantees endless hours of fun. Whether riding on snowy winter trails or enjoying a leisurely ride on a soft beach while watching the tide, the Trax ensures an enjoyable experience.

How to choose

  1. Terrain and use: Consider the terrain and use scenarios for riding. A larger fat tyre may be a better choice if the riding scenario is specific, including bumpy mountain terrain and soft and loose terrain surfaces. For mixed terrain, the M size may be a good compromise.
  2. Personal preference: Evaluate riding style and preferences. If the user prioritizes maneuverability and a more dynamic driving experience, the Trax M model would be a suitable option. On the other hand, if riders prefer a more stable and traction-oriented experience, the Trax L model with larger fat tyres would be ideal.
  3. Weather conditions: Weather plays a crucial role in the external conditions that affect riding performance. Larger fat tyres can provide the necessary flotation and traction if riders frequently ride in extreme weather conditions such as heavy snow or deep sand. If one is more likely to commute between city roads, the M model is available to better enhance riding efficiency.
  4. Skill level: Consider the skill level of the rider. For beginners, starting with a smaller model would be more manageable, and the weight advantage will be noticeable in the maneuverability of the bike.

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Offering high-quality electric bicycles that cater to a wide range of individuals, Cyrusher is dedicated to enabling everyone to embrace the convenience of portable living and embark on a new journey with a positive outlook on cycling. The Trax model is designed to welcome riders from all backgrounds, inviting them to explore the world of cycling and discover exciting adventures at every twist and turn.