2022 Best Budget Electric Bike

2022 Best Budget Electric Bike

Sep 07, 2022

Nowadays, electric bicycles are becoming more and more widespread, and electric mountain bicycles have also become a good helper for many people to climb hills, and have become a popular travel choice for many people. However, the greater the demand, the greater the market. In the face of so many different electric bicycles, how to choose the most economical and cost-effective electric bicycle requires a set of reliable judgment criteria. The following article will select three electric bikes with a price range below £2000 respectively from Cyrusher, Lectric, and Magiccycle to help you understand the criteria for choosing a cost-effective and suitable electric bike.

Xf650 0907a

There are many types of electric bicycles in the market, and the more commonly used electric bicycles are equipped with pedal assist mode. It's more efficient and faster than regular bicycles, helping riders get to their destinations more easily and comfortably without getting stuck in heavy traffic. This is due to the equipment of the motor, the electric bicycle has a certain improvement in the speed of daily riding. In response to different scenarios, different models of electric bicycles are designed. For example, folding electric bicycles, mountain electric bicycles, etc. You can choose according to your purchasing needs and purchasing budget. Now, most electric bicycles are priced above £2000, which is not a small expense, so it is necessary to choose carefully. In the case of ensuring good quality, there are also more cost-effective options for electric bicycles below £2000. But on a limited budget, be prepared to make some compromises, such as the lack of integrated lights and so on. 

When it comes to the most cost-effective electric bike, first determine the keyword range, the definition must be to buy suitable products within your limited budget, but you can naturally buy better quality products with more money. Therefore, when the quality of most accessories is similar, how to choose the most suitable cost-effective electric bike for yourself? Then when choosing, you should also follow a set of more brief and efficient standards. It is mainly divided into four judgment indicators.


How to choose a durable electric bike with a limited budget, the most important indicator is the motor. The quality of the motor represents the quality of an electric bicycle. Note that there are many inferior motors on the market, which will turn your electric bicycle into a pile of scrap iron in a short time because such a motor cannot match the quality of the brand motor at all. Some of them can’t even be repaired after being damaged.

In addition to the quality of the motor, the motor position is also of great importance. All three models are mounted in the rear hub, which is a more common assembly location. Since the load-bearing weight during riding is mainly concentrated on the back wheel, there is the less adverse effect on the road grip and handling when riding, so the rear-wheel hub is a popular place.

There are also some that set the motor position in the middle and the front hub. The mid-mounted motor is naturally a very suitable position because it is mounted centrally in the frame so it won’t affect the driving stability. If it is a front hub motor, the motor weight may affect the grip. Therefore, the installation position of the motor is worth paying attention to.


Most electric bicycles on the market are equipped with lithium batteries, which are safer and lighter storage batteries. Battery content is like the length of life for electric bicycles, and a quality capacity battery is extremely important for electric bicycle riding. Usually the higher the price you spend, the larger the battery capacity. Its capacity is not only related to the mileage of your bicycle but also how much energy the electric bike can offer. If it is necessary to carry out climbing activities, then a powerful motor and battery are necessary.

Bike range

For beginners, the basic requirement is running fast and then running far. Running far is not only determined by battery capacity, but also related to the load weight, the riding environment, and the riding mode. If an electric bike has a more constrained frame design or uses inferior materials, the tolerance for riding weight is limited. Or if you're carrying heavier goods, you'll have less range to ride. So if you want to drive as far as possible, you can reduce the load weight and set a lower gear pedal assist mode. Although it will require more pedaling, it can help you go further. In addition, this method is also conducive to environmental protection. And for individuals, more calories are consumed, which is beneficial to physical health. However, for more difficult riding, it is inevitable to drive a higher gear, so it will also consume power quickly.


Electric bikes are powered by sensors in many different parts of the mechanical components. Regarding pedaling force, it relies on the sensor to send different force signals to the motor, so as to meet the riding needs of different modes. The ability of the sensor can help you achieve the purpose of pedal riding. To match the assist level to your pedaling input and make sure the e-bike doesn't run off with you, there are also cadence and torque sensors. Help you to better adjust the pedal and driving speed. The sensor is related to your driving experience. Generally, the sensor of good quality can help the gear be adjusted and changed more smoothly. Therefore, for the selection of electric bikes, it is very necessary to use high-quality sensors.

Then there are three electric bicycles, and the three models show their advantages in three different aspects. In terms of durability and experience, the Cyrusher XF650 with a 750w motor will be even better. Quality is closely related to the team behind a brand. If the company has many years of creative experience, and always aims at customer satisfaction. Then the quality of the product is trustworthy.

Cyrusher XF650 
Motor:750W LKS motor
Battery:48V 16ah (768Wh)
Pedal assist:5 levels pedal assist
Max estimated range:50miles (PAS1)
Rider capacity:330Lbs
Price: £1899
Reason to buy: relatively high performance

This is a sincere product from Cyrusher for novice entry-level riders. Although the price is not in the hundred range, the quality must be positively correlated to the price. The Cyrusher XF650 is equipped with a powerful motor, which is a rare configuration in the sub-£2000 electric bike type. It can help you start a fast and efficient ride. Many electric bicycles with a lower motor may struggle when you ride uphill, and may also appear shoddy and scrapped in a short time. It seems to save money, but in the long run, it is actually a loss of money. Although the budget is limited, it is necessary to choose the products of the certified brand within the budget.

As an entry-level product, XF650 can help you meet most of the daily needs of electric bicycles. It also has enough power for uphill and downhill to escort your comfortable riding. It can provide a 5-speed pedal assist mode, you can customize your riding speed while riding, and the battery capacity is relatively large. With the help of pedal assist, it is estimated to be able to ride 50 miles. The engine also opts for a quality transmission - a Shimano 7-speed. If you're on a budget, the Cyrusher 650 is a very good investment in quality. And each ebike is equipped with two-year after-sales warranty service, making your purchase more secure.

Lectric XP™ 2.0 Black Long-Range
Motor:500W Brushless greared rear hub
Battery:48V 14ah (672Wh)
Pedal assist:5 levels pedal assist
Max estimated range:65miles
Rider capacity:350Lbs
Price: $1299
Reason to buy: relatively lower price

This Lectric is a model with a relatively lower price around £1000, but it is also relatively low-end in terms of configuration. The 500W brushless motor is the lowest configuration among the three models. Although it has little impact on daily road riding, it will be relatively laborious if you encounter some rough roads or climb hills. The capacity of the battery is also low. As it is known to all, the battery is a consumable item. Over time, the aging of the battery will lead to a decrease in the storage capacity. If the capacity itself is not large enough, then with the long-term use, the later energy storage capacity will be more limited. The battery may run out halfway through the ride, affecting the travel plan. The Lectric also comes with quality gearing and five-speed pedal assist modes that help you quickly switch gears and customize your riding mode.

Lectric is a good option for those on a tighter budget, but at a discounted price, so will quality. So it's not powerful enough to give you a better riding experience than the other two models.

MAGICYCLE  Jaguarundi 52V Folding STEP-THRU Fat Tire Ebike
Motor:600W Brushless greared rear hub
Battery:52V 15ah (780Wh)
Pedal assist:7 levels pedal assist
Max estimated range:65miles
Rider capacity:330Lbs
Price: $1899
Reason to buy: relatively powerful battery

Magicycle is an electric bicycle manufacturer specializing in 52V batteries. The basic main points of this model are presented in the title. First of all, the battery capacity of 52V 15ah is definitely more than enough for daily riding. In addition, it also provides a 7-speed pedal assist mode, which can make your riding mode more diverse. However, under the condition that the price is not much different, the Magicycle is equipped with a 600W motor, which still has a certain operating gap compared with the Cyrusher's 750W motor. When riding, the higher power motor will ensure the starting power of the whole bike. 

Then how to choose the most cost-effective electric bicycle for you? You can refer to the importance of the above indicators to score and screen the three models. It is clear that the Cyrusher XF650 is the best choice.





Motor (40/100)




Battery (20/100)




Bike range (20/100)




Sensor (10/100)




Price (10/100)








Although all three electric bikes have their own advantages, the XF650 is the most cost-effective choice from a long-term investment point of view. Although the price of Lectric is low, the equipped components do not provide a more comfortable ride, and it is likely to lead to an unsatisfactory riding experience after purchasing. The advantage of magicycle is its excellent battery storage, but the battery capacity of the XF650 is also very powerful. Plus, it weighs 35kg (76lbs), which can be a little tricky for some riders. It is also laborious to move it. Therefore, after comprehensive consideration, the XF650 with guaranteed quality is a suitable and cost-effective model.

Xf650 0907 b

Wanting to buy a satisfactory e-bike with the right budget means you need to make some compromises. If you are opt to performance, the budget will be pulled up a little, and if you prefer a lower budget, then the performance will also be discounted. When buying for the first time, you can choose a price range that is neither too low nor too high. The price of an electric bicycle must still be determined by the value of the assembled components. If the price is too low then definitely be skeptical in terms of quality . Therefore, in order to ride safely, you must also buy a high-quality electric bicycle when purchasing electric bicycle within the budget to avoid unnecessary accidents such as riding safety. And the Cyrusher XF650 is an ideal choice.