The Ultimate Guide to Cyrusher Electric Bike Black Friday Deals

The Ultimate Guide to Cyrusher Electric Bike Black Friday Deals

Nov 09, 2023

Cyrusher Bikes, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality electric bicycles, has recently launched its highly-anticipated Black Friday sale. This plan is aimed at providing cycling enthusiasts with an opportunity to elevate their riding experiences by purchasing top-notch e-bikes at exceptionally competitive prices. It is an invitation to embark on thrilling adventures and immerse oneself in the exhilarating world of cycling. This limited-time promotion encompasses an entire range of e-bike models. Plus, there are plans to introduce new models as the event progresses, thereby expanding the spectrum of cycling options available to customers.

Cyrusher Ebike Black Friday Deal

Price reductions across the board

Black Friday has become synonymous with deals and unparalleled discounts, presenting the ideal occasion to make an investment in an e-bike. Cyrusher Ebikes is taking this opportunity to offer direct price reductions across their entire product range throughout the event. This will make this eco-friendly means of transportation more accessible than ever before. Whether you are a seasoned e-bike enthusiast or considering your first-ever purchase, this is a great moment to realize significant savings on your investment.

Best Selling Models

Best of the Year.png

Ranger2799 - 2499

Among the best-selling models, the Cyrusher Ranger All Terrain Ebike stands out as a true favorite, having captivated the hearts of countless riders ever since its debut. This remarkable e-bike redefines the riding experience. Notably, the Cyrusher Ranger proudly secured the top spot as the No. 1 Fat Tyre Ebike in the 2023 Electrified Reviews Competition.

Blog-Cyrusher ranger win NO.1 on top 10 ebike

The Ranger All Terrain Ebike boasts an updated frame design and enhanced overall performance configuration. Its robust 250W motor with impressive peak power ensures that every ascent becomes a breeze. Powering this extraordinary e-bike is a high-capacity 52v 20ah battery that delivers an impressive range of up to 56 miles on a single charge. Beyond its fundamental performance attributes, the Ranger takes innovation a step further by introducing a torque sensor to replace the conventional cadence sensor, elevating ride smoothness while conserving energy.

Ordinarily retailing at 2,799, during this Black Friday sale, the Ranger is now available at a reduced price of 2,499.

Trax 2799 - 2499

The Cyrusher Trax, another exceptional member of the Cyrusher e-bike lineup, is a robust and versatile companion for riders eager to explore the great outdoors. What sets the Trax apart is its step-through design, allowing riders to embark on thrilling journeys wherever their curiosity leads them. This e-bike shares many of the remarkable performance features of the Ranger model but distinguishes itself with a frame structure that caters to a broader range of riders.

The Trax takes convenience to the next level by reducing the front crossbar. This enables riders to effortlessly step on and off the bike, facilitating a seamless start to their cycling adventures. With the Trax, riders can indulge in the unmatched performance of a step-through e-bike, ensuring comfort and accessibility throughout their journeys.

During this Black Friday event, the Trax, which typically retails at 2,799, is available at a special discounted price of 2,499. It's the perfect opportunity to experience the world of versatile e-biking with the Cyrusher Trax.

Ovia 2499 - 2099

Cyrusher Ovia is a high-performance step-through e-bike with a compact frame design. While the Ovia may be smaller in size, it certainly doesn't compromise on power and performance. With a robust Bafang motor and a high-capacity 52V 17ah battery, Ovia is engineered to deliver outstanding results. Moreover, it features an upgraded rear air shock and small fat tires, making it an optimal selection for those seeking a more compact electric bike model without sacrificing performance.

During this Black Friday event, the Ovia, which is typically priced at 2,499, is available at a special discounted rate of 2,099. This incredible offer positions the Ovia as a cost-effective choice for individuals who desire the performance of a step-through e-bike in a more compact package.

Nitro £4499 - £3999

Cyrusher takes a significant step forward with the introduction of the Nitro, a mid-drive electric bike that marks a notable shift from the traditional rear hub motors. This innovative option optimizes the efficiency of the gearing and power output, resulting in a heightened riding experience while simultaneously reducing energy consumption.

Nitro is powered by a high-capacity 48V20ah battery, setting the stage for an impressive range that promises to elevate the journey for riders seeking quality travel and the excellence of a mid-mounted e-bike. The upgraded suspension system delivers an extraordinary riding experience and stands as a testament to the commitment of Cyrusher to innovation and quality.

The Nitro electric bike, typically priced at £4,499, is available at a remarkable Black Friday discount, now obtainable for just£3,999. This represents a substantial reduction of $500, offering you a wonderful opportunity to acquire this high-quality mid-motor e-bike.

Clearance Price Models

Clearance Sale.png

Kommoda £1599 - £1399

The Kommoda e-bike has earned its place as one of our best-selling models. This e-bike has become the preferred choice for numerous female riders embarking on their electrified journeys. The Kommoda, often affectionately referred to as a "wolf in sheep's clothing”, boasts a simple and compact frame that belies its immense power.

What truly sets the Kommoda apart is its thoughtful design, featuring a step-through construction that welcomes riders of all backgrounds and makes sure that mounting and dismounting are effortless and convenient. With a dual shock-absorbing system, the Kommoda redefines electric exploration, offering premium riding comfort that ensures an enjoyable experience on the road.

Previously retailing at £1,599, the Kommoda can now be yours for an astonishingly affordable price of just £1,399.

XF800 £1699 - £1499

Introducing the XF800, the first mountain e-bike to grace the Cyrusher category, making it an ideal choice for riders seeking to venture into the world of mountain riding. The XF800 is a testament to quality and innovation, equipped with a full-damping system and a powerful motor that grants riders the strength and technical prowess to undertake more intricate and challenging riding adventures.

The XF800 is offered at an incredible discount during this sale, bringing the price down from $1,899 to an enticing $1,499. This deal aims to make mountain riding accessible to a wider audience of enthusiasts.

XF900 2099 - £1999

The XF900, an upgraded model built upon the success of the XF800, continues the tradition of excellence. Sharing the same potent climbing motor and a full shock-absorbing system to smoothen the roughest terrains, the XF900 takes it up a notch with an enhanced battery capacity of 48V17ah that ensures a more dependable and extended riding range.

This Black Friday, the XF900, which typically retails at2,099, is available at a special price of only £1,999. By acquiring this upgraded mountain e-bike, riders are not just starting their mountain exploration, but are also entering a realm of outstanding performance and reliability.
Bandit 2399 - £1899

Cyrusher Bandit is a versatile folding e-bike that has quickly become the top choice for riders seeking a portable ride. The Bandit series is renowned as for its robust aluminum folding frame which combines durability with impressive cushioning capabilities. This unique blend ensures that the Bandit is well-equipped to explore diverse terrains, all while offering the convenience of a folding design for efficient travel.

The Bandit is not just about portability; it's a powerful all-terrain e-bike equipped with fat tire configurations, a potent motor and a comprehensive shock absorption system, among other high-performance components. This makes the Bandit an ideal solution for those looking to conquer rugged landscapes while maintaining a high level of riding comfort.

During this Black Friday event, the Bandit, originally priced at 2,399, is available at a reduced rate of £1,899. This special offer is a golden opportunity to own a versatile and powerful travel companion.

For more specific details about the Cyrusher model, please visit the official Cyrusher shopping site where you can access in-depth information to help you make an informed choice.

Unveiling Cutting-edge New Models
Blog-cyrusher new bike release model

In a move that further demonstrates their commitment to innovation and excellence, Cyrusher will not only be offering direct discounts on high-quality models but will also introduce a special pre-sales opportunity for the latest electric bikes during the event. These new models come equipped with state-of-the-art features and enhancements, all designed to deliver an unmatched riding experience. Cyrusher recognizes that consumers are seeking e-bikes that harness the power of innovation and modern technology, and the new releases are tailored precisely to fulfill these expectations.

Anticipate a range of fresh models spanning various markets, including electric bikes for kids and cargo electric bikes, each meticulously designed to meet specific rider needs. Cyrusher’s upcoming releases represent a leap forward in the realm of electric bikes, offering an exceptional fusion of advanced technology and design.

Stay closely connected with Cyrusher on Black Friday to be among the first to experience the premium ride of upgraded technology in e-bikes. Be prepared to embark on a journey where innovation and modernity converge to create the ultimate e-biking escapade.

Black Friday: The Perfect Time to Elevate Your E-Bike Experience

Black Friday stands out as the opportune moment to elevate your e-bike experience. Cyrusher's Black Friday deals enable consumers to seize the advantages of substantial price reductions on existing models, while also offering a glimpse into the innovation and enhanced features of forthcoming products. This presents a golden opportunity to become a part of the e-bike revolution, where the boundaries of convenience and environmental responsibility merge seamlessly.

Make sure not to let this chance slip by. Visit the official Cyrusher website this Black Friday to avail yourself of the finest deals, and transform your daily commuting and recreational riding adventures by selecting the perfect e-bike that aligns with your unique riding requirements. Join the movement and embark on your own adventurous journey!