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Cyrusher bikes chosen by the best, from tough fighters to beauty queens

Mar 16, 2022


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the great UFC champion, Mr. Justin Gaethje

We heard the news that the great UFC champion, Mr. Justin Gaethje, had been robbed. Someone stole his electric bike (who in his sane state of mind would risk robbing a professional martial arts fighter?!). Part of Cyrusher mission is to have fun and do amazing things, so after hearing about it, we contacted Mr. Justin Gaethje and asked him to replace his bike with a Cyrusher. Mr. Justin Gaethje readily accepted and chose the XF800 model that matched his strong build.

Mr. Justin Gaethje's Cyrusher bikes

Days later Mr. Justin Gaethje himself showed off at Cyrusher local offices to pick up his brand new Cyrusher XF800  and he fall in love with it  that ended up purchasing another one, the folding ebike version, the Cyrusher XF690, on the spot.

"I didn’t get it back but a great company out of CO hooked me up with a sweet new E-bike. The company is called  #cyrusher"Mr. Justin Gaethje tweeted.

Ms. Nevada's finalist, Ms. Stephanie Cook

Miss USA is about beauty and delicacy, but that doesn't stop them to like amazing tough bikes. Ms. Nevada's finalist, Ms. Stephanie Cook, was delighted to purchase and own a Cyrusher XF770, a foldable e-bike, and enjoy it riding it on the Vegas strip and on the nearby hills.

Ms. Cook's cyrusher xf770

"So happy with my new electric mountain bike XF770 from Cyrusher! I’ve been wanting a bike for years now, for cardio mainly- But now I am able to do that + relax and have fun with it. very smooth riding, more to come!" - Ms. Cook posted on her Instagram




a martial arts combat competition named Tuff-n-Uff

Tuff-n-Uff is a martial arts combat competition, where tough fighters fight week after week for glory. Tuff-n-Uff's CEO found Cyrusher to be a perfect match for the look of the bikes and the toughness, perfectly matching their image. Cyrusher was very honored and decided to provide a couple of customized Cyrusher XF800, one-time edition bikes to be awarded to some of the tough fighter winners.

Cyrusher xf800 for fighter winners

Cyrusher xf800 for fighter winners

Cyrusher XF800 ebikes with custom paintwork for Tuff-n-Uff

Cyrusher XF800 ebikes with custom paintwork for Tuff-n-Uff

The Cyrusher XF800 is truly a Champion!