Electric Mountain Bike Cyrusher XF800 vs Lectric XPremium

Electric Mountain Bike Cyrusher XF800 vs Lectric XPremium

Sep 14, 2022

If you're looking to buy a mountain electric bike in the near future, then you can't afford to miss this shopping guide that will answer a range of questions you'll have from before to after your purchase. And to help you pick out the best e-bike for you to start with from the extensive list of mountain e-bikes, that is the XF800.

Before Purchasing
Learn about the local laws in advance to avoid buying a model that cannot be ridden on the road, but if you are riding in the open field, you are free to ride your ebike.

The article selects two models from electric bicycle manufacturers with many years of manufacturing experience. One is XF800 from Cyrusher and another is XPremium from Lectric.

Cyrusher is a global professional electric bicycle manufacturer founded in 2014. It has rich manufacturing experience and has sold its products to more than 10 regions around the world, providing more than 60,000 people with reliable riding vehicles.

Lectric first took shape in 2017 through the introduction of electric scooters by the founder, and then entrusted by his father's demand for electric bicycles, the company became famous through the Lectric XP series, and it is still a relatively young electric bicycle manufacturer.

Compare two suitable products from these two reliable manufacturers to find out how to choose the best model for you.

Q:Is it safe to ride?

Some people who are hesitant to buy electric bicycles will consider the issue of whether it is safe to ride. Indeed, they will learn from the news that related electric bicycle batteries explode, motor burns and short-circuits,and other vicious events. This is caused by some small manufacturers equipped with inferior motors and inferior batteries. But if it is a brand ebike, its riding safety has been tested multiple times to escort your safe driving. For manufacturers who have been certified by many riders and have many years of manufacturing experience, if the quality is too poor and the riding experience is not comfortable, they will definitely be eliminated by the market and customers.

Giant 180/203mm full hydraulic disc brakes
160mm hydraulic disc brakes

In addition, some electric bicycle components also have an impact on the safety of riding. For example, braking, the sensitivity of braking is very important for riding safety. A longer braking thread will provide a smoother braking experience and be able to deal with emergencies more effectively. The large headlight in safety lighting for night riding and horns to warn surrounding vehicles, which play an important role in the safe riding of electric bicycles.

The giant 180/203mm full hydraulic disc brakes of XF800 help you get the shortest possible stopping power while the XPremium is less performance than that. Moreover, both the ebike are equipped the bright front light and tail light to increase your visibility. But the horn is not available to the XPremium which shows much inconvenience when faced with some accidental stopping.

Q: How comfortable is it to ride?
750W Bafang (1500W Peak)
500W(800W+peak) mid-drive
Front + Rear
80mm suspension fork
26”x4” Fat Tire
Chaoyang or CST 4" x 20" tires

It can be concluded from the above table that riding comfort is mainly related to motor energy, suspension system, and tire type.

Usually, the motor power is bigger, the starting energy of the electric bicycle is also sufficient, and more possibilities for riding can be opened up. The suspension frame has more absorption force for bumpy and complicated roads, reduces the shock caused by bumps, and greatly improves your riding comfort. Especially models equipped with front and rear suspension systems have a good performance in absorbing vibrations. And tires are also a key point for great riding comfort. Large-sized fat tires can adapt to a wider range of complex roads, such as snow, sand, mud, and mountains. None of this can be an obstacle to your happy travels.

XF800 0914 c

Cyrusher XF800 is equipped with a powerful 750W Bafang motor, which can reach up to 1500W power, which is no problem for your riding uphill. In addition, the equipped front and rear suspension system can digest the bumps on the rough road to the greatest extent, avoiding the injury of your riding collision. And the 26"x4" (Chaoyang/Kenda/CST) wide-sized fat tires can help you overcome most terrains, whether you want a ride on the beach or a ride in the snow in winter, it can help you realize the idea of cycling.

The motor power of the Lectric is 500w, up to 800w, which may be more laborious for some more difficult road riding. In addition, the Xpremium is only equipped with an 80mm fork suspension, which is not a complete guarantee for riding comfort.If you encounter a larger obstacle, you may need to stand up to avoid collisions from the larger obstacle. And the size of  4" x 20" tires is dwarfed by the performance of the XF800. While the Xpredium has certain riding comfort, it is slightly less comfortable than the Cyrusher XF800, which is focusing on the fat tire market.

Q: How far can you drive
48V 13Ah
48v 10.4ah *2
Load capacity
330 lbs (150 kg)
330 lbs
50 miles (80 km) - PAS 1
100+ mile range

How far an electric bicycle can drive is also the focus of many people's attention. In addition to the battery of the electric bicycle, which is related to the mileage, the weather, road surface, and load weight during riding have an impact on your riding mileage. For example, if you ride on a bumpy road on rainy days with a certain amount of cargo, your battery consumption will be faster and you won’t be able to ride very far.

Cyrusher XF800 is equipped with 48V 13Ah battery content, it can meet your daily riding needs. Although there is a certain gap with the mileage that the two batteries 48v 10.4ah of the Lectric XPremium dual battery system can provide. However, although there are two batteries, for long-term use, it is also a hassle to charge the two batteries separately, and it needs to be replaced and charged in time; the battery capacity of 10.4ah will run out faster. Electric bikes also have a limited range if there is only one battery available. It can conclude that charging with only a larger-capacity battery will be more portable and more durable.

Q: Looks too ordinary?
Green, White, Blue, Red
Black & White
XF800 four color 0914 a

Worried that your e-bike will drown in a sea of black, white, and grey colour schemes? Or feel that the design of  e-bike model isn't good enough.

The XF800's colorful colors will definitely catch your eye, representing fresh and vibrant greens, blues like the azure sky, reds like fiery flames, and of course whites that meet simple needs; make your electric cycle more customizable, and gain the attention of many people while riding. In addition to the variety of colors, the frame of the XF800 is similar to the motorcycle design, which is very cool in appearance.

The Lectric is only equipped with two colors, black and white, which is enough for those who like simple color matching; but it is far from enough for those who pursue colorful models and prefer cooler model designs.

Q: Worried about choosing an unsuitable product?

For first-time riders, choosing the right model is not easy. But it's not that bad. You can find online customer service for consultation and recommendations. You can also make knowledge reserves through the website blog news to help you get started with electric bicycles better. In addition to these, if you have plenty of time, it must be the safest option to test ride offline. Cyrusher has set up offline test rides in many countries. You can apply on the official website, and then arrange a suitable time to go to the store for a test ride, and the staff will patiently help you choose the most suitable product.

UK test ride 

Address: Unit 15, Steadings Business Centre, Church Rd, Maisemore, Gloucester GL2 8EY, United Kingdom

Business Time: Thursday and Saturday: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

Q: Shipping time

Many customers will encounter problems with shipping timelines. If the product you purchased is in stock on the official website purchase interface, then your product will arrive in your hands quickly. For some urgent needs customers, it is recommended that you prefer the model in stock. If it is pre-sale or needs to be adjusted or there is no inventory, the shipping time will also be clearly marked on the option when purchasing. If there is negligence, you can contact customer service to inquire about the exact shipping time and shipping process.

After purchasing
Q: Have problems after purchasing?
Warranty service
2 years 

When you finally have your own electric bicycle, but you find that you don't know how to install it, or you don't know how to operate it, or you find that there is a problem after installation. At this time, after-sales service is a very essential part. Every Cyrusher electric bike comes with two years of warranty service, and if you encounter any problems while riding, you can contact the website customer service.

And Lectric only provides a one-year warranty service for its product, which makes consumers' shopping guarantees more limited.

Xf800 0914 e

After comprehensive consideration, for these two models, CyrusherXF800 is more suitable for you to start with, so that your uphill and downhill is not a problem; and it can also be a comfortable and good helper for your travel. Come and buy a colorful XF800 to start your colorful riding journey!